Perdition; that was the name they gave to the world born from the ashes of the old. Once upon a time, one might have called it Terra, a world of powerful nations, technological wonders, and legendary figures. None still live who can remember such a time, nor recant the tale of it's fall. Now, eons later, the races of mortals whom once dominated the lands and held it's secrets in the palm of their hand struggle to survive and begin anew, but the challenge has grown far greater than any could have known. Nature has reclaimed the lands, now ruled by terrifying monsters, and what is left of the mortal races now cower in hidden away sanctuaries.

Can the descendants of the once-proud masters of the world rise up and meet the challenge of starting anew, or will they dwell in obscurity until they perish forever. And if they do indeed survive, will they be prepared to face what caused the fall of Terra?

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