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Wrong Turn at the Dead End of the Galaxy

Now what, after a wrong turn at the dead end of the galaxy? Well hell that did not quite goes as planned.

So I needed to hot dog and complete my mission for a second attempt and I just barley made it. Sorry I ditched but time was of the essence and I needed to move fast and unencumbered.

I completed my mission and checked in with the guild and received Vuez Chuiy wave to meet up in the Donovan System at this platform. After our recent Tiderian Incident in the Reva System I did some research and discovered that there would be trouble waiting for you/us there. The kind of trouble that does not go through diplomatic channels and ask nicely for us to come with them. The kind of trouble that offers 50,000 credits for us dead or double alive, especially for the captain. I beat feet there and you are already parked and strolling a round, crap. Comms are jammed, I have shadow ships on my 6 what else could go wrong. Finnally Al manages to punch through using a tight beam and reach the station and Vuez Chuiy. Oh now the guns start blazing. I punch it, fast as the station takes out the first cloaked ship with goes up like an Andorian Candle. The sencond ship launches a missile at the station, Al tried to jam it it, redirect it, no dice. I warn them but it does not look good.

As I am closing in to the docking port, the Venture breaks loose maybe they are on board? But wait I pick up life signs drifting between the station and the Venture, what the hell? One is Vuez Chuiy signature? The missile impacts the station as it starts to collapse and explode at the same time! For a brief second I consider jumping now, damn it all to hell, I swoop in and scoop up a clump of them centered on the captain signature and punch the jump button. Just in time as the white light fills the view screens and the sweat is matting my fur. I look at Al who has all four hand working controls and regulating settings, he looks very intense, and quiet, Al is always quiet, but he is really quiet and maybe a little pale.

Seems Abel, Scotty and Delilah Scottson were on the Venture when the station vaporized them, oh and Medea? Well I wonder who this Medea lady was, out of the left pocket galaxy and causing all hell to breaks loose. She sound like a real bad ass, kind of happy I did not meet her. Vuez Chuiy you may have to tell me that story again, seems a bit fantastic.

So here we are, what next?

I think we re-group. Lets go back to Capstan and hook up with the Admin-1, check on the Dirty Lucky Bitch.

What do you guys think?

We need to collect the insurance on the Venture access our funds as we have taken a large hit lately, especially after the 100,000 credits from Check Point Stupid.

Until that time I am down to almost nothing, time to do some honest smuggling work for a change.
Session: Break out the Impact Carbines! - Sunday, Sep 25 2011 from 5:45 AM to 9:45 AM
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We are SO fukked...
OSS sent us out to an orbital platform around a moon in the Donovan System to meet a contact known as Medea for further instructions...
Turns out it is a Golan Defense platform. Jinx was to meet us in system. We got there & docked. Disembarked per our instructions & everything landed into the shitter.
We found Medea. She was sitting on a pile of bodies surrounded by dismembered pieces. After a short exchange, she attacked us...
Looks like we were set up...
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My reserve status was changed to active. Transferred to OSS & given some work. Abel & Doc are drawing some unwanted attention and Jinx got us a job.
Supposed to go to Trium space and run an extraction of 2 individuals. Grabbed some cargo & got a contract from Capstan for some fighter engines & tech. Got some passengers (Shockboxer & manager)

On the way insystem we tossed around the idea of stealing a necromancer battle cruiser, but decided against it.
Got boarded by customs. They too Delilah & ignored my protests. Fuckin Abel went bughouse nuts & killed one uv the customs officials.
Shit went fuckin nuts from there.
Scotty starts tossing rockets around & starts a fire in the fukkin cargo hold.
Now Delilah is stuck on the System Patrol Craft & we got a big ball o shit staring us in the face.
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Check Point Stupid

Well hell that did not go as intended! Damn!

Session: Ship What ship?!?!? - Sunday, Aug 28 2011 from 5:15 AM to 9:15 AM
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The Next Job

Target System: Reva System, 12 moons industrialized, corporate system protected by teh Trium Dictatorship.

Job: Extraction (2 persons)

Timeframe: 10 days

Destination: Coordinates Drop Point

Use a Lizard Race Boxer real trip to drop off in the Trium Dictatorship and perform the job on the way out.

We also deliver pearls.

Pickup 5K of loose freight for resale.

We pre-book ourselves for the return trip so we do not have to turn down passengers on the way out.

Went 10 combat boxing rounds with "Hole" the lizard race boxer. He nicked me with a small slice of teeth, and minor glancing blows. I explained to the really not smart creature that he won and conceded the match.

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xp available
the following are the free xps that players have available to spend right now

del 9

al 9

vuez 9

dutch 17

scotty 13
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The Venture
Its been a couple of months since that frakked engineer went nuts. Using Jinx's ship & my contacts, we sold some of the containers of capital grade Tibanna gas to get a mobile space dock and old generator to get the dreadnought limping about. We ended up selling it to Durable Mining in the Capstan system. Made a modest profit. Got contacts in a new corp, GEI, to supply us with an upgraded System Patrol ship outfitted for salvage and bounty hunting. Going to loan out the Lucky Bitch to the Freighter's union to help get it paid off, while we keep the Blue Dancer "mated" to the new ship, The Venture...
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In The Deep End

Repaint the ship cobalt blue and renamed the Blue Dancer (a.k.a. the litter-box).

Dodging the big F***ing asteroid.

Wrench starts fucking with the computer core system in the middle of deep space asteroid gymnastics, damn it!

I run to the engineering panel room just as the door slams shut and paralytic gas is filling the room. As the gases threaten to overwhelm both of us I force my metabolism to fight off the effects. I give Scotty Mcflannigan the chance to come to his senses, but he is babbling about his missing box.

I begin to dance and whirl with my fighting pikes. I begin to land blows against Scotty Mcflannigan as he tries to crush me with his big wrench, which I easily dance over. I continue to land blows hoping he goes down soon. As he begins to stagger, he pulls out a syringe with a madding look at me. I muster all of my focus diving into a roll and forcing the butt of my pike under his chin while sweeping his feet from under him.

Scotty Mcflannigan falls and stays down, while I slam the pike down on the syringe breaking it. I call for Al to handle the current computer lock out. I ignore Vuez Chuiy shouting about pirates! Just great timing!

While dragging Scotty Mcflannigan into a cargo container. I shout for Delilah Scottson to start surrendering on all channels in every language she knows starting with the most obscure, another Jam all their coms!

Run double time to the bridge as the ship begins continues to bangs and scrape on something. As I dive into the bridge I see Al and the oh my light maneuver he is trying too pull off. Al has bellied our ship up to the space debris and is trying to shove it and the proximity mines down their gullet, nice. Only problem is its like riding a Selesian Bull after a couple of rounds of drinks. I slide into the nav chair and manage on a wing and a prayer to pull it off.

Oh my I think we broke their ship!

Pirate Big Ship
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The Ghost Nebula
There should be a pic of the Ghost Nebula in files now and a write up in the forums. Please read and discuss at leasure
Session: Scrap Hunt? - Sunday, Aug 14 2011 from 5:15 AM to 10:15 AM
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Performance (Catch) of the Week

We visited the Lego promenade, bar, dining areas, shops, info terminals, gift shops, hotel, like an airport terminal.

Started dance in the middle of the lounge to create distraction for Al. Purchased a week long performance license under another name "Jeva Longclaw".

Met Delilah Scotson who mentioned my long destroyed planet, very odd that she would mention this and freely. Delilah appears human, curious and very friendly.

Ordered a Chilled White Comet (white Russian).

Booked three adjoining rooms at the Hilton Six Constellation.


Scotty the Wrench (in the closet)
John Perry (missing)

Introduced Scotty the Wrench.

Saw Thoss

Checked into room.

Al & I returned to the ship to retrieve our cargo and deliver it before the rest of the group returns.

Stored the trace prints and DNA from the champagne glasses and backed up onto several data pads and virtual storage.

Fly out in our 2 seater freight ship to deliver the cargo to an orbital station.

Will meet the ship in 4 day in Efisys (3 days + 1 day).

Checked and stopped at multiple check points where security is verified.

Meet the contact, gave my contact 3 datapads, dna, skin samples, subject, core data dump, etc.

Bounty Hunter Guild update, personal delivery of the agreed upon content and the "live subject". Questioned about the "usual suspects" with close up screen caps. Provided 6 DNA samples and asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Jinx +7,000
Al +7,000

Use the corporate stipend to pay for the rent of the new ship. Plan the addition of the future medical bay/office. Wonder how much a medical droid would cost to replace the "doc".

Whats our next mission?

Pad1: Drop shipment of 130 metric tons of starship parts to Ephysis.

Pad2: Hands me a pad with my full piloting license, permiting, with ID and ship, "Leonine Princess" periwinkle blue.

Pad 3: Long corp contract that says they are right and I am wrong. Lots of fine print. Joint thumb prints of signature.

We will assume that the ship is bugged and wired.

130 metric tons from the load and drop.

1 cargo carton left behind. Al bypasses the seal. Starship parts, sensor parts?

The rest of the usual suspects make the local news net as a contaminated vessel. Even though their faces are digitally blurred the ship is a dead give away.

Mini Moo on this planet.

Don't leave the spaceport.

Steakhouse lunch with the Usual Suspects.
Session: Capstan - Sunday, Jul 24 2011 from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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Gwen is back as of 8-1-11
Gwen will be back home as of Aug 1 and I will be unavailable to game the weekend of the 6th. Good gaming to all and i will keep in touch, i should be go for Aug 13th.

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Capstain and beyond
The Lucky Bitch left Capstan, and must really love her captain and the resident gunner, since they were the only ones who didn't contract the Anthrasoherpine Microbe while en route to Ephesus. It is a mystery as to how the infection got onto the ship, but thanx to the docs stubbornness Vuez and Dutch have were able to piece together an emergency cure for the affliction. Unfortunately , the local spaceport authority had to quarantine the ship and crew. The cost to the captain was 1000cr for sterilizing the ship and processing fees for the investigation. In only 4 days after their arrival the crew of the Lucky Bitch were exonerated of carrying bio agents and free to drop off the refrigerated crates they brought to Ephesus. However, the crew lost out on their steak run back to Capstan. So now do they run for salvage or figure out how they got screwed?

Oh, and let us not forget that Jinx may have noticed a familiar face working at the Capstan Station.
Session: Capstan - Sunday, Jul 24 2011 from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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