The Gods are creating heaven on earth.
You're the resistance.

It has been one hundred years since the Lie that Remade the World, and everything has changed.

A cataclysmic war in the heavens ended with nearly a third of the pantheon destroyed. Every God who championed the cause of evil suffered final, irrevocable dissolution. Now, freed from their oaths of non-interference, the surviving Gods take a direct hand in guiding mortal affairs. An empire rises from the ashes of the old world, a bastion of peace, honor, compassion, and justice. Angels fly in the skies over every city, delivering missives from the heavens. The Crusader's Council sends wave after wave of fresh-faced recruits to the darkest corners of the world. The Crusaders root out cults of the dead Gods, slay monstrous evils, and spread the joyful word of the new order.

Not all believe in the promise of this new era. There are some who insist that mortals must find their own path, without the interference of Heaven. This Resistance is made up of freedom fighters, balance-seekers, traditionalists, malcontents, rogue necromancers, and common criminals. Each cell strives to undermine the Regency through propaganda, blackmail, intimidation, or sabotage.

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