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    Rhiannon Human/F/Contr/Bard/9
    Details:Spells Druid 4 / 4 / 1 Illusionist 3 / 2
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    Memnon the red human/M/magic user
    Description:Memnon is a slightly chubby male Sul with white close cropped hair and dark eyes. He dresses in the manner he fondly imagines that the Ancient Nobles of his people did, based on illustrations in his masters history books and plays he has seen in the city. Specificly, he wears a Red robe with a be...
    Background:" Why Memnon was called the Red" From The Song Of Balthazar ...And in time Balthazar, who was called the venerable, grew more venerable. And thought to pass on his knowledge, and be helped in his studies And so returned to the shores of the sea of dust Overlooking the last village before...
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    Hogan Human/M/Ranger/3
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    Eleador human/M/Def/cleric /3
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    Kit Half Elf/M/Druid/7
    Description:Kit’s original appearance was in very poor condition. Unwashed skin, long unkept hair, clothes that had deteriorated to rags and an awful odour. Nowadays he is looking much better with new clothes, clean skin and somewhat fresh Bulwinian war paint from his homeland consisting of two hand prints...
    Background:Sadly for Kit, he was not bought up in the nicest household despite being well off financially. Kit was the product of a mistake his Father made after cheating on his current wife with an Elven woman while travelling to trade his goods. In order for Kit’s mother to prevent bringing dishonour to h...
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    Nadixie Wellwhisper Halfling /F/Wu-Jen/8
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    Parlee F/Cleric/8

Retired Characters

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    leo (Retired) human/M/Def/knight/1
    "defend the week"
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    Jarek (Retired) M
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    Elerisse (Retired) Human/F/Cleric/6
    Description:Elerisse is a tall, attractive individual. She has long, flowing blonde hair that she decorates with hair grips and pieces styles to look like golden flowers and vines. Her attire is questionable for most situations, especially in the cold. Her short, colourful diaphonous dresses do not leave muc...
    Background:Elerisse and her people reside in the Valley of the Mage, here she lived with a group of 'travellers' that she calls her family. They are joyous folk that are laid-back and live simple lives. The Travellers consist of Clerics, Druids and Rangers that are all dedicated to the Seoul Diety, Phiton. ...
    Details:Elerisse is a kind, bubbly and energetic cleric whom enjoys making other's around her smile. Anything Elerisse does can be percieved as flirtatious, even when she is not trying to be. On the surface anyone would be able to make the assumption that Elerisse is scatter-brained. They would not be ...

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