Adele and Aristaire. Companions, lovers, co-conspirators. Taking what they need and travelling where they like, these two seem like unlikely heroes. Wherever fate takes them, this is their story.

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Coup d'Tower
Adele, Aristaire, and Tuomas slipped away from the mess they caused and continued toward the tower. Before they could reach it, however, they were waylaid by another patrol - this one another wizard with a warforged as a companion. They killed the wizard, but knocked the warforged unconscious and took him along as a hostage. Following this, the party found an isolated place and made camp.

The warforged was eager to join their team, because having failed, he felt unwilling to return to his previous post. Adele named him Treble, after his mystical command of sound.

Thus enlarged, the party made their way to the tower, which they found exceedingly fortified. An obvious hunt for them was underway, the previous days' casualties having been discovered. They disguised themselves in the black robes of the wizards they had encountered, and were able to enter easily in the chaos. When the timing seemed right, they made their way into the base of the tower.

In the tower, they encountered an unexpected guardian: Eq'kal'eq, the beholder they had befriended when trapped between worlds. He was clearly under some sort of mind control, and they had to subdue him to proceed.

They proceeded to the top of the tower, where the sorceress had been waiting for, and watching them, from a mystical control room. With stereotypical villainous hubris she taunted them, then summoned an array of undead minions and drakes.

The battle ensued, and turned in the party's favor. The sorceress fled. Aristaire worked to learn enough about the control crystals to lock the tower door, while Adele and the rest of the party pursued her. Aristaire succeeded, but the sorceress took Kal hostage. In the standoff that ensued, Aristaire managed to break the mind control hold on Kal, and Adele roused him with magic. The beholder made short work of his captor.

Among the personal effects on the sorceress' person was the statue of Ayar they came to find.

Adele, Aristaire, and their ever-growing list of companions were left with one small problem: they were trapped in the tower, with a small army of the sorceress' apprentices and hirelings waiting oblivious in the compound beyond.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jun 15 2013 from 9:30 PM to 3:30 AM
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Towards the Tower
Adele, Aristaire, and Tuomas journeyed towards the sorceress' tower, which lay most of a day's travel through forest to the south of Trikala.

En route, they were interrupted by a group of drakes. Killing all but one, they tracked the lone survivor back to its nest, killed it as well, and raided the nest, filled with the typical shiny objects favored by the drakes. They also recovered two drake eggs, still warm.

Pressing on, they ran into what seemed to be a patrol from the tower - a black-robed wizard and his pet drakes. The wizard's robes appeared strikingly similar to the robes they found on the dead wizard in the crypt in Hothlow.

In the process of fighting them, Aristaire started a little bit of a forest fire. They quickly left the fire behind and pressed on toward the tower.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jun 01 2013 from 9:30 PM to 3:30 AM
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The Foiled Heist
Adele, Aristaire, and Tuomas traveled through the Feywild and then out of it, to the city of Trikala. They found Tacitus' estate, and Aristaire snuck into the gallery. The statue had already been stolen, however.

Adele, posing as an aide to a visiting noble, went back to the estate to learn more. She coaxed Tacitus upstairs, where he discovered the missing statue. During his subsequent rage, she learned enough information to discover that the most likely thief is a sorceress who lives in a tower to the south of the city.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, May 05 2013 from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM
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Strangers in a Strange City
In the Eladrin city Alajärvi, Adele and Aristaire split up to take care of their various business. They learn that the statue they found is an Eladrin idol of Vilho, a fallen god. The town guard summoned them to the Royal Hall, where they ran into an old friend.

Mim, gnome adventurer and Alajärvi's Royal Spymaster, explained that the two statues are part of a set of three. These statues are supposedly keys to a vault which contains a weapon powerful enough to repel the Eruonian army. Mim asked Adele and Aristaire, accompanied by Tuomas (acting as a guide), to try and find the third statue, of the Human god Ayar.

Adele, Aristaire, Wynn, and Tuomas set out for the city of Trikala, where Mim's spies say a local noble, Tacitus Cloelius, recently purchased the statue from a group of adventurers.
Session: D&D - Sunday, Jul 29 2012 from 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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Cryptic Clues
Back at the Elven Longbow, Adele and Aristaire are approached by the captain of the guard, Calinus. He tells them of strange happenings at a nearby crypt, and offers to pay them for clearing out the suddenly restless dead (and, hopefully, finding clues about why they are restless).

Inside the crypt, they find more than they bargained for. A dead wizard apparently attempted a flawed ritual, but more importantly, their exit mysteriously vanished.

Venturing deeper into the crypt, they found a room that seemed somehow to overlap another room. There they met a beholder, Eq'kal'eq. Strangely, though, he didn't attack; instead, he told how he had been trapped the same way they had.

With a little help from Wynn, Kal was able to follow Adele and Aristaire even deeper into the crypt. At a seeming dead-end, they found themselves suddenly surrounded by writhing masses of tentacles; creatures from the Far Realm who had somehow come into this world. A fight ensued, the landscape shifting several times into other, strange places.

At the end of the fight, Adele and Aristaire found themselves separated from Kal and trapped in some sort of strange arena-like structure, where a small statue, glowing as bright as the sun, drifted gently down to them. On touching this statue, Adele and Aristaire found themselves waking up in a forest, the statue now plain, inert stone.

With a little luck and some advice from Wynn, they found a crosshatch into the Feywild, and from there to the eladrin city of Alajärvi, a shining walled city perched high on a cliff. After gaining entrance into this city, they learned that the forces of the Empire were massing an army, supposedly to march on Alajärvi. This prompted the wizards of the city to move it to a more defensible position, and led to a mass exodus. The result was a strangely silent place, nearly a ghost city, with only guards, stubborn shop owners and those with nowhere else to go left to haunt the streets.
Session: D&D - Saturday, Jul 14 2012 from 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM
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