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Unlikely saviors
The last thing I remember before darkness took me was the ugly, leering face of one of the three trolls. His clenched fist sent me into a deep, unrestful slumber rife with dreams of evil and fear.

I had been following the three beastly crestures into the cave, hoping they'd lead me to what could be a treasure trove of accumulated goods and gold, but my unfamiliarity with the dark, dungeon-like cave we were in led me to stumble down the wrong path. After a bit of what I thought was backtracking I ended up in front of them with no room to manoeuvre. My trusty bow was of limited use in the tight quarters of the cave and I'm ashamed to say I got nary a shot off before they were on me.

I wouldn't normally be so foolish as to venture into an unknown cave alone. The money I'd been making from hiring myself out as a guide had been sufficient for survival, if not satisfying. It left little for entertainment.

The adventurers I'd met in my travels had planted these dangerous ideas in my head of unimaginable treasure, and my constantly light purse more or less made the decision for me. I'd try my hand at adventuring. While it would be unwise to venture forth without gathering a party, all of the groups I'd encountered were loud, brash, prideful or otherwise annoyingly occupied with living their lives by someone else's standards for good or evil. I would not be able to stomach sharing spoils with those with whom I would not share a table in a tavern. So be it, perhaps I'm not meant for meeting companions.

This group that saved me from the trolls, however, may prove to be different. I've offered my skills as terribly insufficient payment for saving my life and they've accepted. We shall see where I end up.
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