This is my test of Epic Words. Not a campaign I run yet but one I am hoping to start latter this year so if I like Epic Words and what I can do it I will update this.

I intend the campaign to be a sort of living campaign but I will be the main and at first only DM may have different groups of players, and depending on availability some players may have multiple characters or swap between groups that interact.

It's called Ptolus displaced because while I intend to be mainly based in the city of Ptolus, I intend to place the city in my own homebrew world (with some of the elements from the Ptolus book around but many other things too)

Why 4E?
1) I am expecting a of of first time players so if they get into RPG's they will have easy access to books etc. 2) It's a simple system, on the condition you start at 1st level and don't try to create a higher level character.
3) It's easy to create/covert to on the fly and I plan to use various adventures from older systems set in or around the city
I may end up using some other systems for one shots and peripheral adventures, but 4E will be the core.

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