It has been over 500 years since a magical disaster of unknown nature laid to waste the continent-wide Etruscan Empire and turned the southern third of the continent of Arsenne into a barren desert wasteland. In its wake many smaller empires and nations have claimed parts of what was once Etruscan territory, but none so grand in scale or vision as the Talashiri Empire. The city of Talashir, capital of the Talashiri Empire, itself was built from the remains of an Etruscan city whose name remains unknown. The empire itself encompasses almost a third of Arsenne, from the Sea of Long Regret in the north, all the way southward to the Etruscan barrens, where the city of Etru, once the seat of power for the Etruscan Empire's sadisticly decadent leaders, is believed to have been located.

The Talashiri Empire encompasses a large base of cosmopolitan city states in the center and north of Arsenne, and is ruled by a Shah Kherac Tala III. The city of Talashir was founded when settlers from the distant land of Lyssia found the remains of an Etruscan city in the northeastern part of Arsenne, and began to rebuild the deserted, but unusually intact, ruins. Now, the people of the Talashiri Empire fear and loath most of the things that the Etruscan Empire before them represented.

Still, Etruscan magical artisans once possessed the ability to create magical technology that long outlived their empire. Today, the magical technology of the Etruscans is used in all aspects of modern life in the Talshiri Empire. Warforged keep the empire protected. Trains transport passengers across the long stretches of desert between cities. Even the processing of the sewage in the city of Talashir is done by magical technology. However, nobody truly understands the technology's power or how to recreate it. Nobody could even fix it, if something were to go wrong.

And go wrong something has. In the hottest days of "peak," Arsenne's equivalent of summer, in the year Miracle:205, the year of the serpent, magical technology across the Talashiri empire has begun to fail left-and-right. Although initially kept secret by the Shah, the Talashiri free press has recently revealed the true extent of the problem to the public. Now, things are in a desperate situation as many services and government offices that people have come to rely on are shutting down due to the strain of the problems. The Shah is even threatening to have all technology shut down to avoid more "mishaps."

You are a lowly person (or creature/being) who has one way or another had to turn to the Talashiri Ministry of the Brand, the government ministry in charge of (literally) "branding" advenurers capable of their role. One suggestion is that you may not have the travel papers required to leave the low precinct of Talashir. Or you may have lived there your entire life. Whatever you choose, you find yourself there either wanting to or having to seek the life of an adventurer to help the Talashiri Empire in trying times.

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A Note Left at Sheridan's Office in the Office of the Brand

It is imperative that, if you are able to find the Orb of Saeed, you do the following:

1. Kill whomever has it or is guarding it.
2. Do not touch it or attempt to use it. Treat it with extreme caution.
3. Hand it over to me at the safehouse on Sehaninesday, the 15th of Hagspeak, before sunup.

Then, you will get your reward.

Session: The Warehouse and Beyond - Thursday, Jun 23 2011 from 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Game Session One Recap
The intrepid catgirl, Lily, begins by being told of an unusual bounty at the Office of the Brand. It was kept discreet by herself and Emile, but if word of it got out it might put Braggis in danger. She meets another shifter, Flint, fresh off of the boat from Lyssia, and invites him to come along, as well as the magic shop owner's apprentice, Jeb. They all go to see Braggis, who greets them outside the brawler's guild.

Then Lily sees if her Golden Palm handler, Flex, has any of the information that they need on the bounty that Braggis has posted. He tells Lily that he is looking for the same guy, and that the Palm is trying to cut him out of the loop. He hires Lily to gather information on the Palm and determine what the man who has the bounty on him is up to.

But he tells Lily that he has another "client" meeting tomorrow, Martyrsday the 2nd of Hagspeak. And that she sounded interested in something similar to Lily's goals.

Leah shows up at the Harborside Flophouse, where Lily and Flint are staying, the next morning, saying she was sent by Flex. Lily regathers the party and they meet at 2B Docks Row, a small Branded safehouse.

Here they meet with Sir Sheridan, who tells the party a story about the Orb of Saeed, supposedly the greatest piece of Etruscan engineering, and the key to fixing it all. He tells them that centuries ago the orb was taken to Lyssia and fell into the hands of the Golden Palm. Now the orb is being ransomed to the Talashiri by the Palm, but the Empire hasn't the money to pay the ransom. Sheridan has taken the initiative to say that the empire will pay the ransom, and has made sure that the exchange is on Talashiri soil. He believes that the Golden Palm wouldn't expect someone such as himself, a Branded Knight, to try to steal the Orb right out from under the Palm's noses.

The adventurers are contracted by Sheridan to find the location of the Orb and steal it. Lily manages to find out a modicum of information on the Golden Palm before the entire district, guards and Golden Palm enforcers alike, goes on high alert looking for Flint and Braggis, who suffer crushing defeats in a skill challenge. She gives the information to Flex, and while Flex finds it useful, and Flint and Braggis are able to get jobs working at a Golden-Palm-controlled brothel, they are unable to progress with the little information that they have.

The party regroups at 2PM on Iounsday, the 3rd at 2B Docks Row, looking for information that was to be provided about the exchange to Sheridan. They do not find Sheridan, but there are two notes on the door. One says simply, "Adventurers." The other was supposedly written to Sheridan detailing the location of the exchange, in the warehouse district. Luckily, the wizard, Jeb, notices a strange coincidence, that the note to Sheridan and the one that says, "Adventurers," are in the same handwriting and on Sheridan's personal stationery.

Lily spends a lot of time spying on the warehouses by the harbor, near where the exchange is supposed to take place, and manages to find the Palm operative with the bounty on him staying at one of the warehouses. She tries repeatedly to case the place, and ends up following a dockworker to his house. She nearly gets caught being a "peeping Sheila," while trying to spy on him.

Finally, Leah approaches the guard on duty at the warehouse gate and asks about work for adventurers. He tells her to bring the party by around midnight on Pelorsday.

When the party shows up though, the story from the gate guard is that the adventurer positions have been filled, and a guard inside the gate recognizes the party as the one that the commanders of the Palm told everyone to watch out for. A battle ensues between the party and a number of thugs guarding the warehouse. The thugs were routed, with the exception of the gate guard, in the battle, and one of them was the man who killed Braggis' father and had the bounty on him.

Braggis retrieved the heirloom ivory necklace of his father from the man's body.
Session: Party Formation and the Quest for the Orb - Thursday, Jun 16 2011 from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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The Calendar
For those of you who were wondering what is up with the dates, and what the calendar looks like if it is not the one used in the real world, here is my calendar for the campaign:

Talashiri Calendar

Visit this page from time to time for updates on what time it is in the campaign.

Navigate through the months to Devilspeak to see the events of the past month. The campaign is starting on Hagspeak 1, Miracle:205.

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Buggy Time Zones
The message you may have received about Thursday being the first game session is correct with one exception: the time zone is wrong. So, just to let you know it will be 5:30 PM EDT. And, also, in case you wondered, I have returned from vacation and you can probably reach me any way you know how, once again.

Session: Party Formation and the Quest for the Orb - Thursday, Jun 16 2011 from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Devilspeak 15 Miracle:205: Warforged, Trains Shut Down; Officers Demoted
Castle Talashir: Yesterday, Our Grand Sultan and Divine Representative of Erathis, Shah Kherac Tala III, held a public speech confirming the reports of Etruscan memory core malfunctions and announcing that the warforged soldiers of the empire, as well as train services and many other technologies, have been shut down. The resulting effect is that many who were serving in other roles in the empire will be called to its defense. These include at least 80% of the current officer corps of the Talashiri army, much of the Ministry of Technology, and a large portion of border watch and city watches throughout the empire.
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