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Every time I close my eyes all I see are two women talking. Their conversation is never heated, but it is always tense. I cannot hear what they are saying.

One is a crone. She is stooped. Her skin is wrinkled and appears to have seen much of the sun. Her hair is covered by a cloth that tightly wraps it. Her gestures are more graceful than her age would suggest. Her makeshift clothes is colorful, but not gaudy. Like her skin, her clothes is well worn. Her eyes shift from cleverness to calculation.

The other appears to be younger. Not a maiden, but still young. She wears black in contrast to the old woman's many colors. This one is tall. Her skin is smooth, flawless, without any hint that time has played it's tricks upon it. Her clothes is finely tailored, adorned with feathers, and wraps tightly about her body, leaving little to guessing what is beneath. Her eyes scan constantly, albeit slowly, appearing to absorb all that is happening without giving a hint to her own purposes.

Between these two... there is point and counter-point. It seems endless, but when the crone or the maiden pushes away from the table I wake up. If I could only hear what they are saying, but each time I see them, the conversation turns differently... or it may just be the dream that makes it seem so. Perhaps the conversation is, indeed, endless... and I but witness snippets of it.

When my eyes are open the memory fades a bit. I look to Sheulnaka to see what she commands. When she says nothing, I push others to plot a course that will free me from these dreams.
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Menulis History Bits
  • Birthplace: Menulis grew up near a small settlement of humans on one of the rivers that flow south to the Nentir Vale. The area is known for its iron-infused rock formations known as blood tears. The rusted rock leaches into a few of the streams and those streams run red during the spring season as the snow melts. The settlement has been called many things in its history, but the current name is Kruvinas... which in the old tongue simply means "bloody".

  • Family: His mother, Viesa, inherited a mill on the river from doting parents. Viesa was a bit of a shock when she was born to a couple that had been thought barren, and beyond the childbearing years. Her mother was well into her 50s when she became pregnant. An oddity to be sure, but it's an odd world, especially when you live far from civilization.

  • Viesa's father, the miller, outlived his wife, but that's not saying much. They both died within a week of the other on Viesa's 20th summer. It is exactly as they had hoped. To go on to the next life together. Even so, Viesa, mourned their passing for more than year.

    While mourning, she became restless and wandered around at night, tears in her eyes, in the forests near the mill. To say that this type of activity was dangerous is an understatement. The forests were known to harbor many a dangerous nocturnal creature. The depth of her pain was so great that she did not care.

    For reasons unknown, she never encountered a danger in those woods. Every once in a while she would hear something or see movement. She might call out, but no one would answer.

    As time passed and the pain lessened, her wandering ceased, and she took up the job of running the mill... her inheritance. She devoted her full attention to it. As a young unmarried woman running a business, life wasn't easy. She still had a deep sadness that would not depart.

    Finally, around the time she turned 26, she became restless one night and headed off into the woods as she once did while mourning the loss of her parents. While walking her old path, she noticed a light emanating from within a small copse of trees. She called out, but no one answered. She approached the light, thinking perhaps someone was asleep near a campfire. When she finally made it through the trees, she saw the light was not from a campfire. Instead, it was the glow surrounding a portal to another realm (which she would later learn was the Feywild).

    Her curiosity got the best of her. She didn't know what the portal actually was, but she could see inside it appeared to be another place... like something she had drawn as a child. Full of colors that do not exist in "nature". She approached the portal, and did not notice that she was crossing a circle. As soon as she did so, she was pulled through.

    Viesa has never spoken to Menulis about the time she spent on the other side. All the people of Kruvinas know is that she was gone for half a year. When she returned, she came on a beautiful black horse, the quality of which had never been seen in Kruvinas.

    Within 8 months of her return, Menulis was born. During his time at the mill, many people visited for business and for the curiosity of seeing the "odd boy with the pointy ears". It's not that elves were unheard of in Kruvinas, but not a single elf had ever set foot in the town in generations. Elves might as well have been fairytales.

That's all I have for now. Later!
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Prayer to Sehanine
Maiden, I thank you for your light and beauty. Beauty is truth and truth defeats deception. Light holds back the darkness

Mother, I thank you for the life you've given me. My breath is mine, but I will sacrifice it in your service.

Grandmother, I thank you for your teachings. I will use them to overcome the obstacles and enemies laid before me.
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