Welcome to the burning lands of Athas. This campaign focuses on Nibenay and his schemes after the fall of Kalak and the freeing of Tyr. Nibenay has revealed himself to his subjects. He has begun planning on both securing himself as well as preparing for the elimination of Tyr. The campaign heroes have bonded together to stop Nibenay from destroying Tyr and hope to eventually destroy the Shadowlord himself.

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Quick overview for anyone up to the last session.

Kerberos, Varis, and Cyrus have traveled through the portal from the Frozen realm to Athas after investigating the frozen city. They gathered a new item for Kerberos in the form of a staff that drains life. They then traveled to the city of Gulg to find answers. They instead found it destroyed and over run with monsters. After fighting a beholder and speaking with the sorceress queens guardians. We find out that the city was attacked by a Dragon. Nibenay has completed his Helm.


We speak with the sorceress queens high priests. The sorceress queen herself is in a magical state of healing and can not be spoken too. They are not much help. So we decide to use Varis's contacts at the Veiled Alliance. He leads us to a half destroyed bar in Gulg and has an awkward exchange with the Bar keep. They allows us to enter the back room where we speak with a member of the Alliance. We are looking for a sorcerer to help us become stronger to take on Nibenay and also give us information about the dragon. They Alliance member tells of us a sorcerer that may know something but they haven't heard from him in weeks. His name is Galvanus and he lives in a mountain "Lair" to the south.

After a few days of travel we make our way to the last mountain range to the south. We can see what looks to be a clearing at the the side of the mountain and make our way up. After some struggle I notice that some sand thrown again the side slides under a door. We outline the door and Varis touches his Alliance amulet to it. A massive stone door then opens to darkness. I fashion some torches and we go in.

The halls are filled with death and despair. We light some torches around the hall to find nothing but dead guards and a stairway down. We go down the stairway to hear crackling in the air and scurrying. In a smaller corridor we toss torches around the floor to light the room. We find that we aren't alone after all and there are two displacer beasts. Vile creatures that are blurry to the eye but look like a panther with two tentacles in its back.

After some fighting and no connecting with the beast we noticed a pattern with them. If one of us missed once, the next almost surely hit. So Instead of separating on the two beasts we teamed up and attacked them together making short work of them. In this area we found some books and knowledge of the world. But there was also another dark hallway only wide enough for two people. We filed down this hallway Kerberos and Fluffy took the lead and Varis and I followed. We slowly moved down the hall looking for traps but found none. Part we down the hall as Varis and I we looking behind to make sure we we're being follow we heard a surprised whimper and a muffled scream. We turned and cast the torchlight forward to see Kerberos and Fluffy encased in a GIANT GELATINOUS CUBE!

The Cube takes up the whole hallways and both fluffy and Kerberos are floating in it as their flesh slowly burns with acid. They struggled to escape this very odd monstrosity as Varis and I sliced away at it. Fluffy was able to break free but on the other side of the the hallway. So now we attacked back and forth. The beast immobilized me with every hit it seemed. I was finally able to move back. After a few well placed shots and a massive strike from, Varis we were able to destroy this cube. Kerberos was left standing covered in slime as the cube fell apart around him.

We moved Cautiously down the hallway into what appeared to be a dinning hall. It smelled like death and rotting just like the other rooms. After some careful searching we found 4 secret alcoves each containing a book on a pedestal. One with a Sun, a Crescent, a Skull and Dune. They were all magically trapped and we each one of us took some pain to open them. We found them to all be chronologies of the past to the present. What mysteries do these tomes hold... and where is Galvanus....
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