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Rescue from the Pumpkin People
I took the last watch with the druid Lyrian last night, but somehow I missed both Lyrian and Galvin the magic user being taken from camp! I am very disappointed in myself and I'm sure that St. Cuthbert will justly punish me at some point for my failure to be more vigilant. When everyone awoke and we realized the disappearances, we followed the trail that their captors left and were drawn deeper and deeper into these dark woods.

We heard drums and rhythmic chanting and came upon a small village. Sneaking up, we were able to see the most mysterious people with apparent pumpkins for heads and glowing orange eyes. They seemed to be preparing for some kind of ritual, setting up a stage in the center of a group of huts.

Our stealthy thief was able to sneak up close enough to get a good look and we saw a much larger hut in the rear of the village and I surmised that if they were preparing our party members for a sacrifice, they would probably be in that apparent place of power. We snuck around the village, hiding in the depths of the woods and arrived behind the big hut. Looking through the thatch, we saw our compatriots tied up, lying on the ground at the feet of someone sitting on a throne. At the front door were two guards.

Considering we'd seen over two dozen of these pumpkin-headed people, I thought a frontal assault would not be an option, so we sent the thief around to the front of the village to set a hut on fire. As it caught fire, sure enough it brought most people in the village leaving the leader and one guard standing over our friends.

We burst through the side of the hut and began battle with these creatures. As my friends took arms, I dragged the unconscious Lyrian and Galvin back into the woods and returned to take up the fight. Unfortunately, things didn't go smoothly as each major blow to the leader, the wound spewed out a viscous liquid that paralyzed all it hit. While we successfully killed the leader, his guard tried to run for help, but through St. Cuthbert's power, I was able to command him to stop, giving me time to tie him up and drag him away with our many frozen members before reinforcements returned.

With the angry pumpkin people cutting off our return to our original path, we went further into the dark forest. Unfortunately, a couple of sentries found us in our hiding place and we had battle again. We killed them, but are still in a dire situation. We are lost in these evil woods, hunted by the angry villagers with many of our party injured and unable to fight.

The one bright spot, I was able to get the Book of Sorrows away from Galvin. I didn't trust his will power to resist that tome of evil. Now I pray St. Cuthbert grant us protection at least long enough to destroy this book.
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