Deep in ancestral lands lies the Kingdom of Shardenor (shar-da-nor), a land of forgotten legends. Once a greater power in the world, the Kingdom has long since fallen in to dissolution and the fabric that weave the lands together passes ever closer to unraveling. As the monarchy struggles to keep it's dying nation together, it is up to heroes like you to uphold security of the people, and of course get rich by doing so. You belong to a relatively small and otherwise unheard of mercenary group known as the Ironmist Brotherhood, which is based in the city of Runehill. Finding work has been no small task in this well-guarded and walled city, and many of your missions thus far have sent you abroad to some of the more remote regions of the kingdom to do menial tasks that are hardly worth the effort.

One day, your commanding officer pulls you aside and says that the High Lord wishes to meet you to discuss a mission which you have been hand-picked for but gives you little other information other than it is extremely important. As you go to meet the High Lord in his chambers, you cannot help but wonder what lay in store for you in this mission...and what manner of importance called for you to be hand-picked out of all the mercenaries in the guild...

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