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Adventures in the Nentir Vale
Our band of mercenaries began their journey east from the city states of Lhael a few fortnights ago. They were tasked by the leader of their band of mercenaries, Artur of the Hawke, to find a man by the name of Douven Stahl, the previous mercenary leader.

While on route they were ambushed by Kobolds and after a thrilling battle dispatched with all but one of the scaly fiends. A scout was able to flee into the woods and evade the party. They found 20 gold crowns on the bodies as well as strange marking on two of the larger, better equipped kobolds. A patch of scales on the back of their necks appeared to have been severely frostburned. Not sure the meaning of this, they took note of it and continued on their way to Winterhaven, a small village where Douven had been staying.

They where stopped at the gates by two lazy, inept guardsmen who questioned them on their business before leading them in. At this point the party split. Elsie Darkwater (the cleric), Belegos (the blackguard) and Boy (the necromancer) headed for the temple of Avandra while Berrian (the hexblade) and Forganon (the fighter) headed to Wrafton's inn.

At the temple they found a lone clergy member, sister Linnora, and struck up a conversation with her. Those present asked her how a cleric of Avandra could worship the other gods as well and she explained that she followed Avandra's precepts but respected all the other good and orderly gods.

The priestess explained that she believed both Avandra and Ioun jointly gifted her with the ability to tell fortunes and offered to see into the future for the party present. They accepted, and she made a vague but sinister prediction of an encroaching darkness and threat the party would have to deal with.

She then focused on Boy and Belegos and stated that they both had dark pasts but that they could move past that into the light. She said that Belegos' fate was intertwined with Boy's and that the young man was the key to Belegos' salvation. She also said that Boy was under the watchful gaze of some malevolent being and that he should be wary and careful.

Belegos didn't think much of her 'abilities' and stormed out. Linnara asked for donations from the two remaining party members and Boy questioned why he would do such a thing. Compassion and alms where an alien concept to him. Thankfully Elsie broke up the conversation, made a donation, and led Boy out. They headed for the inn and their companions.

Forganon and Berrian entered the inn to find Lord Padraig and the captain of the regulars engaged in a card game in the middle of the day. They continued on to meet the innkeeper, Salvana Wrafton, who greeted them kindly and offered them a drink and food. They declined and asked about Douven Stahl. The woman thought for a moment before informing them that she had not seen him for several days but that he had a room here paid well in advance for several more weeks. If they were his friends and he was indeed missing, they could have the room. She led them upstairs and opened the door.

Stahl's room was a mess. Papers littered the floor and the bed was overturned. The window was open and bits of dirt could be found on the floor. Berrien attempted to look for clues of Douven's whereabouts and the identity of whoever trashed his room, but was unable to find anything beyond the papers (which where scribbled on with a language he could not read). The other members arrived shortly after and where able to help the search. They found a message carved into the underside of the bed, threatening anyone who asked too many questions.

The party deduced that Douven had already left for the boneyard and sought a guide to lead them there. They met up with Delphina, an elven herbalist in the town who led them to Ninaran, another elf who lived in an old hunting lodge outside the walls. She left them at the front door and the approached.

Ninaran opened the door and asked the party their business. They told her of their intentions to go to the boneyard and find Douven and she warned them against it. She claimed the boneyard was cursed, and that only a fool would go there. They insisted and eventually she agreed to take them. However if they were to find a dragon skull, she would like to purchase it from them for 50 gold.

The party returned to the inn and slept. No doubt the next day would be full of danger, and they needed their rest.
Session: Game Session - Friday, Apr 15 2011 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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