Seattle, Washington is in ruins. After surviving a gang war between the Owl and "The King," the city was invaded by the Fae. Turns out the The King was one of them and his sister didn't take kindly to his death. The war was long and costly. Now, it is over, the Fae retreated and S.H.E.I.L.D. left to take care of other things. Seattle needs to be rebuilt and protected. Who will protect her?

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Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division Field Report
To: S.H.I.E.L.D. Northwest, Reference Division
From: Sillhouette
Subject: Confirm Presence of Possible Criminals

Multiple criminals were sighted in the vicinity of the Silverlake district of Seattle Washington.
Request: confirmation of criminal presence of
-The Blank

Request: identity of multiple possible unknown criminals in the area.
-lion-headed individual. displays super-human strength and endurance. Possible control of gravity.
-Density shifting individual. Human, male.
-hooded individual displaying auditory affects of being made of metal. apparently exerts control over metal fae-made clockwork robots.

Report: The blank was seen last on the rooftop across from the location where the interaction with the unknown supers. He has been confirmed as having assassinated a criminal currently in the custody of this S.H.I.E.L.D. operative.

Report: The Jack-o-lantern seems to have been masterminding a scheme to hi-jack an armored car. This Agent and other unidentified supers thwarted his efforts but were unable to pursue.

Report: possible presence of known super-powered individual Gigafrost.

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Of muffins, mechanics, and teleporting assholes
From the Journal of Nox, otherwise known as Lionlotus

That night, that late sunday night, was by far one of the most interesting of the 8 earthen months I've spent here so far. I found the 7/11, and they had a nice choice of muffins. Soon as I went to pay for them, some young males busted in through the door, waving what looked to be large, metallic devices. A few energy pulses were fired from the end of them, and that's when I knew: I MUST SAVE THE MUFFINS. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if they were damaged in any way possible.

So, the first thing I did? Increase the gravity around them. I have to admit, it was amusing to see them almost double over like they had to make dirt...err, scat, sorry. Their faces were all contorted, muscles twitching. The furless creatures are definitely one of the more amusing species I've encountered as so far in my travels.

And then I noticed the other person in the store besides the clerk. Soon as I dropped my gravity well, he stretched his arm like a snake, and struck. the hooligans weren't quite sure what to make of it, and they sure as hell didn't know what hit them next. After Stretchy McStretcherson gave the kids whiplash, I did what I had to do: Gnome punt them. I managed to barrel forward and knock all of them unconscious, as well as punt one of them into the building across the street. Gnome punting. Shit never gets old.

a minute later, some old dude struts up with a bunch of mechanical homunculi. They were so cute too! Mimicing everything the old geezer did. He went by the name of CW, or 'Mac' as he asked us to call him. I personally would have said 'John Wayne' myself. But that's beside the point. He asked us for some help with stopping a crime. I figured it wouldn't hurt, considering I was bored as fuck.

I agreed to it, and didn't have to wait long. We stopped the robbery, knocked some more gnomes and a random asian dude unconscious (It's a shame I didn't get to punt another one), and some green queer on a flying machine dropped by, but then ran off as quickly as he came. Huh, I didn't know pussies came on men (Myself not withstanding).

So we brought the one conscious would-be robber to a rooftop, and tried to interrogate him. But he got all shot up. OR more specifically, his head was blown off by a sniper I couldn't locate. The weird, anti-social kid who could teleport went after him. I don't trust that kid. He's weird as fuck, doesn't seem to trust any of us, and might steal my muffins. He cannot have the precioussss!

And supposedly tomorrow, I'm supposed to bring everyone to meet a contact from S.H.I.E.L.D. at a location to be determined. We'll just see what happens I guess. And I need to get more muffins. I ate them all...
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You know, things are going better then they could, given the circumstances...
From the Journal of Nox, otherwise known as Lionlotus:

You know, traveling through dimensions and realities is really an arduous journey. There's a lot to it, and it take a lot of your energy. In addition to that, where you end up next, is kind of unknown, and once you're there, you're there. You have to spend the resources to try and go back again. And when you enter said reality...You also tend to lose a part of yourself until whatever higher power there is decides to give it back
I came to earth from a dimension that seemed to be pleasant. I can't really remember the details. When I pushed out through the wormhole, I blacked out...I think. I came to feeling dizzy, a little headachy, and with an incurable desire for something the earth people call a Muffin. I was discovered by someone who calls himself a 'SHIELD operative' and have since then been placed with a team of fellow earthlings who share similar powers to me.
And electrified Ice use, a Spirit Talker, and a few people I can't seem to remember. Maybe I should take pictures of them at some point? I dunno, names have always been hard for me to remember. And I'm craving another muffin. Mmmm....Muffins....Chocolate chip muffins! I wonder if we have any? Oh, well anyways, I've been placed with this team here in someplace called 'seattle'. It's next to the ocean, lots of different places to go, smog to breath, and gang member to either coerce into joining the 'Owls' group or kill, from what I was told. We'll just have to see what the future holds, yeah?
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Prelude to a certain song & dance~
Did you ever get that certain feeling of dread from out of nowhere? Like, you were doing something completely normal, like doing your laundry or balancing your check book or something, and you got this...unnerving chill on the back of your neck? In the back of your mind? Like you instinctively knew something, somewhere, was horribly wrong? You couldn't tell what, exactly, but you knew you were going to just LOVE what it was? I got that feeling at exactly 11:45 pm, on the dot. I had just finished an article discussing the pros and cons for game developers in relation to the knew home consoles being made, when I got that...uncomfortable chill on the nape of my scrawny, pale neck. It made be tremble uncontrollably, and I had this terrible sinking sensation as I thought of what it could be.

"Just what I need..." I exhaled in a heavy, sardonic manner. I was in mid stand-up, and after I got that feeling, I had sat back down unconsciously. Once more getting up to my feet, I made my way the several feet from my computer desk to the kitchen area of my small, studio apartment just west of The Broncs, and with much prejudice and trepidation, slowly reached out for the refrigerator handle, leaning my body as far away from it as possible, as if I was expecting the 'fridge to suddenly jump out and bite me( which, with my luck, was all too possible). I hesitantly gripped the door's handle, and after taking a moment to steel my resolve, closed my eyes tight and whipped open the door, for all the world to see inside.

A few seconds passed, and I had finally decided it wasn't going to explode, and slowly risked a peak at the contents...which there was none of. I felt myself tense up at this stunning revelation, and the sense of dread returned. I crouched down and stuck my head in the door, brushing the old bottle of mustard and the glass jar of pickle juice( no pickles) out of the way, as if a bountiful stock of foodstuffs was somehow magically hiding behind the sparse items. No such luck. *sigh*

"Dammit....I have to make a food run' I decided a few minutes later, having turned from the fridge to ransacking my cupboards to no avail, and I felt myself sweat at the idea of leaving the comfort, safety, and privacy of my sanctuary. I checked my fears and discomforts at the door, so to speak, and told myself that it had been several months since I last left my home for a provision run, and tried to psych myself up.

" I just need to run to the 7/11 and grab some microwavable garbage or something, a Big Gulp, and maybe some ramen, and then it's a quick dash here, back home, in and out, before they even know I was there..." I thought to myself, practicing my breathing exercises and calming down. Sweet Vampire Jesus, I am pathetic...when did I become so afraid of the outside world?

I shook those thoughts from my head. I knew the answer, and it wasn't of any help to me now in the present, it just made it harder to accept. In my thoughts, I had bundled myself up in the several layers of thick trench coats and wool jackets I donned to hide my 'special features', and grabbed my wallet and keys from the top of the tv. " huh...only $20 bucks left, huh? Good thing my list isn't long..." I pocketed my wallet and spun the keys around on one finger by the keyring, a nervous habit of mine, as I exited my apartment, snatching my scarf from the door knob before I forgot and locked the door behind me.

I stood at the bottom of the stone steps leading down to my humble hovel, looking up to the street beyond. I took a deep breath, held it, and let it out slow, taking the stairs one step at a time. I kept my head down and my hands in my pocket and hurriedly made my way down the block, to the corner 7/11, it's florescent sign calling to me like a Siren song. There weren't many people out at the moment, which I silently thanked and felt myself relax ever so slightly.

With a ching-ling alerting the cashier to a new arrival, I slipped into the store, heading straight to the back, with my grumbling tummy the only thing on my mind, unaware of anything else that was happening around me...or was about to...

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Shadow of A Great Man Pt.3
I spent the next few months in hiding, living on the streets. My whole world was turned upside down and i didn't know what to do. The data i had managed to steal had been encrypted. it wasn't until i wandered past a news stand weeks after the incident that i began to see the pieces of the puzzle for what they were. The news anchor was discussing the implications of the "corpse tide", as the media put it, on the new legislature being passed on restriction of classified genetic material being stockpiled by the Department of Defense. The clones weren't just clones of me. The reports were clear; the clones were identical copies of Captain America.
My mind was just wreckage as i wrestled with the implications. I started having nightmares. I would dream that i was back on the beach but instead of me being the one who lived, some other clones was standing over me and i could only watch as he walked away. I spent four months trying to crack the data i'd recovered. Progress was slow because i had to use different connection locations to avoid detection. I had found a backdoor into my old S.H.I.E.L.D. account and was using their decryption software in the back room of some dingy donut shop in the middle of arizona. That's when they caught me. The strike was precise and they knew how to stop me. S.H.I.E.L.D. sent a few b-list heroes but they gave them the right toys. I woke up in a mirrored room sitting across from my old friend from shield. I told them everything.
Six months later i was released on a probationary hero-for-hire program. they wouldn't bother me if i came when they called. It was either that or go through the proper channels and spend the next 15 years locked up. I didn't like what spending that much time alone with my thoughts did to me. S.H.I.E.L.D. agreed that after my probationary period i would be off their "watch" list but as insurance they insisted that i remain on their "call" list. The rest of the data from the facility was decoded and being the friendly neighbor that i am i shared it with S.H.I.E.L.D..
I haven't met Captain America yet. I don't need to. Every day i wonder what the purpose of my life is. Who am i? Am i just a copy of a great man? I feel like nothing but a shadow of what he stands for. I know that the cloning program recreated his life and i lived it, right up until i started manifesting powers that hadn't been part of the original. Something went different and i ended up in a mirrored cell on my 18th birthday. The next day i walked out of that prison and into my new life. I officially requested that my S.H.I.E.L.D. ID be changed. i wasn't the kid that i once was. I was someone new. I was Silhouette.
3 months ago i received a coded message from one of my old teammates. The message was short; "Come to Seattle. The owls aren't what they seem." I did some digging and found the file on the guy known as The Owl. His file said he was dead but i knew what that red stamp REALLY meant. "Red is dead" we used to say but we should have said "red is gone". i put in a request for the file on the area and all the supers there, good or bad.
I used to think that there were good guys and bad guys, i guess i still do. I realize now, though, that the law doesn't know the difference. That's where i come in. I know what right and wrong and i'm not afraid to go against the law to do whats right.
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