• Barbarian_warrior_thumb
    Kolgrim Bearclaw Ulfen/M/Barbarian/4
    "Glory first, honor second. The rest matters little."
    Description:Gruff and sometimes unintentionally funny, Kolgrim (often “Kol” to those who know him) is the son of Oleg and Freja. He boarded the Jenivere in Magnimar, Varisia hoping to find the same wealth, adventure, and glory that his brother has in the Mwangi Expanse. Kel must be doing well indeed to b...
  • Desert_warrior_pop_thumb
    Mauser Stilwatur II Human/M/Def/Cleric/Level 11
    "To know a person's religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance."
    Description:From the desert lands of Thuvia, Mauser Stilwatur, is thy name.I am a Healer and one time Merchant. I helped batch up and then Courier the limited and highly pricey Sun Orchid Elixir(Potion of Youth), per The City State of Merab where I'm from in my youth. I now have a Sarenrae sanctuary in Cheli...
    Background:Born the son of Noble Argonus Wumpus Stilwatur, (Wife: Arya Alinlae, deceased) from the lands of Thuvia, Mauser's path wasn't always such that of a Healer. By his father's doing he was squired into knighthood and only when Mauser was able did he leave the knights for his own true path. He angered...
  • Orc_monk_thumb
    Gorag Half-Orc/M/Monk/1
    Description:Gorag is an imposing figure standing at 6’8” tall. He has a thick build and is well muscled from constant training and exercise. His skin has a light green hue that is punctuated with scars of all shapes and sizes. He wears simple clothing, usually a dull brown or tan. His only other defi...
    Background:Gorag’s homeland is the Hold of Belkzen. He was born into a clan of Orcs who settled west of Urgir. He didn’t know his mother well, as she was a thrall used mainly for producing half-orc offspring as potential leaders for the clan. Gorag was one such child. However, he showed little cunnin...
  • Flix_thumb
    Flix Elf/M/Magus
    "Let it burn..."
    Description:The best magus know to man (and other races for that matter).
  • No_img_thumb
    Skyra Half-Elf/F/Jungle Druid 4, Ranger 1/5
    "Flower Power"
  • Gnome-rogue_thumb
    Violent Violet Gnome/F/Rouge/1
    "I'm not violent, I'm just dangerously crazy."

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