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Roadblock This!
The people of the region are scurrying their way to Rethmar as I write this. My group has put a small chink in the armor of the aggressors, but we seek to open that hole wider to run a blade deep inside to the heart.

We are on our way to Saarvith's keep as we feel he holds the key to aid us in this fight; a phylacltry, a container for a lich's soul, belonging to a being known as the Ghost Lord. Whoever is behind this seems to fear him gaining control of it again. The enemy of my enemy is my friend as they say.

On the way to Saarvith's we stopped off in Rethmar. I visited a history professor at the university in town, a man who I had made a deal with when we first arrived. He was supposed to find me more information on this Mr. Blue who stuck us with this clean up job. The professor seemed to be having some sort of conference when I arrived; I can't figure out why a history professor is so damned busy these days. Nevertheless it was a wasted trip, he had found no information on Mr. Blue, just that there are several known spells that could have transported us here. At least if worse comes to worse, we know we can get out of this region. I told the professor as I left to keep his eyes and ears open for any further information regarding Mr. Blue. I hope I'm wrong, but my senses tell me not to trust him.

After everyone had gotten together again, we set off up north. We reached some hayseed little town at a crossroads and were warned about a hobgoblin roadblock further up the road. The damnable creatures are everywhere it seems.

Once we made our way there, we decided to burn it down. No sense letting the foul creatures live, or block traffic in the region. We figured the 20foot high structure would produce a nice bonfire. Kaylin and Sumnus went around the back of it and started setting it alight. Meanwhile Felicia and myself assaulted the front.

I called forth my dire raven babies to peck out the eyes of the hobgoblin archers on the roof and fired some arrows of my own; while Felicia swung her Sword of Overcompensation at the door, making a nice array of firewood.

Once the goblin archers fell and Felicia was inside, I quickly followed, going out the back of the roadblock to find Kaylin and Sumnus. I have no idea what these fools were doing this whole time. I had seen the smoke rising from the front and heard a scuffle. But when I got back there, it looks as if they tried to set fire to an outhouse and it exploded. The roadblock wasn't on fire and there were ogres covered in excrement. No sooner had I started to ask when Sumnus threw Kaylin into the wall. At that point I decided not to get too close as they had obviously gone mad... there was also the smell.

I gathered my babies to attack the remaining archers; while again Sumnus tossed Kaylin toward the roadblock. Poor thing, luckily this time Sumnus aimed a bit higher and made it up to the roof where he could attack. I stepped back to allow Sumnus entrance into the building so he could follow Felicia up the ladder to the roof. But by the time he scrambled up there, my babies had finished off the last of the troubling archers.

While the others were busy patting themselves on the back up on the roof. I took the opportunity to create a zombie out of the more clean of the two ogres. Never know when one may come in handy, especially if there are any more obstructions in our way.
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