In the darkness of the night, shadows pervade the Drachenwold swamp. Bones rattle on the exterior of an old crones hut. Crocodile tracks meander through the reeds and the smell of sweet meats fills the air. Laughter in the distance is calling you home. Another day in the Kingspire. Another day, another day.
Can YOU, can you ESCAPE the Curse of the Kingspire?

So, now you've escaped the Kingspire, but what to do about this insane place you find yourself? The Feywild!
Just when you thought you'd made it home, you realize you're further than you've ever been. Will you find Carric, will you get out of this bizarre world you had thought only existed in your dreams?

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A mysterious arrow
"Who is Tiandra?

She's the Summer Queen - the host of the court of stars. The mightiest of the archfey...

Yes, she could probably help you...

...if she wasn't dead."

All is still as the image of Tiandra fades away before your eyes.

You stand speechless on the top of the ruined watchtower Ranger Lord Calenon Thray calls home in the middle of Shinaelestra. The haze of twilight hasn't let up since you've appeared here.

You can almost hear the hopeless sigh of the magical binding of Samwell's plate armor, which now shimmers with an iridescent blue and green.

Another ranger races up the fragile circular staircase that rides the inner wall of the ruined watchtower. He holds in his hand a tip of an arrow.

"They've just managed to remove this from Thay'dil - they're patching up the rest of his wounds now, my lord."

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When we last left our heroes...
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Epic last session
Sanyo slingshots around the bridge and teleports above the tower only to slam down this epic mace and a warcry shockwave sends the archers flying off the top!

MVP baby.
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