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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

The Year is 1006 and the world is far different than the one you knew. Events and familiar faces are changed by malevolent forces, stringing along a realm on the brink of all out war to potential annihilation. Will you be the saviors of Mystara, or be lost forever in the darkness that is to come?

  • A dark shadow looms over the realm.
  • Glantri has fallen to the might of Alphatia.
  • Elvenkind is in disarray, homeless and scattered across the realm.
  • The Empire of Thyatis seeks to eradicate elvenkind.
  • Some dead refuse to pass beyond the veil.
  • To the far north a dread empire rises under winged tyrants.
  • War breaks out between Thyatis and The Shadow Elves.
  • Rockhome defends itself against an undying army.
  • Secrets remain buried in the kingdom of Ylaruam.
  • The Phoenix Watch is no more.

  • A New War arises.

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    Fear. Hatred. Anger. There's a couple of things I, Kent Allard, felt in my life. Most people would say that these emotions ruin a person. Not me. Personally, I think they make me what I am. My fear is for me to conquer. My hatred drives me to prove others wrong. My anger bleeds in like solid adrenaline from the arrow of a bow. Forget all the happiness and the selfish feelings of friendship and love. That's all bullshit. It's all the bad stuff that, when balled up, unleashes the ferocious enthusiasm inside oneself that makes me want to do one of two things; bolster my self-righteousness, or crush a rival under my boot. At least, that's the kind of guy I am. All the shitty experiences in my life have made me what I am now. And damn, I love what I've become.

    Heavily influence by Charlie Jones's "Vigilante".
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    Wanted: Dead of Alive!
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    Epic × 2!
    Released and Unbound
    Traveling with this man has been both loathsome and tiring. It seems as though all he does is preach and move on and preach and move on. He has saved my life so I owe him that debt. If it were not for that, and that he is among the most powerful beings I have ever witnessed, I would have already killed him.

    He always preaches about "The Whispered One" returning. It seems as though this whispered one would be as powerful as he is or even more so. With the wars beginning to rage in the north and the west, this world is changing. Devin and "The Whispered One" will be on the precipice of this change.

    And now as we travel, something caught my eye up in the sky and Devin rushes off in that direction. Although I ran as fast as I could, I could not keep up with the man. When I finally caught up to him he was surrounded by a group of elves and a gnoll. The gnoll was supremely aggrevating and annoying. The thing that caught my attention about him was the stench of dragon blood on him. I had known that smell since I was a small child. The Dark Elf clans had always used dragon blood to protect themselves from the Plague.

    Of this group, another one stood out, she had glowing blue eyes and streaks of white hair within her black hair. It was very unique for an elf to look as she does. She reminded me of Meesha for a moment but that passed as I looked the others up and down. The rest of them looked about as normal as elves could look.

    Devin released me unto them. He told me to travel with them and to help them spread the word of the whispered one. When I heard they were traveling to see Meesha I let it be known that I had no desire to see her again. Devin took it upon himself to change my appearance for a weeks time. The spell was cast and he went his separate way. If we were to find the whispered one I would be able to call to him and he would be able to find us.

    We made it to Meesha's forest stronghold soon after. It seemed like none of the dark elves realized who I am. Well, I should say, if any of them know who I was, they did not let it show. The group met up with Meesha. It seemed they foolishly believed that Meesha would hold up her end of the bargain. She gave them another task to do. She wanted them to help her with her "problem" in the east.

    Her problem in the east was more than just a problem. Thyatis had sent a fairly large platoon of soldiers into the area to wage war on the dark elves. The group agreed to help with the threat and I did not wish to see any elves, dark or not, die because of the humans of Thyatis. Two others joined the fight along side us during the battle.

    One of which was ready to kill everyone, including the dark elves had I not stopped him. And now he too wishes to see Meesha. Will this insanity and hopelessness never end...
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    Shadows and Veils
    The shadow comes for you. Whether night or day, you cannot hide from what approaches. You will eventually wither away but the shadow always remains.
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    It is a good thing that very little surprises me after all that has happened. A group of strangers fell out of the sky and had to be led to safety from the undead roaming the streets. They seemed to know very little of what was going on. I was surprised to see two elves in the group, neither of whom looked to be stricken by the Plague. I led them to the building Romanya and I shared with Gregor, where they proceded to spin a tale of portals and time travel. I would not believe them, but the female elf seemed to be so sure of her story.

    When we actually left the city, Gregor and two others scouted ahead for Paladins from Thyatis. I had a feeling that trouble was on the way and sure enough they ran into bandits. Afterwards we continued to travel to Thyatis, but part way there the party split for a bit. I stayed with Romanya and the elven female, Elari.
    Session: Sleeping No More - Tuesday, Nov 06 2012 from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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