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Tag: return_to_the_book_of_sorrows!

How long have I floated in this vast empty realm? The last thing I remember I woke alone in the cave system. I explored in an attempt to find Galvin and the others, but I did not find them. Instead I found a great beast. An ogre if I do not miss my guess. He was jailed and seemed not to be unfriendly. Upon releasing the creature it did attack me and I joined it in battle. Did I win? I do not remember a victory. Mayhaps I was defeated. Is this Valhalla? Nay! I know not what this realm is, or how I came to be here. I must find my way back to the world I left, or on to Valhalla to join my lord liege, Thor! Is movement even possible in this place? Direction seems pointless here. Everywhere is the same. Thor guide me to my fate!
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