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Current Game: Stonehell - whispers of the long dead prison carry far in the wind. For those desiring safety and comfort, the name has the stench of death. But for those hardy few, those seeking riches and adventure, it is a sweet lure. Many have descended into the depths of Stonehell over the years. Survivors have returned with tales of monsters, madness and great treasure that lie below for those daring to walk the halls of Stonehell.

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While the other planned the trap and coming chaos, I sat off to the side, with my new pen and parchment, writing. Watching the celebrations in the inn last night got me thinking how intrestingly our rag-tag group could do a play.

The Play
Session: Stonehell Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 18 2011 from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
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The Road to Archbridge
Fun game tonight. The party departed Silverton employed to guard the silver caravan. On their first day, they encountered a pack of dire wolves, which seriously injured two of the dwarves accompanying them before being driven off by one of Nimble's illusions. The caravan stopped at a waystation and Nimble and Verock teamed up to play a trick on a stablehand who they thought was a bit rude. The poor fellow was frightened out of his wits when Nimble caused him to he see five skeletal rats dancing on his nightstand.

The next day the caravan proceeded onwards towards Archbridge. Stopping for lunch, they discovered a horde of largish termite-like bugs crawling underneath the wagons, damaging the two vehicles to the point of repair. Merethina, the caravan leader, took two dwarfs, Rhianna, Autrin and Alaster to the nearby forest to find materials to repairs the wagons. Nimble, Verock, three dwarfs (two still injured) and the second in command, Gorn, were left to guard the two wagons.

The group at the wagon spied figures returning from the woods but soon realized these were not their comrades, but rather strange humanoid shaped plant creatures. Verock, Gorn and Nimble advanced to meet these strange creatures and were beset upon by a giant sized version that had escaped their notice. The two fighters engaged the plant creatures as its smaller brethren advanced slowly. After trading blows, eventually they realized that the giant creature was an illusion, while the smaller versions were deadly real. They pummeled a dwarf into unconscious and proceeded to drag it back into the woods while two engaged the fighters and three headed for the wagons.

Nimble raced his pony to the wagons and jumped on the one wagon that still had horses and drove it into the three advancing plant creatures. Despite the gnomes attempts to run them over, the creatures overtook the remaining wagon and began to remove crates of silver ore, pounding into unconsciousness the two injured dwarfs who tried to resist them. Nimble decided it was better to burn the crates than let them be stolen and doused one in oil and set it ablaze. The remaining two creatures retreated with crates of ore while one carried the limp body of a dwarf.

Although seriously wounded, Verock and Gorn finally managed to overcome the two creatures attacking them. Now bloodied and barely standing, the two fighters turn to face three slowly approaching plant creatures. The two are unsure whether they can stop these vegetation monstrosities from escaping with the stolen ore and the dying, perhaps already dead dwarf.
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In the Beginning...
A cleric walked into a bar and...

No, really he did. Cilrec a cleric of... well he never actually mentioned, arrived in the town of Silverton, dust on his boots and walked into the local inn - The Silver Cup. There he met a group of like-minded adventurers -- Rodrick the fighter, Nimble Gnick the gnome illusionist/thief and Noster the dwarf fighter. The proprietor of the inn, a chap who would go unnamed for many a season, informed the newly minted band that bandits had been raiding shipments from near by silver mines and that the town would be grateful (in a financial way) if something could be done about it. The bar owner also mentioned that he had heard reports of activity near the old abandoned Gannu silver mine. Thus the adventure began.

The adventurers would later be joined by Rhianna the Druid and Autrin the Ranger. In an unfortunate trap/ambush Noster and Rodrick were left in the mine holding off an onslaught of goblins bandits while the remaining party escaped. The final fate of the two brave fighters remains unknown to this day.

Rallying themselves with drink, healing spells, and two new members -- Verock the fighter and Alaster, a cleric of Bacchus -- the party reentered the mine and made battle with the bandit chieftain, a wererat. They left the silver mine with three crates of recovered silver ore and the ominous warning that the true master of the bandits still remained to enact final vengeance on the party. Left unexplored was a grate leading downwards deeper into the depths of the mine.

Within days of returning to the Silver Cup to enjoy the fruits of their victory and heal, Cilrec, Nimble, Autrin and Verock were called upon to rescue the grandson of the town herbalist/midwife. Exploring the cave that the boy had fallen into, the four adventurers battled firebats, crabs and a troll to rescue the lad. In their final battle with the troll, Cilrec was brought down by an extremely vicious attack and died from his injuries.

The entire town mourned the loss of the brave cleric and held a memorial gathering in his honor. Lawrence, the town minstral, sang an original composition The Ballad of Cilrec the Brave.

With the three crates of recovered ore, the town council negotiated with the party for them to assist in delivering the ore to the city of Archbridge in exchange for one of the crates, worth a hefty sum. The adventurers were introduced to Merethina the owner of the caravan that would be transporting the ore.

That evening while the party was assigned to guard the ore in a warehouse, somebody or something broke into the building under the cover of a mysterious fog that enveloped the interior of the building. In the fog, they encountered Merethina, claiming to be investigating the break-in. Later on, however she denied ever leaving the inn. Nothing appeared to be taken and the ore appeared undisturbed and the party prepared to disembark with the caravan at the approach of daybreak.
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