The Lich-Lord Damien threatens to return again, can a group of adventurers protect the last component to his resurrection?

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The Sinking Tower
Our hardy group of adventurers managed to survive the Twisting Halls, escaping with their lives and a skull that had an evil aura emanating from it. Upon returning to town, the adventurers ask a local magic item merchant if he could help them identify the artifact. He sends them to a tower a half days journey from town that might have some answers for them.

When they arrive, they are confronted by a gang of ruffians, who demand the skull and threaten their lives. As the fight ensues, the party realizes that the group of enemies is being controlled with magic, and manage to free one of them. She joins the party and swears revenge on the man who put her under spell.

She explains that the man who told them about this tower had set a trap for them and was waiting inside, he knows more about the skull than he told them.

The adventurers enter the tower, seeking answers and revenge, and upon slaying the man, the tower begins sinking into the ground.

The party fails to escape, but remembers the framework of a portal on one of the lower levels, and activating it, step inside, with no idea what awaits them.

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