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the madness of mercenaries
I'm unable to sleep, it's not the storms. The men that died tonight, they werent evil...corrupted? maybe, probably. Anger, frustration felt on both sides. Im not apologizing for their behavior, but they deserve a proper burial.

Without sleep, without rest, i travel to the top of that hill and with a shovel bury each body or what remains, asking Shaundakul to speed their travel in the afterlife. Braylen was a good man gone bad,he could have helped us. It is indeed a lesson that Torm himself must be teaching us, justice was served to the dutiful and protectors.

after spreading a vial of Holy Water, I cast a spell of consecration on the burial ground, and journey back to the main halls.
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I got a deal for yins
Alcott tells me that ya gents are heading into the Jungles of Chult. Well I have a business proposition for yins. There is a few herbs n roots that I could use from those parts and I be willin’ te pay good coin or trade value for them.

If yer interested, I will send ya with one of me botany guides so ya can familiarize yerselves with em.

Here is what I’m wantin

Razorlash Vine – a thorny vine that hands from the canopy overhead. I will pay 10gold per or 30 in trade.
Senggin Root- a yellowish root that is shallowly buried below the Senggin plant. I will pay 50 gold per or 150 in trade.
Drankam Leaf- these are leaves that are the size of a large shield. I will pay 15 gold per or 45 in trade.
Runnok Tuber- these are extremely rare and valuable. The Runnok plant grows deep in the jungle and is a delicacy to many giant herbivores. The problem is where these herbivores graze, so do giant carnivores such as tyrannosaurus. These tubers are used to make VERY powerful potions. I am willing to pay 1,000 gold per 2 tubers or 3,000 in trade per 2 tubers or make you a potion that will have permanently effects (this potion will permanently raise one attribute 1d2 points).

If yins accept me offer, I will also throw in some potions to ensure yer safety (800gold in potions).
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Nice weather we been havin, huh guys?
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