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Nuclear holocaust ignited the destruction of the world as we know it, but it was not the primary instrument of destruction. The sudden destruction of a billion people triggered a surge in the ley lines. All that psychic energy released at once. The sudden influx of psychic energy (P.P.E.) sent the energy rippling through the mystical crossroads of earth like an earthquake. Ley lines flowed with energy that had not been felt for a million years. The energy surged and pulsed and criss crossed across the planet at the speed of light. At ley line intersections (nexus points), rifts in space and time tore open, releasing even more energy. The earth shuddered and heaved. Millions more died, increasing the energy level of the rifts.

The oceans leapt from their basin and washed over the land. Hundred of millions more died, their psychic energy (P.P.E.) drawn into the leylines, and the natural energies doubled again. A chain reaction was unleashed that could not be halted.

The continent men called Atlantis leapt from its watery grave and rose to the light of day for the first time in millennia. Its rebirth changing the very face of the planet. In its wake, the eastern coast of the United States was engulfed by the ocean, sending the energy of millions more into the relentless rifts.

From the rifts spewed forth energy that tore through man's citadels of steel and concrete like a tornado through a city built out of matchsticks. For every million or billion of lives lost, the ley lines surged and destroyed billions more; a nightmare in geometric principles.

The ley lines and the rifts that they opened were not some insidious evil, nor a plot of some malignant intelligence from another world. It was an aspect of nature that science did not even know, let alone understand. Like a child playing with matches in a pool of gasoline, humankind dropped a match into the pool and was instantly engulfed. Once the match was lit and dropped, there was nothing that could be done to undo what had been done. Yet in a strange way, all this death was part of the birth of a new age. And through it all, human kind would persevere. Even the cosmic fury of a world gone mad could not completely eradicate all human life. However, it would take mankind hundreds of years to crawl out of the abyss that swallowed him. It is at this moment, as humankind finally crawls back into the light of anew dawn that our story unfolds.


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"Goo Gone" World Gone Mad!

We drove Miel to the forest where he created a "path" by knocking over trees! Once we reached a certain point he seemed to cock his head as if listened and then he walked into the forest. We followed on foot leaving New (Red Shirt) to guard the vehicles. I attempted to keep the nurse near me in case of danger. There is also something very strange about her.

After a few minutes he walked around a tree and disappeared. I think the government has finally perfected those cloaking cloaks, so maybe he works for the government or maybe he works for the government on thee other side? I mean lets think about it, he is is hear to help, I am from the government and I am here to help. Who would believe that. He only answer questions and does not volunteer any additional information, definite government traits even if not the government of this world. He seems to have his own "government" agenda. He use strange "technology" (powers) not yet released to the consumer, yet I say government.

We "bump" into the apparent military group but they do not have rank and insignia. Rich seems to speak easy with them I wonder if they are secretly planning something.

We meet Maria "Margarita" who should not be trusted and then we accept her into our rank, maybe to watch her. Their leader manages to code my sat phone/gps to a military satellite. I will examine this later and try to reproduce.

Oh did I mention the Big Black Boar? Because that was not thee problem. The thing is covered in black goo which is obviously a by product of the government experiments on ocean-life, algae and trying to infuse/transfer conscious and create an oil based lifeforms. Well we see how this turned out, like I believe that we are dumb enough to leak millions of gallons of oil into the golf as an accident! Nice cover!

Did I mention I am the only SANE one, I ran for my life, first and fast. I almost thought I would make it out alive when I saw the vehicles. And then I noticed the two Black Goo covered mastiffs sitting on top of the vehicles waiting for me. Did I mention the roofs were buckling under their weight (oh hell)! What is it with dogs. That reminds me I think that large government kennels are being experiemented on to create Monster War Dogs (que Pink Floyd "Dogs of War", indeed).

I tried to glance a bullet off of the van top hoping to spark the oil of their hide and set them ablaze. Damn that only works in the movies.

Oh damn the pain is immense as the black goo burns like acid. I stagger back managing to get one more desperate shot off that happens to land right between the eyes.

We fire up the vehicles and prepare to flee, now where the hell is the Russian. Wow just in time here comes the Russian, and oh look he is leading the Big Black Boar directly for us. I wonder if I shoot the Russian will the Boar stop to eat him? Cant chance it, i am not that lucky.

The Russian slams into the bed of van as I pound the accelerator. Both vehicles manage to toss out cans of gas at the Boar that is closing in and of the two Margarita shot is amazing, the first one changing the midair rotation of the can and the second one catching it dead center for a very satisfying explosion. Alas none of this is of any use as Miel appear and with the wave of a hand disintegrates the beast in his tracks. I wonder if he really teleported it away and back to his base as it may even be his pet. No doubt he will lie and say he had to.

After some time we pull into an abandoned motel. Makes me think of that movie, with that dude, "bates", now he was crazy!

I quickly determine that there are 25 rooms with 8 keys out. I point the Russian with radio on to find out if there is anyone left or any supplies we can use. After an hour of search and such we find one barred room with a strange scarf. The scarf bears strange writing that makes me think of Miel (no where to be found). The scarf also has a female perfume scent to it.

Found a female scarf that does not belong with an aroma and strange writing. Resemble the symbols on the house holding Meil. Once we do find Miel he seems slightly surprised (that is a first) regarding the scarf and keeps it.

Time to rest.

Ya, not for long! Really invisible man-bull beast with big axes wielding blue beam ray guns! Really?! So I told you I did not have that kind of luck. Oh it gets better there are apparently four, and they are easy to spot when their hugh axes are carving us up with slices of blood or their rifles erupt with blue death beams, very easy.

Maybe, just maybe, I wait and level my rifle just as one of the rifles glows blue I shoot the rifle. The gun begins to emit a blue flash of light while erupting with a electric shock which drops the beast.
I shoot the creature gun as he was shooting.

Guy seems bothered by these creatures and their toys. Which the Russian gathered the last rifle, Guy swipes an axe and I lay one in the truck. May come in handy later.
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