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Tharren Lvl 13
At-will Powers
Rousing Assault - Melee - Extra healing before end next turn
Opening Shove - Melee - Push target (retrain 11)
Command Strike - Grant ally MBA

Predatory Eye - Melee - Combat advantage gives 2d6 extra damage
Inspiring Word - Melee - Target can spend a healing surge + 3d6
Vengeance is Mine - Imm React - hit with melee basic
Warlord's Strike - Melee - Attack plus allies gain +3 damage (lvl 13)
Loin's Roar - Melee - Attack and one ally spend a healing surge
Death From Two sides - Me and alley make MBA if allies attach lands their attack CRITS!

Lead the Attack - Melee - Attack and allies gain +1 power bonus

Stand the Fallen - Melee - Attack plus all allies within 10 spend a healing surge + 2

Knock Them Down - Melee - Attack target prone plus each ally with 10 can take a free action to move 3 and make a melee basic and if hit target takes no damage but falls prone.

Bastion of defense - Melee - Allies witin 5 squares gain +1 power bonus to all defenses until the end of the encounter +8 temp hit points

Utility Powers - Encounter
Inspired Belligerence - One enemy in busrt grants combat adv to you or ally

Rousing Word - You or one ally can spend 2 healing surges +7

Tactical Orders- Allow ally to shift there speed

Favored Fortune - When you or an ally within 5 makes damage roll the target can reroll and use other result

Saving Inspiration - Use inspiring word you can forgo extra dice roll for granting saving throw

Improved Inspiring Word - Add Charisma mod to hit points restored to inspiring word.

Spear Expertise (retrain 13) Great Spear Training

Fight On - 1 addition use of Inspiring Word

Superior Fortitude - + to Fort

Impaling Spear - Spear MBA can change target to REF

Know you Strength - damage rolls of 1 or 2 = 3

Action Point
When you spend an action point to attack if you roll odd on the first attack roll (5 + half lvl) temp hit points, If even allies with in 5 gain temp hit point half your level.

Strength *2

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