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Prelude to a certain song & dance~
Did you ever get that certain feeling of dread from out of nowhere? Like, you were doing something completely normal, like doing your laundry or balancing your check book or something, and you got this...unnerving chill on the back of your neck? In the back of your mind? Like you instinctively knew something, somewhere, was horribly wrong? You couldn't tell what, exactly, but you knew you were going to just LOVE what it was? I got that feeling at exactly 11:45 pm, on the dot. I had just finished an article discussing the pros and cons for game developers in relation to the knew home consoles being made, when I got that...uncomfortable chill on the nape of my scrawny, pale neck. It made be tremble uncontrollably, and I had this terrible sinking sensation as I thought of what it could be.

"Just what I need..." I exhaled in a heavy, sardonic manner. I was in mid stand-up, and after I got that feeling, I had sat back down unconsciously. Once more getting up to my feet, I made my way the several feet from my computer desk to the kitchen area of my small, studio apartment just west of The Broncs, and with much prejudice and trepidation, slowly reached out for the refrigerator handle, leaning my body as far away from it as possible, as if I was expecting the 'fridge to suddenly jump out and bite me( which, with my luck, was all too possible). I hesitantly gripped the door's handle, and after taking a moment to steel my resolve, closed my eyes tight and whipped open the door, for all the world to see inside.

A few seconds passed, and I had finally decided it wasn't going to explode, and slowly risked a peak at the contents...which there was none of. I felt myself tense up at this stunning revelation, and the sense of dread returned. I crouched down and stuck my head in the door, brushing the old bottle of mustard and the glass jar of pickle juice( no pickles) out of the way, as if a bountiful stock of foodstuffs was somehow magically hiding behind the sparse items. No such luck. *sigh*

"Dammit....I have to make a food run' I decided a few minutes later, having turned from the fridge to ransacking my cupboards to no avail, and I felt myself sweat at the idea of leaving the comfort, safety, and privacy of my sanctuary. I checked my fears and discomforts at the door, so to speak, and told myself that it had been several months since I last left my home for a provision run, and tried to psych myself up.

" I just need to run to the 7/11 and grab some microwavable garbage or something, a Big Gulp, and maybe some ramen, and then it's a quick dash here, back home, in and out, before they even know I was there..." I thought to myself, practicing my breathing exercises and calming down. Sweet Vampire Jesus, I am pathetic...when did I become so afraid of the outside world?

I shook those thoughts from my head. I knew the answer, and it wasn't of any help to me now in the present, it just made it harder to accept. In my thoughts, I had bundled myself up in the several layers of thick trench coats and wool jackets I donned to hide my 'special features', and grabbed my wallet and keys from the top of the tv. " huh...only $20 bucks left, huh? Good thing my list isn't long..." I pocketed my wallet and spun the keys around on one finger by the keyring, a nervous habit of mine, as I exited my apartment, snatching my scarf from the door knob before I forgot and locked the door behind me.

I stood at the bottom of the stone steps leading down to my humble hovel, looking up to the street beyond. I took a deep breath, held it, and let it out slow, taking the stairs one step at a time. I kept my head down and my hands in my pocket and hurriedly made my way down the block, to the corner 7/11, it's florescent sign calling to me like a Siren song. There weren't many people out at the moment, which I silently thanked and felt myself relax ever so slightly.

With a ching-ling alerting the cashier to a new arrival, I slipped into the store, heading straight to the back, with my grumbling tummy the only thing on my mind, unaware of anything else that was happening around me...or was about to...

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