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Big and Ugly
Dear Mama,

We are trying to get into this maze and we were attacked by 3 demons that look sort of like jackals and some more vampires. I miss evil cultists that attack me in the bath. Those were simpler days.

Flix's spells were a huge benefit as were Mauser's. Thekola, our little Morlock companion, decided to take up healing magic by smashing a jar of ointment on me - it worked, but I had to pick shards of glass out of my thigh after the battle.

[We found composite longbows strength bow +6 on the Urdefhan - I took one]

The passage to their barracks leads into a dirty cave that smells of wet dog and pee with nothing of interest. The entrance to the mazes look like a snake hole - perfectly round - and it is marked with runes. "Spellcraft check on whatever he said," is Flix's response when I ask him if he knows what it means. It isn't his fault, he's just better at the fighting part. He couldn't really read it, but it says something about a game. I remembered what you used to say to me and Kel - "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it is fun you can't see. And you have to call the cleric. Again."

The place appears to be filled with traps based on the first hallway - acid pouring from the ceiling from the looks of the marks on the floor. Fortunately it was set off long ago and was no more remaining. Take an acid shower and then be welcomed to enter the arena. These guys are assholes. Apparently this was a contest for slaves because we hear a message that says if we can escape the maze we will be set free (apparently crossing the star on the floor of the chamber activated the magic voice). There are more vampires in here too. They are called Urdefhan. One got away into a catacomb with large raised plateaus where there is another demon (Meladaemon, I think is the right name) and more vampires. That one spell they use makes me thirsty all the time. Drys me out. It makes me really angry.

Thekala has a wand that does all kinds of magic, and at least so far, it has been helping us. He covered the demon in a tarry substance. Later, he caused 2 magical fingers to appear and poke it in the eye, temporarily blinding it. That and the spell Mauser cast that made Gorag glow allowed us to finish him off.

We are resting in an alcove of that large chamber now. I think there is a lot more to finding our way through this maze to get this great weapon that should help us defeat the serpent folk. I hope we win and finish this soon. I miss you and I think I'm ready to come home, at least for awhile. I will try to bring Kel with me.

Session: Drake's Birthday Gaming :) - Saturday, May 24 2014 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Preparing for the Hunters' Maze
After hearing Eando's tale we decide the best course of action is find this mythic weapon within the Hunters' Maze. Mauser suggests that this may also be our last chance to stock up on provisions before we confront a god... Flix offers to teleport us all back to Eleder to sell some of our collected items and spend our gold. Seems like a good idea!

After we sell off all our unnecessary items we begin shopping for upgrades. Kolgrim manages to find a Belt of Physical Might. Unfortunately, after buying it Kolgrim realizes the increased dexterity won't help him while wearing his armor. I offer to trade him my Belt of Giants Strength as it will give him the same bonus but his belt would work better for me. Flix also picks up a few wands to supplement his spell casting. Mauser tracks down a Headband of Mental Prowess. He also checks in on the church he founded when we first came through. It seems to be doing well and has established quite a following. We decide to donate the rest of our earnings to this church before teleporting back to the Morlock encampment below Saventh-Yi.

When we arrive, Udara welcomes us with a celebration thanks to all the morlocks we helped rescue from the serpents stronghold. We tell him of our plan to create a diversion with an army attacking the serpents head on while we slip in an disrupt the ritual. But first we need a guide to take us to the Hunters' Maze to reclaim a great weapon. Thekola jumps up and offers to guide us. Its strange, he seems to have become much more confident since we last left him. He also now carries a cudgel and seems to know how to use it.

After a nights rest we head to the Hunters' Maze. As we approach the entrance we survey the ruined buildings and an old drainage ditch. These surround a raised section that, as close as we can figure, holds the maze. There appear to only be two ramps up to the top. Before we can investigate further we are attacked by Urdefhan hiding in the ruins. We make short work of these two but more begin attacking from atop the bluff.

Kolgrim and I rush the ramp after Flix blasts it with a Fireball. Once we reach the top however we find something more serious. I'm not entirely sure what it is but it looks like a jackal and immediately fatigues Kolgrim and I. Sadly it's not your typical spell caster so I can't just tackle it. We instead focus on the Urdefhan before ganging up on the jackal daemon. Before we can bring it down however it teleports away. From across the way we can see a flurry of activity at the top of the other ramp. It seems he is calling in reinforcements. And great, there are now 3 jackals...
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Eando's Tale
After the battle, you make your way carefully back to Saventh-Yhi. Help from the Muse provides relieve to the party and during your well earned rest you are finally able to question Eando in length.

“There’s more happening in Ilmurea than you may realize. The serpentfolk are preparing something big, something that’s a threat not just to those living here in Saventh-Yhi, but to the whole surface world. It has to do with their god, Ydersius, now called the Headless King. Long ago, in the time of Azlant, the serpentfolk had a huge empire—they controlled almost all of the Darklands known as Sekamina. And Ydersius walked among his people on Golarion, a true living god.

“Eventually the serpentfolk set their sights on the surface world, and challenged Azlant for supremacy over all of Golarion. The Azlanti could only fight them to a standstill, until a great hero named Savith led an army into Ilmurea to crush the serpentfolk once and for all. In Ilmurea, Savith faced Ydersius and beheaded him, finally breaking the power of the serpentfolk empire.

“No doubt you’ve noticed that there’s more than one type of serpentfolk— the big, dumb, degenerate brutes and the smart, conniving ones, with magic. In the old days, most of the serpentfolk were of this more powerful, advanced ‘purecaste’—the degenerates were apparently bred only for war. But with Ydersius’s defeat, the serpentfolk empire fell into decline. Most of the purecaste serpentfolk went into a sort of magical sleep or hibernation, while the descendents of the rest eventually devolved into the monstrous degenerates.

“Occasionally, though, a purecaste serpentfolk is still born today. And one of them, a priest of Ydersius called Vyr-Azul, plans to resurrect Ydersius. He’s actually found the god’s skull, and believes that he can reunite the serpent-god’s head and body and restore Ydersius to his former power, heralding a new age, restoring and evolving the serpentfolk, and bringing back their empire of old. If true, this could prove disastrous for us all.

“Scholars say the Azlanti, even at the height of their power, struggled to defeat the serpentfolk while Ydersius walked Golarion. But human civilization isn’t nearly as advanced today. We’re far too fragile and fractured, unprepared for a serpentfolk resurgence. They could wipe out or enslave every living thing in the surface world. At best, we’ll become their slaves. At worst, they’ll keep us in their larders like livestock until they eat us. That’s what happened to the rest of my party when the snakes captured us—all of them, eaten alive.

“But we have an opportunity to avoid that fate. You’ve already proven yourselves by entering the heart of their domain to rescue me. We’ve got to go back down there and stop Vyr-Azul before he brings back Ydersius!”

After hearing Eando’s tale, over the next few nights you are able to ask Eando a few questions.

How do you know all this? “Some I found out from research. The rest I learned while I was captured. During my imprisonment, Vyr-Azul interrogated me. He believed I was scouting for an army—a human army, perhaps their ancient enemy come to stop them. When he realized I was on my own with no chance of escape, he gloated about the new ‘Golden Age’ he would bring about.”

How can we stop him? “Vyr-Azul must have to perform a major ritual to actually resurrect a dead god. If we can slay him or disrupt that ceremony, we can hopefully stop Ydersius from returning.”

Will the ritual even work? Is it possible to bring back a dead god? “Vyr-Azul is convinced it will work. He believes Ydersius was never actually killed, and I’m inclined to believe him. According to the old chronicles, Ydersius wasn’t destroyed. Savith just cut off his head and threw it into a pool of lava, and his body disappeared into the Darklands. It takes a lot more than that to kill a god, apparently.”

When is the ritual going to take place? “Soon, but I don’t know exactly when. I’m guessing that not even Vyr Azul knows. But especially now the pressure’s on him, he’ll hold it just as soon as everything’s ready. There’s no way to know how much time we have, but it’s not going to be much.

Where is Vyr-Azul? “In a place called the Sanctum of Ydersius, probably the most well-guarded place in Ilmurea. It’s a fortress-temple built into the cavern walls outside the city. They never took me there, but I know there’s a whole army inside, and it’s well-shielded with serpentfolk magic, practically impenetrable.”

Can we just infiltrate the Sanctum and kill Vyr-Azul? We rescued you without too many problems. “You were able to rescue me because the serpentfolk weren’t expecting you, and the fortress was staffed at nowhere near full strength. Vyr-Azul knows you’re here now, and since you rescued me, he knows his plans have gotten out. The Sanctum is going to be locked tight, and crawling with serpentfolk.

How do you propose we assault the Sanctum and defeat a whole army of serpentfolk? “I don’t think you can. Not alone anyway. I think the best plan is to try and draw out their forces with your own army. Even an army may not be able to get into the Sanctum by force, but it might just provide enough of a diversion for us to sneak in and stop the ritual. But first, we need a weapon. The morlocks told me of a great weapon used against the serpentfolk in the past, which the ancestor gods hid in a place called the Hunters’ Maze. I didn’t have time to go looking for the weapon myself before I was captured, but the morlocks seemed to think that any attempts to defeat the serpentfolk without this weapon were doomed to failure. Before we go any farther, I think we need to go to the Hunters’ Maze and find this ancient weapon. After that, we can see about building an army.” Eando knows that, according to the morlocks, the Hunters’ Maze is located in the north of Ilmurea in a choked warren of debris and fallen rock.

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A Stoned Barbarian, and a Dead Cleric

We begin by ordering shawarma. Great way to start out adventuring.

After the battle we detect a pulsing energy from the east. Looks like someone has started a dance party. Mauser heals the party. We hear sounds of battle down below. Mauser goes to consecrate the alter. There is a brief pulse of light as we are stunned. Mauser feels like he reset this thuming tension. We kick the door to the north east down. We see 4 serpents in the room, initiative. They look like commanders. They commanders say to protect Khavith. Thanks, you just said to kill him first. I fireball attempting to destroy the lamp/ pedestal. This is going to be a tough battle. I feel a sense of Buff's campaign: for some reason the officers are up here, sitting around, and not commanding their defenses... odd. The big wizard guy summons a black tentacle in front of my face, great. I Dimension Door behind the wizard. Sneak attack!! They party continues to attack the commanders. They take one down, but the dualist is still stabbing at them. I cast Ray of Exhaustion, fatiguing the dualist. Take that! Mauser goes to heal Kolgrim, otherwise he would have fell. The fight continues... This is definitely going to be a close one. I kill the wizard. He goes down hissing, “Ydersius will rise”. So now we have a dead cleric, and a stoned barbarian. The pedestal grows louder, pulsing through us. It now is glowing steadily. It then flashes, and stops, as if completing it's purpose.

After sometime, Izon comes up to us. He said that the serpents that were all left fled. They lost two – thirds of their numbers. “You did not stop it?” He asks. He claims that they will be back, and in greater number. He says that we can trace where this summoning went to. We go back up to Savanth Yhi.

We find:

A longbow +1, and +3 strength
+1 keen short sword
Amulet of natural +2
Belt of strength +2
Potion of cure serious
Potion of cure serious
Potion of invisibilty
+1 frost dagger
Amulet of natural armor +2
Ring of protection +2
Scroll of chain lightning, cone of cold, stoneskin, dragons breath, dimension door, and black tentacles
20,000 gp
Restoration ointment
Lens of detection
Potion of comprehend languages
Spellbook containing the following:

7th—forcecage (DC 26), mass hold person (DC 24),
prismatic spray (DC 26)
6th—chain lightning (DC 25), contagious flame* (DC 25),
quickened scorching ray, unwilling shield* (DC 23) 5th—baleful polymorph (DC 22), cone of cold (DC 24),
hold monster (DC 22), hungry pit* (DC 22), quickened magic missile
4th—black tentacles, dimension door, silent dispel magic, dragon’s breath* (DC 23), shout (DC 23), stoneskin
3rd—dispel magic, fireball (DC 22), fly, lightning bolt (DC 22), pain strike* (DC 22), slow (DC 20), wind wall
2nd—dust of twilight* (DC 19), false life, glitterdust, resist energy, scorching ray (2), touch of idiocy
1st—charm person (DC 18), mage armor, magic missile (2), ray of enfeeblement (DC 18), shield, unseen servant
0 (at will)—acid splash, bleed (DC 17), flare (DC 19), ray of frost, resistance
Session: Game Session - Friday, Apr 25 2014 from 11:30 PM to 4:30 AM
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3-28-14 Dungeon the Final Frontier...

These are the tales of Kolgrim and the Adventurers.
Their Mission: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life,gold, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!
Journal Entry. Serpents Skull.

After telling the vampires, that the time is right to strike, we depart after we‘ve rested. We decide to venture on back to the island and obtain Ean do Kline’s weapons and gear before we continue clearing out the underbelly for the Serpent folk’s Lair.
Our battle had just ended, so what do we do now? We heal, that’s what I do! Mauser to the rescue!
We head on out down the hall with Juliver, Gorag, and Ean do in the lead. Kolgrim, Flix, and I mosey on after them.
They spot more Serpent folk. Kolgrim and I are Louder!
We find two hand crossbows and random gear. Ean do is ready. Flix wants to leave the party. We make him stay. Kolgrim barges into the room. “It’s just Prisoners right?”
We hear “Snake, its snake!” “There are guards here.”
Juliver “Inspires Courage” and sings a very bad song. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
Casting “Prayer”, we advance on into the room and defend ourselves!
We are here to free the Prisoners! Saranrae guide us to victory!
Fireball AH! Naga coming into the fight also, this is getting harder! Flix just stands there, sigh…
Gorag flurries of blows and defeats the Serpent folk. I advance casting “Spiritual ally”
Juliver Summons Barbarian allies, how come she hasn’t done this before?
The Naga’s and Serpentfolk continue to attack us!
Casting sunbeam I blast the two Nagas, but one disappears!
Hey where is Kolgrim?
“Solo Kill! Juliver exclaims! Ean do then decides on something and begins freeing the prisoners.
We free Morlocks, they look to Ean do for leadership. Kolgrim talks to Ean do and instruct him on what to say. We save 120 of them! We go on down the hall and encounter more prisoners being held. Before we can begin to free them we run into more Serpent folk and attack once more! Once we defeat them, we then release anymore Morlock prisoners. We save a 100 more Morlocks! We decide to release them as their own unit to stir up some chaos.
One last room we continue to release the Morlock prisoners, but alas more guards are blocking are way! Kolgrim and Gorag quickly dispatch of the two while the rest of us catch up to them. Assistance is applied when the time is right. Ean do begins to release the last of the Morlocks from the cages!
Morlock frenzy! The rush in and overwhelm the two Serpent folk! Another 100 are saved. We go back to the armory and equip the Morlocks, the serpent folk are up there, Charge!
We make it on up the stairs to the upper level and head on out with Morlocks in tow.
At the top chamber we try and make an effort to stop the Serpent folk ritual. A phantasmical Snake/ Blob emerge and the Morlocks advance! It screeches and the Morlocks stutter their attack. We attack it as it advances!
THE Serpent /blob attacks! This is going to be tough! I cast Flame strike and then Destruction, Haza! It successfully hits! Saranrae you are with us today! Praise you! (120 points of damage)

Kolgrim scores a few blows of its own, this is making it possible! He hit it 5 times! Minion attacks and misses. Gorag moves in for the final attack?!!! Haza!
We stop here after the battle to consider our options…
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Found him! Have his head to prove it.
Dear Mamma,

I write you from the belly of a giant serpent. Well, that is what the building looks like. The serpent people are all over, but we have to find Belkor and kill him to win an alliance that should help us defeat this rising evil. Mauser has a spell that lets us turn into air and we have been moving through the complex like clouds - with the darkness and high ceilings, it has made us hard to see. That's good because Mauser isn't very good at moving quietly. We are resting in a hidden treasure chamber. Let me tell you how we got here.

Flix was able to disrupt the ancient magics on some doors that appeared to have been undisturbed for a long time. Inside we saw a throne across a pit. A dead, ghostly serpentfolk came flying up from pit. He said, "The true masters haven't awakened yet" and told us to kneel before them. We declined. We weren't very polite about it.

Gorag makes use of the fly spell Flix cast on him during the battle to cross the chasm and examine the throne. All very serpentine in decor. In the pit, there are stacked stone "pillars" - actually sarcophagi - carved in scaly patterns (over 100 - something like a canopic jar, but large enough to hold an adult serpent folk, stacked all over). One of these is cracked open - perhaps where "Tsskath", as he called himself, came from. His skeletal remains held a jade ring of Force Shield - Mauser; and a dusky rose ion stone that provides an armor bonus - Flix).

Within the pit, Gorag detects an imperfection in the stone of the southwest wall below the throne radiating Evocation magic. Apparently, that is the kind of magic that goes boom. Mauser dispels magic and saves us from the empowered chain lightning spell that protects the secret door. Inside was the treasure trove where I am writing this. We found a sickle +2, 6 potions of Cure Serious Wounds, a Staff of Healing (10 charges), a wand (summon monster III, 50 charges), a Rod of Wonder, and silver and gold ingots (10,000 gp worth, but weighing 1100 lbs - we leave it with intent to come back and get it).

We gave the wand, staff, and rod to Juliver to hold in addition to the 2 potions we don't drink. She's very smart, but hasn't been so helpful in fights, so maybe this will make that better. We decided we could explore further and come back here to rest as long as we aren't discovered. We had passed a guard area before and decided we had to risk going there since we still hadn't found Belkor. We use of wind walk spell to flow through the cracks into the room beyond without being seen to find some kind of guest area. There is a couch and chairs arranged in a semi circle in the room plus a formal dining room through a nearby door. This seems like a good place to find the guy we are looking for and after Mauser slips past a door and sees the villain we are after - without being seen himself - we prepare ourselves for battle.

Belkor the Defector wasn't so tough when we had a few minutes to prepare ourselves. We defeated him and several serpent folk. We take his head, and all of his stuff (magical banded mail, amulet of natural armor, exotic sword, etc). With the head, we will have the alliance we need with Izon and his people, but we still need to find Endo Kline. He came here first trying to find Belkor. It didn't seem like a good idea to let any of them live long enough to ask questions about him, so we might have to continue door to door.

I'll write again soon.
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Through the tunnels
We ended battle with serpent folk and avoided the 2 Iron golems in the center chamber. The lonely Gug was defeated. The other 3 are still on the loose. We are still looking for Belkor the turncoat vampire general. We need his head in order to gain the aid of the vampires. Juliver comes from the control room. We need to clean up area and hide and wait till this calm down. Kolgrim wants to head south and enter the next room and hide in there. Kolgrim listens at the door. Flix exceptionally hears the serpents inside and charges in!
Kolgrim holds, I cast Flamestrike and Flix cast a cone of fire. We are off to a good start! Thank you Sarenrae! They are still putting their armor on. Kolgrim can’t wait no more, go now, go now, go now! Gorag and Juliver keep up the barrage! She takes out the first!
Gorag don’t look too good, I cast cure critical wounds. Kolgrim Rages and bestows his might on to the foes. Gorag and I slay the others and defeat our foes one by one. Time to settle down and see what comes about now.
Kolgrim clicks his magic heels about and is now quicker. 12 potions of cure serious wounds were found.
Kolgrim “Come on don’t be a girly man”, Gorag uses 1 potion to heal himself.
Note building itself slopes up and down like the coils of a snake. We believe that Belkor is up near the top and we think Endo is locked up below. I pray he is still alive.
We leave the barracks and the officer office. We are trying to avoid the Serpentfolk, but we may have to venture back into the hallway. Kolgrim runs and locates the armory also. Everyone re-equips any necessary ammo.
Two more rooms reveal more barracks. With nowhere else to go we head out and change back to Windwalk formation. We move along the ceiling to avoid detection. Approaching a set of double doors and a few single doors we pass on by.
We go on up to the 3 level of the building. At the top there is one single door and one set of double doors. Kolgrim floats on up to the rubble pile. 2 Serpents walk on out and back in as if on patrol. Kolgrim sees them start to put on arm.
At the body/ head of the giant serpent of the inner chamber it is revealed that the room opens up. It is revealed to be a column blood stained chamber is seen. The eyes are red and the mouth is open but regularly patrolled. A cloudy ethereal snakelike serpent is seen floating. It is unhallowed and I feel sickly and nauseated. I decide to head on back. Everyone follows seeing as communication is limited. We decide to find Endo and locate the Vampire. We transfer back in to corporeal form and communicate in the Gug room. Then we turn back into a gaseous form and explore on down. Locate a secret room and go into combat! 3 Serpentfolk are found!
Sun beams away and unleashes Gorag and Kolgrim! The fight is on!
Juliver sneaks on in and attacks the serpent on the ground. It was knocked prone by Gorag.
Still fighting the 3 Serpentfolk, Man is this fight a doozie! Kolgrim, Power Attacks on the Serpents and takes down the first one and then targets the next one by Gorag and slays him as well!
Two down.
Ah! Kolgrim takes a hit from the last one, down 64 hit points. I quickly heal Kolgrim and then he also drinks a potion, Gorag drinks a potion also. Both healing as best they can.
We continue on down, we will try to mist on down unless detected. We pass on down the portcullis and the Great Cyclops to the next lower level. We pass a set of doors that are ornate and kind of dusty, like they haven’t been used before. Another set of doors are also spotted. They seem more reinforced like they have been replaced. Checking on down we see the end as it enters on down into the water of the lake. It’s open to the water but a portcullis blocks it. A guard shack is also seen. We coalesce there.
We choose the single door and check it out. We hear more Serpents behind it,. Still not detected we leave for the other door. Flix then detects magic. These doors are Arcane locked and normal locked.
Well, guess we have to wait and hide…
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The Winds of Change
After speaking with Udarra, we decide that trying to fight the serpent folk and the vampires is too much to handle. If we can enlist the aid of the vampires against the serpents we may have a chance of defeating them. Thekola says he can lead us there. Great, now all we have to do is convince the vampires that this is a good idea…

We set out to meet with them and are quickly reminded of the giant golems that guard the gate to the morlock territory. Juliver searches the base of the tower by the main gate and finds a secret door that leads us up to the top of the wall. We decide that repelling off the wall outside of the golems protected area is better than having to fight them and risk weakening the morlock’s defenses.

As we head east, we notice vampire patrols riding giant bats above the lake. No one thinks it would do us any good to let them see us this far out so we hide until they are out of sight. As we continue around the lake Flix notices some large amphibian creatures rooting by the edge. Not wanting to get into an unnecessary fight we try to sneak past. Mauser is still not very good at sneaking so we end up fighting them anyways. They aren’t terribly difficult but they try to spit a sticky bile on our faces, disgusting!

It isn’t very hard to avoid the vampire patrols and we easily make our way to the outskirts of their territory. We spot a guard post with 6 vampires. Juliver is the only one who actually speaks their language so we let her do the talking. She seems to get it done as one vampire leaves and quickly returns with orders to allow us to pass. It seems Izon, their leader, has granted us an audience. We are escorted into their central citadel. On the way in we notice that there are some giant morlocks that are grotesquely mutated. They are enormous! They are likely a food source but I think they would serve dual purpose as guards in a pinch. It was hard to discern in the dim light of the fungus but I thought I saw a drow moving among the vampires as well. Deeper in we are greeted by three piscodaemons that are guarding the main chamber. The let us pass without incident.

Inside we meet Izon. He is an ancient looking vampire that does speak some broken common. When we ask for an alliance he snickers. Apparently, this is the same plan Endo Kline had. Izon tells us that he sent Endo to collect the head of a traitor named Belkor to prove that he was worthy of leading an assault against the serpents. Endo never returned. We offer to bring the head of Belkor back in exchange for assistance. He accepts and tells us that Belkor is with the serpents in their central citadel on the lake. And here I thought it was going to be difficult!

Izon has us escorted to a deep crevice at the edge of the main lake. As close as we can figure, the water is pouring down into the underdark. The lake is being fed by three giant columns of water pouring from the ceiling so it doesn’t seem to be in any danger of draining. As the vampires leave us we begin to formulate our plan.

While we talk it out Kolgrim notices a very large serpent like creature moving in the water. So swimming is definitely out! The main bridge is broken and seems to have a great deal of traffic from boats passing underneath riding back and forth from the mainland. That seems to be out as well. Flix thinks he could teleport us onto the island but that would jump us in right into the thick of it with no idea what we are even looking for. Sounds like one of Skyra’s plans if you ask me…

Mauser finally realizes that he has the perfect spell for this, Windwalk. We can spend at least half a day “walking” around the island with little chance of being detected and gather some intelligence on our enemy before we attack. In the event that we have to leave quickly Flix can always teleport us off the island too. Doesn’t sound half bad! We won’t be able to bring Thekola with us but he doesn’t seem to mind that part of the plan. With the spell cast we head out over the lake.

Flying as a cloud of mist is quite exhilarating! As long as we stay close to the water we can blend with the mist spraying off the water columns. There are plenty of island surrounding the central citadel to take refuge on as well. In fact we decide to set up camp on one with enough cover to shield us from the citadel. We spend a day circling the island trying to find the best point of entry.

The citadel is shaped like a giant snake coiling up toward the ceiling of the cave. At the top its mouth opens to a large platform. Guards seem to patrol it regularly so it won’t likely be a good point of entry. The tail dips into the water but it does have an opening at the end. It’s covered by a large portcullis that we could try to force open but the risk of entering the water is too great. On one of our passes around the island Juliver notices a large collapsed section on the back side of the island.

We spend some time watching it but there don’t seem to be many guards patrolling the inside. It seems that most of the security is meant to keep people off the island. There is some traffic but it certainly doesn’t seem to be regularly patrolled. Juliver chances sneaking into the collapsed section once the coast is clear. The hallways are lined with glowing stones that coil around like snakes. She finds a small gate room that sounds like its holding a group of guards. She also finds a cavern that is holding some very large reptilian creatures she calls Gugs. They appear to be under a mind control that keeps them confined to the cavern. When she reports this to us it gives Kolgrim an idea! If we can break this control Juliver is fairly certain they are aggressive enough to attack the serpents. That would provide us excellent cover to sneak in!

We take another day on the island to recoup and let Mauser refresh his spells. With another casting of Windwalk on us all Mauser slips into the citadel. He first creates a distraction at the back of the cavern by creating some food. The Gugs immediately fall upon it and devour it. While they feast, he dispels the mind control on them and quickly gets out of the way. As expected, once they finish their meal they tear off into the citadel looking for more. Three of them head north toward the main gates while the last one heads west. We hear the sounds of fighting and take that as our sign to sneak in.

Once inside and transitioned to our non-mist forms we sneak after the lone Gug. He seems to have caught the attention of the gate house and we see 6 serpents chase after him. We try to duck back and let them pass but 2 of the serpents notice us. We quickly fall upon them as a group and take them out. Even though we killed them quickly and fairly quietly 2 more serpents come back and attack us. Again, we drop them as quickly as we can but the final 2 appear at the end of the hall and begin peppering us with arrows. I rush forward and take them both off their feet while the others catch up and take them out. It seems the serpents use some form of telepathy to communicate with each other. That would certainly explain why it’s so unnaturally quiet in here too. We can only hope that they haven’t alerted the entire citadel that we’re here.

Up ahead we find the remains of the lone Gug between two golems that seem to be guarding the central chamber. They don’t seem to be interested in anything that isn’t heading towards the doors of the main chamber so we decide to back off. With the fighting over for the moment we should really find a room to duck into now that the citadel is up in arms. We need to at least get out of the main hallways. Maybe we can quietly search some of the inner rooms while the serpents try to sort out what happened.
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Into The Depths of Ilmurea
We begin the next step of our adventure at the pathfinder’s base camp racking at Juliver’s foggy memory. She can remember some stuff. She remembers Ilmurea is full of water, it is usually some-what dark and there are always people fighting down there. And Eondo pooled with the morlocks. That is all she knows.

We decide that should be enough for now and head back to the vault of the portal. We look around the room and put the stones. There is a brief staggering flash of magic, then the portal is activated. We cannot see through the portal. We wait a minute to see if anyone comes out of the portal, but none do. We step through the portal and find ourselves in a room that ahead connects to a hallway. It is somewhat dark except for our glowing weapons and armor. An arrow flies by Kolgim’s head as we can barely make out four serpent warriors holding masterwork flails and in the back, an archer who is at half-draw. Before Kolgrim and Gorag charge I conjure a fireball. Then the others charge in. Kolgrim rages, Gorag flurries, Mauser heals, and Juliver takes on the challenge, archer against archer. After the four fall the archer slithers away. Gorag catches up with him in no time and ends him. We search the lifeless corpses and find four masterwork flails, four masterwork chest plates, ten cure serious (Kolgim downs three), and a +8 strength composite longbow.

We continue down the low-light hallway and hear water in the distance. Juliver announces that there are many waterfalls. We see some light in the distance. Ahead is a wide chamber. It has a giant boulder in it and two dozen or so buildings to the north side of the chamber. They are in ruins. As we look closer at the walls and buildings, we see fist-sized spiders. We hear noise to the north. Momo and Gorag scout the area they check a few buildings-nothing. They signal for us to inch a bit closer. They begin to scout the east wall. Gorag takes a mental note of a giant spider dozing off. After they come back and warn us of the spider we decide to leave it alone and scout the west wall. For some odd reason Mauser says “I can’t see crap!” Well… there goes stealth. As the spell shines upon the room the spider wakes up and heads towards us. “Flee for your lives!” I command. I find a normal size ruined building on the west side of the cavern, and dive through the door way. It pounds on the roof and tries to collapse the building on us. We fire ranged weapons at it through the openings in the ceiling, and it tries to claw its way through. Kolgrim and Gorag get itchy and start climbing up the walls. I follow and cast Stoneskin on Kolgrim. We all fail to notice the second one coming out of the darkness and enters the fight too. After a few rounds Kolgrim finishes one and heads to the next. The battle continues and the last one drops dead. We heal then search. There are exits to the north and north-west. We walk around the cavern and I continusly cast Detect Magic. To the north are six dangling bodies. One still has pulse… interesting. He is a morlock. His name… is… Thekola. He looks like Gollum I announce, then take a step a back. Mauser heals him. Thekola speaks.

Kolgrim kills one. Gorag downs another. When the two fall, an Intellect Devour come out of each one. While we are fighting these harsh monsters, Thekola is running in circles, doing nothing useful. We kill of them and the other runs away. We decide not to chase after it. Something is wrong… We know Ixolan and Udurra are fighting… But this. We figure out these are Intellect Devour, that worm themselves into people’s heads and control them. We search them and find +1 hide armor and three great clubs. We heal, the press on casusly. Before we open the door, we listen. We hear pounding. We open the door and see alchemical golums and Ixolan.

LEEEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOY!!!! Mauser casts Blessing of Fervor. I move then cast Scorching Ray at Ixolan. I crit for 16d6 and almost bring him down. LIKE A BOSS!! With another spell I bring him down. The rest of our party takes on the alchemical golums, and with a little effort, take it down. A door to the east opens up, and morlocks supporting Ixolan come out. We take them down and search/heal. We manage to realize the golums were trying to pound down a door to the north. We ask whose there and Udarra and her morlock followers come out. We talk to her.

[FONT="Papyrus;">What do you know about Eando Kline? “He came from the World Above, like the ancestors. He was worried about the snake people, and said we must fight them. I spoke to the ancestors, and they said he spoke wisdom. It is a hard thing, but he said the snake people will kill everything if we do not unite against them.”

Where is Kline? “Gone. He went to the vampires to ask them to join with us, but he did not return. Only his woman came back, and she was wounded, and the snake people chased her. We hid from them, but saw her go into the old tunnels. The ancestors told me she would return and so we waited.”

Who are these vampires? “They have been here for a long time, but not as long as our people. They are tall, and their insides show through their skins. Their mouths open too wide, and they have terrifying teeth. They drink blood and steal lives. Sometimes they ride great bats. They are strong fighters, and no morlock has ever captured one, but they can be killed. They are dangerous, even in death. Sometimes, when they die, a great wave of pain and sickness comes from them, and they share their deaths with those around them.” 
Where do these vampires live? “Beyond the lake, beyond the cave where you entered this place. Between our lands and those of the snake people. A devil-vampire rules them. That is who Kline went to talk to. He lives in the big snake- dome on the far side of the lake, past the falling water.”

What do you know about the serpentfolk? “They live inside a giant snake in the middle of the great lake, past the vampires, around the great lake. They have captured many morlocks, to serve as slaves, to eat, and to kill. Once the snake people take you, you never come back.”

What do you know about this place? “There are many legends. They say the snake people once ruled this entire world, until the ancestor gods came to destroy them. They fought many great battles, and the ancestor gods finally drove the snake people away. But the ancestor gods became weak and corrupt, and a great disaster befell them. The way to the World Above was closed, and those who were trapped here gave birth to us. The prophecies say that if we become strong again and drive out the snake people once more, we will become like the ancestor gods again and everything will be as it should be. But we are too weak, and the vampires stand between us and the snake people. But Kline offered to lead us against the snake people, to help us become we what we once were. You must go to the vampires. Find Kline, and return him to us. Without him, we all fail, and the snake people will rule both worlds, Above and Below.”
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Mar 24 2013 from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
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Nasty muddy monsters
Dear Mamma,

Now that we've saved Kelgrim's butt, we've been able to get on with getting the remaining 2 stones. We spent last night in the Kava Bush-Devil lair. My thinking was, between the monk Ogre magi and that creature, this place was pretty likely to be undisturbed. We almost wished we hadn't come there! Our plan was to get to the island from the district occupied by the Ketch by passing close to the fresh water channels, which would put us at a vantage point where Flix could use a spell called "Dimension Door" to cross to the island without touching the water. The only bridge that is intact is well guarded and we hoped this would allow to approach unnoticed.

But I forgot Mauser was with us. He might as well have waved at the flying ape scouts that went by. Despite that, we decide our best bet is to continue quickly. We found this magical thing that looks like a piece of cloth when it is folded up, but creates a 10' deep hole that we can store things in - and there is enough air in there to breathe for a few minutes. So since Mauser is better at praying and healing then sneaking and jumping, we fold him up in the hole so we can use the spell to cross the water. It works like a charm.

While searching the island, we find two entrances to a cave - one that requires walking out into water and another where we can climb down vines and stay dry. Although, if the water level rises, this whole place would be underwater. Gorag and I are climbing down vines when a giant Venus fly trap tries to eat Gorag. Since it is trying to bite us while we are in the vines, I just let go and fall to the cave floor so I can fight better. It was really large, but we gave the plant indigestion. It won't bother anyone anymore.

The area we climb down to was probably a beautiful chamber once. Encased in the vines we find the remains of a human adventurer who was wearing +2 Breast plate (it fits Mauser nicely). There was a passage that led from the chamber and we followed it, finding sticky mud as we decended the some stairs. In places it is three feet deep, with more oozing in all the time. Some creature called an "Ooze Mephit" calls the place home and attacks us with an acid spray. Good thing Juliver spotted them - there were 4 total, but we defeated them only to find their big daddy around the next corner. And he knew we were coming because of the noise from the fight. The tell me this big mud man was some kind of genie from the Plane of Earth. Mauser tried to call on the power of Sarenrae to send him back there, but the monster was more interested in tasting my steel. He was pretty tough though - he turned the mud I was slogging through to rock around my legs and I had to smash it with my sword to break free. Then I was really mad by the time I could reach him because he was trying to drown Flix in this giant pool of mud and he was smacking Gorag around. I slashed him four times quickly with my sword and Gorag put him away. Flix used his magic to determine that the gem we sought was in the mud hole, which is going to be a problem because it was very deep and there was no way to see.

But behind the giant mud pit was a shrine with a bubbling fountain at the back of it. As soon as we crossed the threshold to the chamber another beast formed from the mud on the ground. He was much bigger than the genie and I didn't want to tangle with it if we could get what we needed without risking the lives of my friends. I noticed Flix hesitate as I was preparing to join battle when he said "I don't think it will come after us if we leave the room." And it turned out he was right. We didn't get to see what the fountain was for or what it could do - it was clearly magical - but we found what we came for plus a crystal skull worth 15,000 gp from bottom of mud hole. I think we will be set up nicely to retire if we can prevent the threat represented by these serpent people. I can't wait to bring you some of this wealth so you can stop working so hard.

Oh yeah - the mud hole: Flix used his ability to sense magic and Mauser's spell that created a pocket of air around him to dig around for about 30 minutes in the mud before he found everything. He's still really dirty, but they say mud is good for your skin.

Now we'll go back to the portal room and get to the crux of the matter.

Session: Find the last stone - Sunday, Mar 10 2013 from 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM
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Into the tunnel of the Devil.
We pick up where we left off near the As-pis Consortium Camp.While searching through the camp, it is discovered that the Legionnaires left behind an abundance(10 of each) of longbows, breastplate, and long-swords, which the Surviving Pathfinders gather up. We restock our food stuffs and Flix pockets the 250 gold coins eagerly. We decide to rest and recoup for the day, Listening to Kolgrim and Kelgrim trade words on whose the better fighter.

Personally, I'm worried about Dargen the Sorcerer, if only Gorag had had a stronger Will, he wouldn't have been coerced by his tongue.

The rest of our day, keeps me busy. I heal as many survivors that need any attention and then gather up our things and head on back to our friends in the Artisan district with the Verdant Muse.

Once we are back, we rest once more for the night, relearning all our spells, me praying, and who knows what the others do. Of the 2 stones left to search we decide on taking to the Kesh Monkey territory and begin there.
As we approach, we see 3 Charua-Ka's guarding a cave entrance. They appear to be sleeping!
Flix then takes this opportunity to Stone Call them to a crushing awakening. The spell goes off Juliver sneaks on in, Kolgrim Rages and off he goes. Times like these, I'm glad he's on our side. I shoot off a ray of Searing light, Gorag too moves for a grapple. They wake up surprised and wishing they hadn't. They fight to survive but the others aren't letting them. Kolgrim takes all 3 down himself.

On them we find , some masterwork hide armor(3), masterwork clubs(3), and (6) masterwork Javelins.

Kolgrim , still excited and without thinking opens the cave doors! No wait! The other exclaim don't pull a Widget! What's a widget? I thought it was a gadget gnomes used?
Anyway Kolgrim is greeted by two large warriors! Samurai?
They have no weapons, uh oh. As we try to jump on in to help, a cool winter blast hits us all at the door. It's too much for me and Juliver, man is it cold! Days like this make me think of the warm sun at home.
The battle goes on as normal Gorag and Kolgrim in the fray, the others from a distance and I heal as best I can. Seems to work most of the time. Kolgrim then dodges with monk like ability from his attacker, maybe he's learning from Gorag? I step up to attack " By the Power of the Sun!, I have the power!" I do more damage then Gorag!
The monk warrior then turns to me! Uh oh, Might of pulled a Kolgrim there. I get pummeled and when I can, I retreat and heal everyone up.
Flix tosses a shocking grasp, but this day is Kolgrims, twice more he take the warriors out and his total is now 5-0.

We discover an Amulet of Mighty Fists and a +8 Composite Longbow on them both.

Onward into the tunnel we go. A we descend the floor sub-base gets muddier and muddier. We all try to avoid a large pool of it, but I slip and barely hold onto the rope that was set.I fall in to some spikes, Ow! Man I feel ...Yawnnnnnnn... tired. That's not normallll.

The tunnel opens up on both sides as we continue. Two assailants block our way, a Teka and a Boggart. Flix moves and blasts lightning, well there goes negotiating.
I can't see whats up around the bend, hope its good. I keep hearing the fight going on. I used my wand to help clear my head. Awakened, I push on the see Gorag is surrounded! I call down a Strike of Fire! Boom shakalacka! Flix again with his lightning just misses Gorag in that mess. Kolgrim cleans up the best he can and 2 more Boggarts go down. 7-0 count it. I step up and attack as well! I got 1! Blessed once more, Gorag then takes out the Teka.

We find 2 extra potions of cure moderate wounds and a +1 morning-star,+2 hide armor, and a scroll of Flame Strike on the Teka.

Pressing on we still need to locate that stone! As we get further on a marble statue sits in the alcove. Juliver sensing traps goes and tries to locate and disarm. Flix and I look for the magical ones,but as Kolgrim approaches, a large Sonic Boom goes off! Way to go dude, way to go! Something Charges a Garillion! I cast Holy Smite and blind him, and is that something else too heading our way? A second Garilion!
Kolgrim and Gorag graciously remove our weakened foes from play.
We head on and hit what seems like a dead end. Upon further examination we discover, thanks Juliver, a secret doorway quickly muddied over. Squeezing through a massive conical creature with tentacles now blocks our path in this open cavern! A Roper! The legends are true! Fearing what we are up against I cast Flame strike and try to stay out of reach of his tentacles." Divine fire strike true! Alas I only wound it and may have angered it, let's see where this goes.Kolgrim and Gorag move to Flank and proceed to wound him further. It's a tough battle, but we push on through it. Once the fight is over, I give Kolgrim a potion to restore his strength and heal the others.

Tired and exhausted we enter what appears to be a large dining area / pillage warehouse of goods. I'm thinking this is a good place to rest. We search for the stone and yet it is still missing. Looking once more for any secret compartment or doors we find one! It is well concealed behind a set of bookcases in the north corner. Juliver opens the door, a Roar is heard! That's not good!

Startled, we a forced into yet another war for our lives! It pushes through, my what is it? Is that a Kavubush Devil! Sarenrae I may need some help on this one. Flix moves in and attacks with his rapier, it does nothing! Now this is not one of by brightest moments, but maybe the bravest. If I must die for the others to live and carry out this mission so be it!
I move in and use one of the most powerful spells granted to me, thank you Sarenrae. I cast Harm and touch the vile beast! Coursing negative energy into him ,praying for the best!
I greatly wound him, but now leave myself weak and vulnerable. He Slam attacks me multiple times, AHHH, AHHHH!!
I don't feel so well.

Some how I'm inspired to move. I back away. Flix Shocking Grasps once more, I think it's his favorite spell. Kolgrim attacks the beast with Aid from Gorag. Flix attacks once more and fells the demon! Ha zaa!

Defeated by some Miracle! We gather the Blue Sphere Stone and other treasures: A Boots of Striding and Springing, Amulet of Armor+4, 5000gp in jewels and fine gems, and a small black cloth(Portable Hole)

Exhausted I sit on the cave floor for a nap.
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A Little Payback for the Aspis Consortium
After defeating the Illaghrai spider we being picking through the webbed mess that was its lair. Suddenly, Kolgrim receives a sending from Kelgrim, it seems our camp is under attack! We stay just long enough to find the fourth stone and begin our long trek back to the artisan district. We double time it through the jungle which feels more like normal speed anywhere else. Although we do get attacked by some local flora and fauna we make it back relatively safe.

When we arrive we find that the fighting has been over for a while now. Orson informs us that a bald wizard lead a party of humans warriors into the camp and attacked. They killed most of the Pathfinders and any villager who tried to help fight. The few Pathfinders who survived were rounded up and taken away. Thankfully, Kelgrim was among the people taken. Orson tells us that the bald wizard said we would know where to find them as he cackled madly and disappeared into the jungle.

After hearing the description of the bald wizard Flix recalls the man who first approached us to join the Aspis Consortium. We think he name was Dargan. It seems he is determined to make us pay for our choice to join the Pathfinders. Though none of us are quite sure, we seem to remember the initial reports of the Aspis setting up camp near the base of the river where we first entered Saventh-Yi. After having run from the far northeast corner of the city we now have to hear to the far northwest corner. I think that is the only reason we can convince Kolgrim to rest before heading out to find Kelgrim.

The next morning we set out to find our friends. We don’t put quite as much emphasis on stealth like we have been in the past. Even still we cross the enemy districts without incident. As we approach the area we think we are looking for, we find Nketchi waiting for us! With his usual exasperation and disdain he asks “what took you so long?” Once we dispense with the pleasantries we get down to planning our attack.

The Aspis have constructed a simple palisade and gate that back up to a three tiered cliff. There are at least 10 guards and 7 prisoners. They have a few large tents and there is also a large ruined building within the perimeter. Nkechi hasn’t gotten a close enough look to tell where they are keeping the prisoners. They are our first priority so Flix decides to dispatch Momo to search for them. We give him a dagger to cut any bonds and turn him invisible for good measure. We all decide that because they are expecting us and we know they have means of watching our movement anyways stealth is unnecessary at this point. That and Kolgrim is itching for a fight… I suggest we can probably gain entry under the guise of negotiating for the prisoners release which would also give Momo more time to search for and free some of them.

As we approach the gate, it opens slightly beckoning us to enter. Kolgrim happily obliges. From inside we can see the guards spread out and all equipped with bows, although no one has any arrows at the ready. The prisoners are all tied to the face of the first steppe and fastened securely. We don’t see Kelgrim among them. Kolgrim shouts “Where is the wizard?” Dargan steps up to the edge of the steppe just above the prisoners. “Come a little closer” he says. As we cross the main camp the guards on our level surround us but keep their distance. “Are you ready to turn the stones and the girl over to me?” Dargan says with a sneer. Not sure how far we should carry our ruse no one answers. “Well then, why don’t we just cut right to it.” He says, as he motions to the guard next to him. The guard lifts a limp figure from off the ground. It’s Kelgrim! With a quick motion he slits Kelgrims throat! Kolgrim lets out a roar, and we all break into action.

Dargan immediately begins gesturing in what I believe must be a spell. I vault off a prisoners shoulders and spring up the cliff wall and grapple Dargan ruining his spell. Mauser blasts a few guards who try to close on Juliver with Flame Strike. Nkechi finishes them off with a Swirling Stones spell. Kolgrim is up the wall and intercepts the guard trying to attack me as I wrestle with Dargan. To my great surprise Dargan suddenly lifts off the ground lifting me with him! With a penetrating stare he commands me to let him go. Much to my dismay, I cannot help but follow his order. Thankfully my ring of Feather Fall guides me safely to the ground. Kolgrim kills the guard on the bluff, checks on Kelgrim, and shouts “Mauser I need you to channel NOW!” Mauser does, and the grievous wound on Kelgrims throat mends itself. With Kelgrims imminent death averted we concentrate on defeating the rest of the guards. Our little trick with Momo seems to have worked too as a few of the prisoners are running free trying to help! Juliver peppers Dargan with arrows as he continues to rain spells down on us. Flix and Mauser dispatch the guards on the main level while Kolgrim and I finish the guards up on the ledge. Seeing his company routed Dargan shouts a curse and vanishes. Kolgrim and Kelgrim exchange a few friendly barbs as they are reunited while the rest of us tend to the wounded prisoners. Hopefully that’s the last we have seen of Dargan for a while.
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Retrieving The Stones
Retrieving The Stones By: Flix The Great

We begin the day by resting a day. The next day we head out to the Stone between the Veggie Piggmies and the Red Mantis. It is called The Vault of Silence. On the way there we encounter a few creatures, but drive them out easily. We arrive and see three serpents sitting near the door about bow-range away from us. They seemed to not have noticed us. They are talking among themselves. We suspect they are spell casters even though they have bladed-weapons. We discuss a plan. Since it would be unpredictable if they get to the door we figure we need to stop them. The plan is Me, Gorag, and Juliver are going to sneak in the woods. Then, I am going to cast Stonecall and that will be the signal for everyone else to charge in. All went well although Stonecall makes the ground difficult terrain so the battle lasted a while. We kill the serpents with some effort and loot them. On them was three +1 shotels (curved swords), and strange gold coins.

The partially opened stone door seems to not have been opened recently. Juliver checks it, no traps. As Kolgrim pounds down the door we see two coffins. The one to the right is opened and empty while the one to the left is shut. The room seems to have once been filled water. As we pry the left coffin open, a Spectre lashes out. As it lashes out it starts to burn from being exposed to sunlight. Then it slowly fades away. After the encounter we search, but there is nothing except jagged rocks. We head to the door on the north side of the chamber (the only door) and check the door. No traps. As we go through, we see the hall continues north and left. The north leads into a chamber with coffins. As we continue walking we see a partially opened secret door in the hall. We go through the secret door. It continues east then forks left. The walls are engraved with spiders. We push forward, checking for traps. None. We continue sneaking and peer left. Another chamber. But this one has two zombified tigers in the middle of it. Ugg. We have no plan but charge, so that’s what we do. After a few spells, arrows, flurries, bla, bla, bla… We loot the place. Nothing of value. We continue on to the next chamber to the north. We see a coffin and inside is a skeleton and a +1 wounding dagger. Gorag takes the knife. We head back to the +. We decide to send Gorag to the west hall and see what’s in there. We comes back and informs us there are two Rawbones. We roll initiative and fight. They vomit all over us causing Mauser and Gorag to vomit also. About mid way I’m pulling another arrow out of my quiver when I notice a Gbala sneaking behind us!? I shout “We got company!” But all I hear is Kolgrim grunting in effort. I’m about to get stabbed by a vampire/rogue when Gorag stops puking and trips him. After a few more attacks we kill him and the rawbones. We heal, then loot them with pride. We find the Stone, +2 ring of protection, +4 bracers of armor, boots of improved jumping, and a +2 chain shirt.

Entry 2

We head back to camp. We decide to rest a day, then head out. We analyze our stones and memory and realize we have 2/6 Stones. We make our way to the next location, again with a few minor encounters. We cut through our ally’s territories (instead of going through the forest). As we go by, we have the creepy feeling that something is watching us. As we come close to where it is I trip and fall into a pit that was concealed by layers of brush. The rest of the party joins in to. As we get up, we see tracks. They seem to go in and out of here regularly. As I look closer, I recognize those tracks as tiger like-tracks. We proceed through the hall/cave and find a room. Staring at us are three lion like creatures covered in thorns. We kill the cats without much effort, although Gorag complains his fist hurts. As we search the room we find rotted remains of bones and three crates with dwarven-like symbols. We continue on and find a wide hallway covered with moss, vines, spores, etc. The hall smells of rot and mold. Mauser casts life bubble to protect us from the harmful gases. As Mauser casts life bubble we notice six Basilidirond hiding among the other plants. I Fireball and back up. Juliver fires a couple arrows and does the same. Kolgrim runs up and pounds. Gorag unleashes a flurry killing the last of them. We search the hall and find nothing but vines and roots. We continue on and find that the plants become less dense. The hall goes west then roots into a chamber to south. In the middle of the chamber is a pool of murky water and in the middle of that stands a wart-like tree. As Mauser looks closer he says “that’s not a tree it’s a…” a spew of acid hits us all as Mauser finishes with “Anemone!” A few rounds of bloody armor later we loot the place. We find nothing. I cast Detect Magic and sense two magic items under the slushy water. We argue for five minutes before I simply cast Levitate. The two items are the Stone, and a +2 dwarven war axe. We decide to spend the night hear then head on. It takes us three days. On the second day we get a call from Kelgrim he says Ape patrols are venturing further and further south.

We arrive at our next destination and find this one is another cave.(North of the Apes) I peek in and see tons of thick tattered webs, bones, and animal corpses. We see something move. Out comes two Corpesespun Bogarts. They attack. As were about to finish Gorag yells “I see an undead alligator thing!” And as we finish off the Bogarts two more take their place. We continue the same routine. I cast/swing. Juliver fires arrows. Mauser heals. Kolgrim pounds. And Gorag is trying to get on top of the undead alligator? I shake my head and continue to attack. We kill the undead alligator in time to find an Illaghrai(spider). I name her Shelob. We defeat the Illaghrai in time to most likely save our lives. We search the cave and find the Stone, copper arm bands, jewelry, and a knotted black staff of necromancy. We rest a while and head back to camp. Kelgrim calls us again, “Come quick brother, we are being under attack…”

Session: Game Session - Sunday, Feb 10 2013 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Smells like fish, feels like burning.
Dear Mamma,

So Ilmura, the underground city, is not slumbering and Eando's people stirred up a hornets nest. It makes me wonder if we would have these horrible versions of serpent folk rising if they hadn't gone seeking them. Probably. There is every suggestion that they want to make war on the world of men and we will have to stop them.

It takes Juliver 3 days to fully recover before we are ready to descend into the dangerous smoking hole in the ground that she came from. We are confronted by 2 ghouls as we enter and make short work of them.

The blonde elf girly can't remember which way she came from. Apparently this ruin has been here a long time - before Earthfall. We see that tracks come from the north, so she might have been chased from there, so we start going that way first leaving the southern path for later. Shortly we come to a fork in the path and stay toward NW. Juliver says she can always remember her way back, so that's good. Too many twists and we'll benefit from that skill.

And then I blunder into a room for no good reason and some large stone man comes to life and attacks me. It was very strong and I chipped pieces off of it with swings of the sword. Eventually, with all of our strength we wear it down and it crumbles to dust. Fortunately Mauser can create a pillar of healing energy that we all huddle around until we feel better, otherwise the effort that fight took might have ended our exploring for the day.

We find a room with a collapsed ceiling where the jungle vines and foliage is growing in from above. It looks like it would be easy to climb out to the ground level from here if necessary. What appears to have once been a secret door is ajar from the shifting of the earth over time. Behind the door, there seems to be some kind of lab that has been largely destroyed in an explosion - broken glass and equipment with a fine black powdery substance covering everything. The dust is choking and Mo-mo goes into a coughing fit.

Juliver does some reading and finds this is Urschlar's laboratory. He created this to contain the serpents below and the black dust is referenced as some sort of chemical weapon intended to cause the lungs to fail over time. It doesn't look good for the monkey! But Mauser uses one of the wands we have and says he has cured the disease. I guess time will tell. Sifting through the remains of the lab, we find 2 potions: Cure disease and cure serious wounds, and a scroll with the spells: tongues, hallow, summon monster IV, and true seeing. We leave the secret lab room by a secret door in the southern wall, which opens into a hallway where a spectre awaits us and promptly attacks.

It makes the mistake of running out of the darkness into the light radiating from Mauser's sunblade making it easy for Gorag to unload a flurry of blows destroying it. Further down the hall, Gorag peeks around the corner and sees a giant slug. I mean, compared to a regular slug, giant doesn't quite say it. It is taller than me. And wider. And slimier. So we leave the slug alone with the gross slobbering eating sounds he is making.

We circle back around to the room where we defeated the stone golem and decide to figure out what such a powerful creature might have been guarding by seeing what is behind the door. Now Juliver remembers coming out through here. Blue crystalline veins run through the walls. A statue once supported the ceiling, but it has collapsed. A jungle scene, a cityscape, and an elaborate room are depicted on a mural on the back wall. The mural radiates magic and is incredibly lifelike. The entire area is highly conductive to magical energy - or so they tell me - as if casting into it the mural will act like a storage vessel or amplifier of some kind. This is where Juliver crushed the crystals that caused the explosion - but they seem to have been some kind of focusing mechanism necessary to make the mural work. So it sounds like this was meant as some kind of transportation spell thingy and elf girly broke it.

Part of the mural depicts openings where crystals should go that line up with other areas around Saventh Yi, suggesting that there might be replacements stored elsewhere. They are marked with Azlanti symbols for abundance, honesty, fertility, rest, anger, and love. The others think that the murals create separate portals and if we can get replacement crystals, we'll have a way back into Ilmura. Juliver made this harder, but she also prevented the serpents from following her out. As far as we know, this portal is the only way in other than the several month long journey through the Underdark that Eando's party undertook.

We go back to the camp and start preparing to gather the crystals. We'll have problems with the one near the gorillas. We decide to start with the nearest one, which is in the frog people area. With the mural map as a guide (I guess someone sketched a copy), we find a sinkhole that we assume will get us into this "crystal reserve room". Mauser casts a spell to let us breath underwater and we descend into the watery hole. We are just getting use to the strange environment and looking at a corpse on the silty bottom when a swarm of piranha appears and starts devouring us. Once they are dealt with them through a comedy of errors that involves us hurting each other move than the creatures are hurting us, we look closer at the body and determine he was killed recently. We search careful and see he has an Aspis Consortium tattoo, confirming we are not alone. The real question is whether any of the other groups know they need the crystals and how to activate the portal, assuming they investigate the smoking ruins and find out where it is. The Red Mantis assassins may not care if their stated purpose of finding an item important to their god within Saventh-Yi is true.

I didn't get to think about that at the time because some rabid crayfish from the black lagoon tried to eat us. They could breath steam that burned our skin. I miss being on land. A lot. There were 3 and they were very dangerous. It is a good thing we have Juliver with us because since VV and Skyra retired, battles are harder.

After an hour of sifting through the silty bottom we find 4 gold ingots (75 gp), a statue of an Azlanti dancer (700 gp), an ivory brooch (500 gp), 2 coral armbands (250 gp each), a ring of protection +3, blue gem with Azlanti symbol for abundance. One down.

We talk of visiting the vegepygmies next to try to find the one near them, but I don't think that's for sure yet. I need to go give Kelgrim a swift kick - all he's doing is sitting around waiting for us to make him look good. He's getting lazy. He's like some of the guards in the watch at home that you wonder if they'd move if they were on fire. Anyway, all is well Mamma and I'm being careful. It is still too hot here and rains too much, but we are finding lots of valuable things that will probably make us famous if we live. And if we win we'll probably keep a lot of people safe too. I hope we win.

Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jan 13 2013 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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The Pillars Are Lit!
Once back in the Artisan district, we spend the day trying to decide what the best plan for getting to the island in the center of the lake. Clearly the easiest route is the one remaining bridge, but with the Aspis Consortium seemingly allied with them any attempt at diplomacy will likely be futile. We really don’t know enough about the island and its defenses as we have not gotten a very good look at it yet. We settle on a scouting mission before any real decisions can be made. But what’s the best way to get out there? Sneaking to one of the smaller outlying islands seems to be the best option. Before we go off half cocked Mauser reminds us all that he and Flix are pretty drained after our fight with the giant spider and following swarms. Maybe we should rest for the night before we head out. Don’t have to ask me to sleep in the relative safety of the village twice!

During the night Kolgrim and I are awakened by a large commotion on the center island. It seems the Aspis have gotten the apes and the reptiles to agree to light the pillar. We can hear the same chanting as a few nights ago at the ape encampment. So much for scouting… It doesn’t take long before the chanting reaches a fevered pitch when all of a sudden we hear what sounds like fighting? It seems a massive battle is waging on the island. With spells being cast and a good portion of the city getting lit on fire, the battle rages for at least 15 minutes. In the chaos the pillar glows and then flares brilliantly to light. I guess that’s the last of them. With no real course of action we decide to let Flix and Mauser finish sleeping to regain their power.

Very early the next morning, before we can even finish breakfast or discuss our next move, a large explosion shakes the area to the southeast. Assuming it has something to do with all the pillars being lit we rush off in that direction to investigate. As we explore the ruins we hear someone cry for help in the direction of the smoke. I break into a sprint and swing around the corner.

A woman is being chased by a ghoul! As it tries to bite her she flings herself to the ground with what looks like a practiced dodge but lands poorly and is knocked unconscious. Kolgrim overtakes me and rushes into the fray. We quickly find the rest of the undead chasing her. Flix begins letting fireballs fly, Mauser channels the blessed power of Saranrea, and Kolgrim and I begin laying into the undead for all we are worth. Suddenly, a ghast in the thick of the group casts a stinking cloud at us all! It seems this rabble is being led by a Necromancer. With my target clear, I let the others clear a path and pounce on the Necromancer. He continues to try to cast spells until I get a good pin on him. The others mop up the remaining undead just as he breaks my hold and makes a run for it. I try to give chase but he paralyzes me when I attempt to trip him up. I do manage to slow him enough for Kolgrim and Mauser to catch up and they cut him down with relative ease.

He was loaded down with:
Ring of Protection +2
Onyx gem worth 600 GP
7th level Wand of Lightning Bolt with 22 charges left

His spell book contained:
Waves of Fatigue, Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Fear, Wall of Fire, Dispel Magic, Fly, Lightning Bolt, Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch, Blindness/Deafness, Command Undead, Darkness, False Life, Scorching Ray, Touch of Idiacy, Alarm, Charm Person, Magic Missle, and Ray of Enfeeblement.

Mauser patches us up and we survey a large hole leading down into the ground. Smoke is still billowing out but it seems to be thinning. Visibility is too poor to see anything of value so we decide we should check with the woman we found before heading down. She is unresponsive but otherwise uninjured. Mauser is certain she is under the effects of a mind altering spell. It seems too powerful for him to break so we carry her back to the base camp.

We ask Orson if the Radiant Muse would be willing to help us break the enchantment on this woman. After some time, she agrees on the condition that we destroy a great evil now awakened. That seems to be our main goal here so we agree.

When she comes to she is wild eyed and confused. She calms considerably when we tell her we defeated the undead chasing her. Her name is Juliver. She was part of a Pathfinder expedition searching for Saventh Yi. They had found an entrance to Underdark and were hoping to find a connection to Saventh Yi. They spent at least 2 months searching and came upon the “slumbering” city of Illmurea. Turns out Illmurea was not slumbering but was populated by serpent folk. From what they could see the serpents were preparing for a war with blacksmiths working tirelessly and huge breeding pits writhing nonstop. Her party was discovered and all of them were captured except for her. She continued scouting and trying to find a way to rescue her comrades. The last thing she remembered was finding a crypt and getting chased by the undead within.

It seems the vision we had when we started our journey was true after all. These serpents seem to be preparing for something immense. It seems we are heading underground to find out just what that might be.
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