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Left behind...
just like that. Lynne's gone. She went with the Bad Seeds, and even when Thundersnap ordered the destruction of a whole town, she didn't even seem to flinch, or to question it.

What did we (I) do wrong? Why would she rather be with them than with us? I don't understand it at all. Maybe I should have been more pushy? Less? I don't know.

All I know is, I didn't think it could hurt so much. All the stuff leading up to it has been painful, and I thought, maybe, if she decided to leave us, if she chose them over us, maybe all of that would have made me prepared for it. Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much. But it does,like a wound. Is this grief? Does it ever go away?

And Rodney's unreachable, now, so wrapped up in... whatever is going on with him, he doesn't seem to be "here" anymore. It feels like we have lost him, too.

At least Forthyajar left us for a reason, and I am happy for her, that she and her people are reunited. I miss her, though.

It's just me and Lonnie and Wanda, now.

I wonder who I will be rooming with. I hope Wanda will be able to come back to the regular dorms. I just hope they don't put me with Lynne's old roommate, she seemed awful.

Maybe that would be better, though. I wouldn't get attached.

If not Wanda, I wish I could be Lonnie's roommate.


And my parents thought I rebooted. The backup was activated. So is there an unprogrammed "me" out there somewhere? How, and why?

(it upset them quiete a bit, thinking something bad had happened to me. A good reason to avoid reboot.)
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