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Waking up to the end of my world
"The first thing that you must learn, is that everything changes."

My father told me that. It's one of my earliest memories. Looking up at him, he seemed so big. Larger than life in the eyes of a child. Funny how things get away from you. Time speeds up, and the moment passes. I can't even remember the last thing I said to him. Did we argue? Was it a cliche "I love you"? I don't think I'll ever know. And in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem to matter all that much.

I was with Gatty and Chasta. I ran into their camp just outside of the forest. I don't know where I was going, only that I couldn't stay in the forest. None of the soldiers I was training with wanted to come with me, throw in their allegiance with a fallen clan. I didn't ask them to come. I didn't want to put that kind of burned on them. I was alone, and I guess I was drawn to the light of their camp fire.

Gatty was a third cousin or some such thing. We were never really close. We met once or twice at clan functions, but he was into the more scholarly pursuits and I... wasn't. He had the flu when our clan marched, and so he remained back home. The first word he got about the killing was when they dragged him out of his house and cast him in the streets. Poor bastard...

Chasta started his life lucky. In a manner of speaking. His family was hit with plague just after his birth. Killed the lot of them, except him. So, with no one else to take him in, my clan adopted him. Getting adopted into the ruling clan, what luck, right? Right. He didn't talk much. He looked a bit roughed up, and dodged questions about how he hooked up with Gatty. I didn't push him.

They let me share their fire, and with no where else to go I was grateful. Gatty kept shooting me angry glances, as if I was the one responsible for what happened. As if I actually even know all of what happened. So I was glad to take a little walk, stretch my legs... and notice the lights. A stream of lights, floating together, and slowly spreading out along the road moving straight for us.

I told them to put out the fire and scatter. Should I have tried harder? Was I still in shock? Should I have left? They were my clansmen, if such things as clan mean anything anymore. They ignored me, and I left. When their fire suddenly went out, and I heard the screaming, I didn't go back. I ran. I heard stories of the Twilight raiders. The soul stealers. I knew that a fate worse than death awaited those who get caught. And I ran. I left them.


I went straight for the town. Unobu. or Obonu. It was the closest thing with walls and people that I knew of, so I went straight for it as fast as I could. I was going to warn them. I was wasn't running from the lights, I was running to warn people. To save them. Like I saved Gatty and Chasta. Right. But I was doing something. And I had to do something, or go crazy. I mean, losing everything suddenly and being banished wasn't enough, but now I'm being chased my fucking raiders? Seriously?

The town... it wasn't what I expected. There were people there. Of a sort. But... it's a ghost town. Literally. I went in and just started shouting for someone. Anyone. Maybe I was calling more for help then to warn them, bu the intent..... I wanted to save someone, when I could barely save myself. I was adrift, with no purpose. I might as well have laid down on the road and let them take me for all I cared. I was already dead inside anyway.

And that's when I heard her voice.

"Are you a bad thing, Mister?"

Out of all the strange shit that's happened to me, a little girl... a little HUMAN girl shows up at this town and clings to me. Because she's scared. So now I can't just lie down and die, cause then she'd probably end up captured or croaked by these raider things.

Ah damn, the raiders... Skeleton things, with eyes of blue fire. We had to fight some to escape, not one of my finer moments (damn doorways). One of the lead bastards, using a fire censor like a flail set me on fire and knocked me around pretty good. He would have gotten me too if that little girl (Sarah, was her name?) hadn't pulled some fancy tricks with an over sized sword of some kind. Well, over sized for her... it's a light blade of some sort.

We had to high tail it from the town, made a mad dash across the hills and lost them in some corn fields.



I've never been out this far before. No one knows what's out here. East and north east is the road leading into a canyon of darkness. North is the great chasm. West is my old home, where my death awaits. South west is where the raiders come from, and south is more forest... and my death. That leaves south east and the unknown fields.

It's been long enough. She's about to pass out, but we need to keep moving. I don't know how much of a lead we have.

"The first thing that you must learn, is that everything changes."

The second thing?

"Know when to fight, when to run, and when you must make your stand."

It's time to start running again. I just wish I knew where we were running to.
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