Absalom stands at a crossroads. The Great Houses are overseen by the Grand Council in the maelstrom of internal politics that saturates The City at the Center of the World. A new power is emerging in this deadly game and once impotent Houses are influential again. Lord Gyr, Primarch of the Grand Council, fears rumor of a shadowy hand influencing recent events...

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a voyage at sea
it seems that once i gathered back with my group my troubles have seemed to compound. just making it back in time to Absalom from attending my personal matters, conflict began to resurge in my life. for a long month i was stuck on a merchant ship on our way to sand port. it seems that the trouble we caused in the slavers guild has doubled back around to bite us in the rear, making us flee from the city. on our way to sandpoint i gathered my composure, i read many books i have been putting off and had much time to gather my thoughts. other then a few expected encounters with the prevalent dangers of the sea (sea urchins and pirates)we made our way into the sand ports docks.
not a day into the city and with not a single hours rest, our group was immediately put to the test with a gang of goblins. the first day back, not only was a great festival going on in the city, the city was also ambushed by goblins with a well choreographed ambush throughout the city. once we cleared the city we have been seen as heros by the town folk. grateful to have a long trip behind me i'm glad i can look for a few wenches to wash me down and a comfortable bed to lay in.

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Arden's Flight
Arden had made good time from Absalom. Two nights travel to Dioble, while not a record, certainly was worthy of note. If only someone he knew was around to tell of the achievement. The loan of a horse from Balenor(without instruction as to how to repatriate the horse) was of great benefit, as was the warning Arden received instructing him not to return to his lodgings at the “Garrulous Dwarf”. While all of what transpired was unclear to the wizard, it was made quite clear that his remaining in Absalom at this juncture could have dire consequences for his continued existence. It would take luck to meet up with the party before they took ship to Varisia.
Diobel is many things: stinky, dingy and pretty much the opposite of Absalom in all things. But one thing it is not is large. Arden’s description of a Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf and Elf quickly brought him to the dock in search of the “Battered Asp”; a merchant ship reportedly captained by a Taldan named Stilicho.
A few discreet questions later, and Arden was approaching the ship in question. As the wizard reached the bottom of the gangway, a conversation between a Taldan of middling stature and someone in a dark grey cloak was concluding. Not wishing to be rude, Arden waited until the cloaked individual made her way down the walkway. Definitely female and definitely tall, her movement was sinuous and lacking in wasted movement. Almost dangerous, or so it seemed before Arden snapped his head around and realized why he was standing on a smelly dock in front of a Taldan merchant ship.
The Talden was indeed Stilicho, and while he seemed somewhat disquieted, Stilicho did indeed confirm that the party he was looking for was below. After arranging passage for himself to match his friend’s accommodations, Arden turned to go below. The Taldan’s deep intake of breath and slow exhalation was the only sound heard on deck as the mage descended to the lower deck.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Aug 19 2012 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Wolf's Eye
Brokenfang howled to the pack, he had spotted a deer and it was time to hunt. Azuremoon quit licking her forepaw, jumped to all fours and vaulted in the direction the rest of the pack was running. Partaking in the hunt, hurtling through the forest with the pack, was the most freeing and life fulfilling activity Azuremoon could conceive of. Breaking through the undergrowth, Azuremoon bounded into a wide meadow and found Brokenfang already leaping at a frightened doe as the rest of the pack circled in for the kill. Brokenfang, the undisputed alpha of this pack, lunged and viciously tore into the tender neck muscles of the deer.

Running to join in on the kill, Azuremoon feels herself viciously torn from the earth and thrown back into the forest. Barely conscious, she sees a huge black bear barreling towards her, crashing through the low branches and forest debris. As time seems to slow, Azuremoon notices the eyes of the bear. One blue eye and one bright yellow eye glare above a huge frothing maw of sharp teeth which only get larger as death approaches. Suddenly a flash of grey fur fills her vision as a wolf crashes into the bear, latching onto the side of its huge head. Shadowthief! She, who was always at her side, in good times or bad; a more curious wolf would be an impossible find, just as it would be equally difficult to earn another such pack mate’s friendship. Lifting Shadowthief in his huge paws, the bear rears back and tears her from his face along with a huge gobbet of flesh and fur. Roaring furiously, the bear viciously bites the throat from Shadowthief’s beautiful neck, and throws her bleeding body with bone breaking force against a large and solid oak. Azuremoon seems powerless to move, shackled by her body and unable to will herself closer to Shadowthief’s motionless form.

A glowing blue shimmer encapsulates Shadowthief’s body as the air and forest around Azuremoon takes on a blurry indistinctness. As the bluish glow solidifies and takes on Shadowthief’s form, the hazy forest surrounding Azuremoon reveals the pack fading in and out of her vision as the bear is attacked by her pack mates led by Brokenfang.

Shadowthief pads across the forest floor to Azuremoon and licks her muzzle. Opening her eyes wide, Azuremoon sits up on a rock shaped cloud and surveys the world of Golarion far below. Shadowthief’s muzzle brushes the hair from Azuremoon’s cheek as she bestows a slobbery lick on the elf’s face. In the near distance many wolves prance and caper about the clouds casting glances at the elven lady and her wolf friend. “Wolf friend. Time has come for me to run the stars and do as Ketephys bids me.” Shadowthief glances at the waiting wolves. “Bandit will miss her wolf friend, but not for long. Ketephys has reason for my spirit to serve Desna through Azuremoon. I will long for the time we again walk side by side through life and I again feel the stroke of your hand and can bask in the shadow of your love.” Shadowthief launches into the air and gives one last look over her shoulder, a silver glint in her eye she turns and joins the celestial pack.

Tears come to Azuremoon’s eyes as the wolves disappear into the bright and starry sky. As her gaze returns to Golarion far below, she notices a dark red glow that seems to encapsulate the city of Abasalom as well as what should be the country of Cheliax. As the landscape fades from view, a bright blue light can be seen arcing across the sky and striking the land near Sandpoint in Varisia.

Azuremoon awakes with a start in the hold of the Taldorian merchant ship “The Battered Asp”. For the first time in many days, a feeling of peace brings tears to her eyes as she slowly falls back asleep.
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Weekly Broadsheet, 5 Arodus, 4712
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Aug 05 2012 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Through the early morning fog...
Dawn fast approaches, first heralded by the damp clothing acquired from the undergrowth. Now the glow of an early morning light can be seen to the west, filtering through the dense evergreen foliage. Odd that. One would think it was still an hour or more to sunrise.

The game trail the adventurers have been following finally leaves the brush and joins with the Absalom caravan road. Leaving the woodland also provides an unrestricted view of the “dawn”. Communicated by the smell of smoke in the air, the party awakens to the fact that dawn is still, indeed, an hour away. The light to the west is instead more akin to that of a flickering campfire. No, too big for that, and not large enough for the forest to be on fire. Perhaps there is a building of some sort further up the road.

As the group ponders the possibilities, the scream of a child in mortal terror rips everyone’s attention towards the glow of the light.

Not more than a hundred feet from the party a little girl wearing her night clothes and clutching a stuffed animal of some kind plunges through the darkness towards the party. Her anguished cries are cut short as she stumbles and tumbles to the ground, stuffed playmate flying from her hands and arcing through the air. The toy outlined against the orange glow of the fire also calls attention to a large four legged creature galloping out of the light towards the sobbing little girl.

The lower equine half of the creature is covered in barding which changes to a breastplate, shield and helm on the human upper body. It carries a glistening spear that is lowered, underarm, towards the prone little girl. As if spurred the beast increases its speed and shouts its victory!

Initiative anyone?
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Aug 05 2012 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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