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Mission 3
investigate Alien artifact in Tau space. Success.

600xp 3 Renown.
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Mission 2 Complete
Kill team Omega-3 was able to rescue Inqusitor Hexx and thwart the plot of a group of Alpha Legion that apparently had ideas to wreak havoc on the planet. With the help of the Inqusitor they were also able to banish a daemon back to the Warp.

XP 800 Renown 5 3 for Mission 2 for Oathe of Glory.
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Mission 2: Rescue
Mission Transcript+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
To: Kill Team Omega-3
Subject: Rescue

Aid requested by Inquisitor Carmillus to Hive City Tarn on the 3rd moon Nichilus of the Berseritor System. Hive City Tarn in revolt. (Data fax included) PDF forces from Berseritor in route to terminate revolt.

Retrieve Inquisitor Hex and if possible retrieve Xenos Artifact he was after. Xenos Artifact unknown Hex my know more once found.

Once the objective is achieved move to safe extraction point and activate homing beacon.

Possible Chaos incursion, expect cultist opposition. (Transcription of last message)

Planetary Defense forces in area, They should be considered expandable... The Emperor have mercy on their souls...

Drop Zone :Closest possible Entrance to Underhive.

Choose team leader and requisition equipment,

+Primary Objective – Retrieve IQ Hex+
+Secondary Objective – Retrieve Xenos Artifact+
+Tertiary Objectives – Take down any leaders of revolt or other Targets of Opportunity+

May the Emperor Watch over you.

Received 10 hours ago.

Begin Transmission. “ Xenos artifact suspected in underhive. Heavy Cultist activity… Something big, is going to happen… Warp seeping in … one acolyte dead. Possible Chaos Sorcerer… furthering investigation… heard when transmission ending (IQ Hex voice) “What?... I really don’t care if you don’t want to go down the deep dark hole with the gurgling noise…” End transmission.

Planetary Data :

Nichilus : Hive world

Population :50 million

Tithe Grade : Exactus (Tithe grade) Minerals refined for making of Carapace armor.

Governorship; Noble House Vithis

Adept Presence : Departmento Munitorium

Military : PDF bolstered by a regiment of IG. Soon to have a garrison.

++++DeathWatch Addendum: Code Omega Black+++++

Cultist activity high. Possible Noble house involvement. If evidence found Rogue Trader Diaz Lan to divert forces to install new government.
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Notable Characters of Watch Fortress Erioch
Master of the Vigil -Watch Commander Mordigael, a Blood Angel that has served as brother for 500 years. This is his 3rd tour with the death watch and has served them this tour for 50 years. 10 years ago being appointed Master of the Vigil. From what you can tell he embodies what a battle brother should be, and when you have had the chance to speak with him he is always direct and to the point and expects the same from those under his command.

Inquisitor of the Chamber- Inquisitor Carmillus, she has been the IQ of the Chamber for 16 years. She is the ranking IQ for the Jericho reach and advises commander Mordigael. She takes no disrespect to her command, and expects complete obedience to her commands. The only people she answers to are the Ordos and Mordigael. Other than that you do not know much of her.

*Inquisitor Quist- Former Interrogator for Carmillus now one of Carmillus main field agents in the Jericho reach. She is a former Sister of Battle and is rumored to have psychic abilities.

*Inquisitor Hex - Former Interrogator of Carmillus, now her other primary field agent in the Jericho Reach. You have not seen or met this man yet. He is rumored to be a powerful psychic and can often be seen pouring over volumes in the library and speaking to somebody. Rumor has it he was a survivor of a planet that received Exterminus and it forever changed him.

Watch Captain Cearr- A Storm Warden and your Watch Captain this is his second tour with the DW. A jovial brother, who is excellent at training and for his knowledge of Xenos. Upon entering the DW he required each of you to duel him... so far none of you have been able to best him.

Forge Master Greyweaver- An Iron Priest of the Space Wolves. Served the DW for the last 10 years. He is a stubborn man with a long white hair and beard. He has a fevered hatred of alien technology and only accepts them into the vault under the command of Mordigael. If you want to requisition and item it goes through him.

Brother Arius Hyzeron - Guardian of the Chamber and Living Legend. Ultramarine he has been serving on Erioch for 400 years and as a Guardian of the chamber for 200. He is the oldest known battle brother in the Jericho Reach. He was the battle brother that put down the assassin on the night of the Feast of Ascension*.

Rouge Trader Diaz Lan - Represenative of the Achillus Crusade. Although his ships are rumored "stray of course” when they are needed by the DeathWatch.

*Feast of Ascension - A coded message was received by 4 inquisitors and 200 Battle brothers to meet at Erioch. Over 17 hours a shapshifting Assassin killed two of the Inquisitors, 9 acolytes and 23 Battle Brothers. (Other information Classified)
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Mission 1: Extraction Completed
The battle brothers were able to rescue the Magos as well as retrieve the data-core intact, but not before faceing off against some of the Tyranids most deadly incarnations to include a Lictor and a hive tyrant.

Sadly also they were unable to rescue a squad of Imperial Guard lead by a commisar who fell to a horde of Tyranids.

800xp 3 renown.
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