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Act One Recap
Act I: The Story Begins

Scene One: The Message:
The heroes are hired by the well-known Galstaff family
to deliver a message to their wandering son, Trabian Galstaff. Trabian is a member of an adventuring group known as the Scarlet
Riders. Trabian is currently in the Dread Mountains exploring a newly-found Sa Karan ruin.

Scene Two: Aragron:
The party travels to Aragron, a village a day’s ride from KingsPort. There they discover the exact location of the Sa Karan ruins from Keswraith, and meet a famous bard known as Everheart.

Scene Three: Into the Foot-Hills:
The heroes have a major battle on the way to the ruins when they discover a Goblin encampment and several captive villagers including a young girl named Tam, and a dwarf priest of Solace.

Scene Four: The Sa Karan Ruins:
The party finds the ruins and explores its depths. After battling an ancient guardian, they discover the corpses of the Scarlet Riders
and an incredible treasure—a Sa Karan blood stone!

Scene Five: The Mountain:
Just as the heroes finish their "epic" fight with a Spinner, an earthquake ravages the Valusian plain possibly due to an enormous unearthly spike that fell from the sky, just outside King’s Port. Massive tremors were felt all the way to the Dread Mountains. The earthquake causes the ruins to collapse, trapping the adventurers
underground. Fortunately, a new exit opens up, and after an arduous trip, the group finds a way out of the earth.

Scene Six: The Savage Caves:
The path through the mountain takes the heroes to a small series of caves inhabited by a large kobold tribe. They fight their way through only to see the horrific sight of the spike spewing fumes into the air and unnatural aircraft flying over Valusia.

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