The adventures of the Steel City Mercenary Company.

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You are all members of the very large organization known as the Steel City Mercenaries. The Steel City Mercenaries are not a small adventuring company. They are an organization that provides the right adventurer to the right employer at the right time. And they make a tidy profit doing so. Each of you has only recently been accepted as a new hire of the SCM and, as such, you are fairly low on the list for new jobs. By chance, the five of you have been chosen to answer a generic call to arms to combat an unspecified orc disturbance at the dwarven city of Overlook in the Grey Vale. These calls to arms are usually answered by relatively hardy heroes, so it is likely that you will end up being relegated to camp guard status or some similar menial task, while more experienced adventurers confront the real threat. This sucks, but it’s actually fairly typical of the early adventurer’s life. No one ever talks about the less glamourous parts of adventuring. It’s all either women, wine, and wealth, or pain, death, and glory. They forget to mention latrine duty.

Your four companions are relative strangers to you. You might have made a few early bids at friendship during the journey to Overlook, but, for the most part, you know little about your fellow travelers. You’ve stopped over at the town of Loudwater before making the days-long journey onward through the Grey Vale to Overlook. The SCM has a standing line of credit for its employees at the Antler & Thistle, a tavern just a few streets southeast of the city gates. It’s a little low-class, regularly regarded as a gambling den as well as a tavern, but it’s free food and beds for young, inexperienced adventurers. You arrive at the city gates about an hour before nightfall, having traveled hard most of the day from breaking camp well before dawn. You’re dirty, hungry and probably a bit tired of each other’s company at this point, but the High Moon Market just inside the city gates is still in full swing, and odds are that a few of the more specialized merchants, like the armory and the local wizard, still have their doors open, in case you wanted to do any shopping before dinner.
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