Across the Empires Campaign

Purpose: To explore the Pathfinder campaign world of Galoran (and have fun while doing it).

The extent to Include: Taldor, Darkmoon Vale (Andoran), The Five Kings Mountains, Cheliax, Absalom, Quadira, and beyond.

The method: The Pathfinder Society, any religious or guild affiliations, academic/military acadamies, character back story, et al.

Premise: No longer wet-behind-the-ear adventurers, a series of events has brought the now 3rd level characters together, and The Pathfinder Society has decided to test their mettle…

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Fleet of Feet & Fur

Jeva discovers the scent of one or more escapees that left prior to the conflict. After a quick inspection I confirm that there are three on a quick route away from us. We drop the dead bodies that we are tinking of hiding and throw stealth to the wind. We move at maximum speed to track these and be on the look out for traps. Kalli and Samuel F. Swearengen do an excellent job of avoiding traps and surprises.

Damn! we walk right into a Duergar ambush!
the air fills with quarrels at point blank range as we scatter.
There is that whip wielding bastard again.

I invoke the name of Ketephys and call down his lightning tears of the storm. Our hair begins to stand up as the lightning crashes and cascades across the Duergar. Initially the lightning sheets off of the fire whip wielding leader with no affect. Meanwhile the smell of burnt hair, skin and flesh permeate the air as his six companion lie dead.

The Finisher Strike Again!

Again I barely see Kalli sneaking into the fray as she moves like a damn ghost! I think only my keen elven eyes could even spot her movement. She maneuvers into a killing blow with her razor edged short sword. She draw bloods as the enemy sidesteps her sword but still suffering a nasty wound.

Jeva pounces on the enemy menacing Calis and Tirian Krinn.

I let loose 4 arrows in rapid succession trying to get steady after the initial surprise. Damn! Only 2 out of 4 hit home but are only glancing shots.

Calis continues to struggle but can not break the tangleshot used by these little bastards!

Tirian Krinn swings his flashy longsword in a dance of death that cleaves cut more than half way through his neck, cuts both of his knees and slams into him with a body check leaving the body pieces to topple to the floor.

Samuel F. Swearengen places several well aimed shots into critical areas of the whip arm, head, legs and main body. the Duergar opens his hand with a quick cry dropping his whip, while the shot rings against his skull dropping him. Samuel F. Swearengen lets loose two more shots into his lifeless body before it finishes crumpling to the floor. Seems he wants him to be extra dead!

Session: Game Session - Saturday, Apr 30 2011 from 12:15 PM to 4:15 PM
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Duergar Chill Out

Kalli, vanishes from sight and slinks down the cavern hall. Samuel F. Swearengen hands me a dark vision potion that is very useful to join Kalli, who moves like a ghost (I now have a benchmark to reach for). Samuel F. Swearengen follows close behind me with all the stealth of an armored gnome war engine.

An alarms sounds as I glare at Samuel F. Swearengen from the shadows. All hell breaks loose, Samuel F. Swearengen tosses a "bomb" there is a flash of light and thunder, fire and smoke. I begin to channel my will with the faith of Ketephys. The very air turns chill as a mini blizzard hammers down on the Duergar enemies. One shoots himself with his crossbow as the are hammered and froze to death in a matter of seconds.

The Finisher Strike Again!

Before I can recover and refocus two quarrels fly by my head just barely missing me. I throw myself back against the wall as I spin and come face to face with largest little Duergar I have ever seen. He is covered in dark and dirty breast plate and wields a nasty looking battle axe dark in tone but with a razor sharp glinting edge. I consider drawing Horror Fist to block, but decide to leap backwards over the barricade using my greaves. Before I can put thought to movement a spray of blood rains on me as Kalli shimmers into sight. The lead Duergar is dead before his legs finish beanding and he falls to the ground.

I hear the thundering sounds of Samuel F. Swearengen "weapon" ring out as hot lead tears into two Duergar trying to escape. I draw loose a twin shoot of arrows and drop one of the escapees. Thinking I may be running out of time I draw and loose two more arrows sacrificing accuracy for speed. Both arrow hit with a weak thud but are still enough to drop the target.

Kraftige Jernstendottir lands a javelin in the leg of one while Calis finishes him. Jeva and Kalli subdue the finale enemy.

Session: Game Session - Saturday, Apr 30 2011 from 12:15 PM to 4:15 PM
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Poo Fight!

Battling 3 Poo Demons.

Varsh finished first poo demon.

Rainor the Finisher finishes the second poo demon.

Last poo demon teleports away with Santos armor.

Calis cast Bless +1.

I cast water breathing for the whole group with 2 hours of duration.

I use Natures Summon IV to summon a medium Air Elemental and float down the shaft following the poo demon.

Cast Owls Wisdom (+4 Wisdom) and Bears Endurance (+4 Constitution).

Tannis cast a fireball destroying the wall of poo.

Rainor's aim is true as 2 out of 4 arrows sink deep in the poo demon finishing it.

Elven Chain (non-magic) currently held by Rainor
MW Silver Great Sword (non-magic) Currently held by Terian Krinn
Admantine Battle Axe
2 Agots
1 White Topaz
1 Magic Ring (Ring of Spell Penetration +2) Currently held by Tannis

Rainor Finished 2 Out Of 3 Demons!

- Rainor Caldwin of the Two Moons Clan
"aka The Finisher"

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Jeva and the Woods
Following the plan outlined by Rainor a snarky jeva leads the party from the Darkmoon wood taking many game trails and logging paths like an old pro. It takes only 2 days to reach the hills between the head waters of the Andoshen River and the foot of the Five Kings Mountains instead of nearly 4 days. With dusk approaching and Jeva making a hunter's pace camp is a welcome. Unfortunately, there's a tremor in the middle of the night...

Morning greets the party with a rockslide blocked goatherd path and a greening bronze door....

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