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    Felicia Night Human/F/Stkr/Fighter/7
    "Mine's bigger. "
    Description:Female human taller than average. Short black hair and piercing green eyes. Tends to dress in black liking the color and more importantly it masks the blood of her enemies. Does not outwardly look like someone that could carry a sword half again her size. Quick to smile and laugh despite her ster...
    Background:Felicia Night was born in a small town of little note. Her mother died in child birth and all that was left of her father was bitterness and regret. With a father that had little time for any thing but drinking, Felicia was left to her own devices growing up. She was a wild child who had litt...
  • Untitled-1_thumb
    Sumnus Human/M/Def/Paladin/7
    "For the greater good and justice in the light of Pelor"
    Description:Bright red hair with flecks of gray showing his age. Neatly trimmed beard that is a bright red, but stills shows the signs of graying. Thick full eyebrows on his battle scared face amplifies the emotions Sumnus openly expresses. He prays to the god Pelor (the sun god).
    Background:Sumnus' father was a grunt worker in Scornubel. He was killed intervening in a fight between his boss and a out of town merchant. The family was devestated by the loss. Sumnus, at the age of six along with his sister was taken to a church to live. Their mother could not take care of them and...
  • Keranrixy_thumb
    Keran Mirwood Elf/F/Cleric/7
    "Peace through power."
    Description:A fairly short elven girl weighing barely 8 stone with long black/light pink tresses and hazel eyes. She dresses in very skimpy attire usually in shades of red and pink. Accompanied at all times by her dog Rixy, a butterscotch and white corgi breed.
    Background:Keran was born in the elven city of Mox; a curious place where the normal forest living elves used magics to build a city made of water on top of a lake. She is the 7th daughter born to the town mayor. Just like her sisters, upon her birth Keran had a watery shrine built in her honor and was a...
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    Kaylin Quicksilver Halfling/M/Stkr/Rogue/7
    "What they don't know won't hurt me."
    Description:A short halfling male with wild brown hair, hazel eyes and wearing what looked like an ordinary coat unbuttoned showing a shirt with matching pants and soft sole boots. The hilts of two rapiers almost hidden from view sheathed at his belt. The colours of his atair were a mix of dull greens, brown...
    Background:Kaylin Quicksilver - A carefree halfling rogue from Luiren, Kaylin is actually a Doppleganger. When he was a child he so wished to exit the forest and join the carefree halfling he saw daily picking fruit and playing in the fields. One day despite his mother’s pleas he spoke to the boy who was ...
  • Rusty_thumb
    Kpokoanrhust 'Rusty' HalflingEater Half-Orc/M/Def/Barbarian/1
    "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."
    Description:A hefty half-orc standing an imposing 7 feet wearing a look of determination. Always ready for a fight and with the scars to prove it.
    Background:Kpokoanrhust grew up among a roving orc tribe and got used to traveling the lands at an early age. As well as traveling he also got used to being mercilessly teased because of his skin color, not green or grey like other orcs and half-orcs, but a slight tan color. His name given to him at birth a...
  • Bishop_thumb
    Bishop Andimara Elven/M/Stkr/Scout/1
    "imya kelvar lye utu lye kelvar"
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    Val Kane Human/M/Contr/Druid/1
  • Akalisquare_thumb
    Akali F/Stkr
    Background:There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness - all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors t...

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