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Warforged Gay Bar (Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010)
Coming from the desert, Jon saw an interesting site; a comet falling from the sky, then, just as quickly, going back from wence it came. Curious about this, he decided to head toward the light, stumbling upon a grouchy monk, cursing about having nothing left to do. He heads to the neutral Tilverton Scar, on the eastern border of Netheril, and tries to find an inn. Groggy from the alcohol he had put on his wounds, he had blurry vision, stumbling into a gay bar. Not just any regular one, but one with a primarily warforged clientele. After getting his vision back, he realized that he wasn't where he should be, and headed to the much more respectable 4-star inn next door, where he would find a most excellent room. After cleaning up, he heads to the market, to scout around the town, finding the not-so-functional party's not-so-ethical rogue deep in his pockets, so to speak. Jon intimidated Kiran, and would probably have disposed of him were Kriv not to (so regularly) intervene. Though they aren't the closest of friends, Jon accepted the companionship (for the time being) of these characters.

In the mean time, Kiran had to get his hands on something, and manages to find (after the dungeon themed room) a magical gem, he shows to Marek. Marek finds many magical properties, and an almost magnetic force, pulling him in the direction of the gem's origin. Putting a sound barrier on the room across the hall, Marek finds a man going into the room, cloaked, and decides to setup an ambush when he exits the room. Marek and Kiran await him outside, and unfortunately cannot club him from behind, as he reflexes as quick as a drow. The man, or deva as later discovered, defends himself, but later lets his guard down and has a discussion with Marek, and find that they have a lot in common, and the same enemy. They agree to meetup due east in 2-weeks time, in a town called Scardale, sitting by the sea. These adventurers head out north, for other errands, quickly encountering a powerful tree, whose wit astounds not one, but two of these allegedly intellectual adventurers. Surrounded quickly, and very easily, they encounter a pack of werewolves, and some wereboar, too. Disposing of these all-too-easily, they continue on their way to the Dagger Hills, and on their way to the infamous Desertsmouth Mountains.
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Dhrain Returns (June 5, 2010)
Theren’s perspective: Ending the night after an epic Drow fight, we decided to take a rest. Marek, looking after our best interest, casted 5 separate eye watcher spells. I talked to Vlanir, found some information, and I left them to fend for themselves.

Theren Leaves
DM: The group woke up, and after seeing Theren gone, they decided to ask Vlanir what had happened to him. He told them that Theren had gone after his long lost friend, Nera, and would not be able to continue with the party. As the party proceeded away from where all the noise, fire and chaos upstairs, they entered a room further in the ruin, with a hooded figure sitting motionless on what was left of a wall. In all of their best interest, and after Kiren shot before thinking, they joined up. This party continue to get more and more disfunctional, but that’s another story. So, the next room leaves a very ancient looking arena, with iron rims, and several circles, and cool designs around the edge, with a closed gate on the far side of the room, and volcanic heat rising through cracks around the sides. The center (pit) of the circle triggered and fell as the party were all on it, and Dhrain revealed himself. Dhrain continued to deny the efforts of the party, and assured them that they would be destroyed, and that their efforts were futile.

The gates open, and large animal sounds come from out of the darkness

Several goblins, a commander, and a caster come from the depths accompanied by a vicious worg, ready for battle.

Battle Ensues
Note: Kiren gets two of the goblins to retreat, while one gets eaten and Dhrain incinerates the other for trying to escape.

The commander is taken to his knees, and the caster knocked out, while everyone else was killed. The party is victorious.

They proceed to solve the puzzle that is the staff levers, based on shapes. Kriv takes his sweet time deciphering symbols, and the shape of the staff, but with much effort, prevails… eventually.

Marek: “We are all Scottish, and we all have large penis’”

The commander was tied up and questioned, while the caster was knocked out and stripped. Information pertaining to the navigation of these ruins were obtained, and the lower gate was opened by Kriv’s strength, allowing Kiren to access some neat treasures on the other side. After all was done, the party ventured further into the ruins, stumbling upon a mysterious room with 9 plates (square) on the ground, with all differing symbols, and 3 slots that matched up to those symbols. The party took a breath, and will have to proceed with this dilemma next time.
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Drow in the Dark (May 15, 2010)
Wizard’s Meeting

All previous events were recapped, including Vlanir’s nobility, and conspiracy he has been pulled into. The PC’s need to uncover the mystery, and clear Vlanir’s name.

PC’s get prepared with potions, equipment, and a wolf.
Kiren heads out to get his wolf at the Inn, but on his way back, notices Biernan spying on the meeting from the bushes outside and Kiren gains a vantage point on the roof without alerting Biernan of his presence. As usual, Kiren decides to take his acrobatics to an extremely unneeded level, and attempts to push off of the parallel building and scream while jumping onto Biernan. Unfortunately, the only thing he managed to do was destroy that building with his momentum. Biernan dashes off at the sound of the scream, attempting to lose himself in the large crowds. Kiren rushes off after him, and picks off his leg with his trusty hand crossbow. Biernan would then be tied up with Kiren’s superior tying skills, and dragged back into the house, where the obvious solution [to Wrath] was to make as much noise as possible and throw him through a wall. Carric, not enjoying the noise, gets everyone’s attention, and gestures them to follow him behind the bookshelf passage, and down underground to a ruined city.

Ruined City of the Drow

The group treads carefully, making their way into the ruined city. Carric then senses some happenings upstairs, and makes his way up to deal with it. Unfortunately, he’s the only one that will be allowed to make their way up, as the Drow flame the entrance, and form an assault on the group.

Battle Ensues

After Battle

Characters are all okay, and one of the Drow that was tied in a razormesh net, revealed some details, but when he figured out his life was void, he bit his tongue and was thoroughly disposed of.

End of Session
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Burning Buildings Galore (Apr. 25, 2010)
Kicks off with an epic battle in a warn out warehouse, packed with boxes, tables, barrels

Amongs the chaos of throwing weapons, smashing barrels, and otherwise setting the place ablaze, the group ran across their new “acquaintance,” who is, as of now, an unnamed gnome. Aside from making Theren nearly wet himself by the sound of an alleged dragon, he tied himself to [name here], and ran off with Kriv’s silver sword amidst the chaos. The battle was ended, but conflict was not completely resolved at this point. The magic-user, though of an unknown type and origin, was found out to be (likely) the source of the bodies encased in ice from the ice caverns. He was much more powerful than imagined, and escaped with barely a scratch on him, sealing the only way towards him with thick ice. Unfortunately, the character had more than just that to worry about. The fire was spreading, and everything was about go down. The characters decided to leave before it was too late. This was conveniently minutes before the town guard came to investigate the blaze. A while later, Theren had to come back to retrieve his possessions that were lost in the warehouse, only to get himself locked in the drunk tank, due to his [lacking] charismatic powers.

Marek later travelled to the magic shop, only to find the wizard in a rush, gathering his possessions, and mentioning that they must gather everyone here, because something is going down.

The characters meet up, after sorting out their affairs, and travel to the magic shop.

Meeting refresher and continuation for next session
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Into Evereska (Apr. 17, 2010)
We finished off the last one in the frost cave, from which you guys decided to melt some bodies out of the ice, with Kriv’s fire. Afterwards, you realize it may be safer to use Marek’s Angel of Fire to more controllably melt the ice. And, for the final two, Marek uses his Angel to melt baths in the floors of the “cavern.” After carefully controlling the temperature, you are able to get to the bodies, and Kriv is safely able to bring life into the human and the eladrin. From here on, you must carry him to Evereska, until his legs are healed.

You all create a fire in a crevice in the ice cave, and take two members, to watch your backs and the injured party, respectively.

In the morning, you head out, using Marek’s floating disc. You encounter a small obstacle, (a cliff) to say the least. After much work, trying to get everyone down safely, some of you lose grip, and have the unnamed human hit very hard, from which he will not survive. Fortunately, his spleen will offer up some gold inside! After (naturally) Kiren tries to steal (from here known as) Spleen Gold, the party gets their eladrin acquaintance to lead them into the city, which ends up taking them through a side entrance in Evereska, leading to the slums. These slums are inhabited by humans, some dwarves, elves, and half-elves. Maybe some eladrin, or others, but you’ve yet to see the entire place. Kiren gathers information about the area, and where to buy things. He acquires the knowledge of the origin of the slums, dating back to the days following the Spellplague. He also finds an inn, and returns the information to the rest of the group. They all head to places to buy weapons, and magical items. They meet a sketchy weapons dealer, who most likely deals in stolen, or counterfeit goods of some kind. The magic shop is intriguing, as it’s discovered it contains enchanted maps that change, depending on the holder’s location. Of course, only Marek is able to comprehend the power contained within. After buying some items, and getting some items enchanted, the eladrin friend tells them of a meeting where he can relay some disturbing information about corruption in Evereska, and they head off. It takes place in a sketchy building, where they notice some figures come around, and Marek senses magic (Duhhh, there is magic…somewhere). One of the hooded characters talks in elvish to the eladrin friend to find out what he knows.

Turns out, it was a trap, to see if he knew anything

It was meant to be an ambush, but the eladrin was the only one who wasn’t ready for it.

Battle ensues next time
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