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The journey begins
The party is mulling about the camp of the resistance. Several days pass when a rumbling comes from the north. Some people panic, some do not care (as they know what it is) and some stare in wonder.

A storm giant of almost 30 feet runs up to the camp. He drops a report off to the Captain of the camp, and runs off. The captain prepares to move the 9000 troops that are there to help out Scarrick, as it is need of reinforcements. A large attack is threatening to take the city over.

Captain Garbrill (also know as Lord Garbrill to some) has tasks that will not be completed now that the force of the army is being sent to war. It has been a long 3 years with only small skirmishes to occupy the army.

The captain gathers volunteers (40 total) and offers them a choice of 2 tasks he needs done. 1) raid a caravan and bring back an unknown item being transported for the vampire lord. 2) scout south and find out what happened to the city of Gandaria and find out why the last 3 scouting parties have not returned.

The party chose, unanimously to head south and investigate the status of the City. The Captain feels a smaller force would work best, since the last groups have been soldiers and of larger numbers. He sends the rest of the willing volunteers to the caravan.

The group heads west and enters the non-military camp. They pick up supplies and decide to head south, staying west, out of sight of the road. The travel for a full day and very little happens to them. They camp for the night. During 2nd watch, some sounds are heard on the opposite side of the 1 rock the party was able to find for cover. Copperleafy, the ranger (and the only character on watch) explores and find 3 kobolds digging a hole. In his effort to wake the rest of the party, the kobolds are alerted. A battle ensues, where the party finds 3 more kobolds waiting for them.

They party is victorious and comes out unscathed. The find nothing of value and decide the kobolds must have been digging something up and not burying something. The find a chest that has 15 copper and 3 silver in it. They claim 2 kobold sized shovels.

The party rests for the rest of the night.

They travel again in the morning for a few hours. They site a large lighthouse to the south. They do not get much further before the ranger finds tracks head from the west, straight east. The tracks are determined to be skeletal. The path grows more worn as the travel south, to a point they cannot even begin to decipher the number of skeletons that might have traveled here. They continue, the tracks start to lessen then disappear altogether. They approach the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse has various camps, less than 3 days old, around the tower. Hoping to get a vantage point on top of the lighthouse, the party breaks down a locked door leading into the lighthouse. They enter from the south and are overwhelmed with a horrible stench, one of decay and rot. To their left they see spiral stairs leading up. At the base of the stairs are 3 bodies, those of goblins. Crates are stacked against the wall leading north (an apparent dead-end) and a door resides between a few of these crates on the right wall. The door is busted down and the party is assulted by 4 zombies.

The zombies do a little damage but are quickly vanquished. The room has smashed crates and nothing of value. A door leads to the north.
Session: Rise of the vampire Lord Session #1 - Saturday, Jan 26 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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The beginning
10-12 years ago, towns started getting attacked and taken over. Not much was known as they were originally small towns and little was communicated. 9 Years ago, larger cities started falling. Undead were the main force of the armies. It was noted that once a town was taken over, many of the dead of the town were turned into skeletons and zombies and were then wisked away by a magical portal of magic. No one really knows where they went.

A small group of adventurers known as the Chosen of Arvoreen rose up to fight what was going on. Other adventuring group, heros to many, rose up to fight this evil. Through their bravery and sacrifices, they learned of the Vampire Lord. The Vampire Lord was responsible for all the evils that were happening. He was stealing the dead and turning them into a mindless army. The started off by freeing towns, travelling around the world seeking to stop this Vampire Lord. Cities would be retaken as quickly as they would free one, so they chose another path.

The Chosen of Arvoreen discovered much about the Vampire Lord; he did not work alone. He had 3 “partners” that helped him in his conquest. A Beholder (which they managed to vanquish). A Lich of great magical power who always managed to escape their grasp. A glowing orb of light simply known as Fa.

Resistance groups popped up in remote areas, one north of the city of Scarick which they used a base. It is believed more information is available about each of these, there, but little word has reached individual resistances as to what was discovered.

The group found several items they believed would help them in the fight against the Vampire Lord. In this process, they rescued a being know as “The Eternal Paladin”. Damar Krull by name, was a valiant warrior that was put to rest 100’s of years ago, after the mage war, in case he was needed again. He was a chosen of the Deity Goldar and granted a special boon to be revived when the time was needed. Galamar the Mage, well known for many years (A half elven wizard of extremely long life) was his closest friend and advisor and spearheaded the revival of Damar Krull. Damar Krull and Galamar now lead a small army against the forces of The Vampire Lord. Thanks to the diplomacy of the Chosen of Arvoreen, this army consists of humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, Thri-Kreen and Giants. Damar Krull has kept the major force of the Vampire Lord at bay, but no one knows how long.

The forces of the Vampire Lord consist mainly of mindless undead. He also has giants, as well as flights of evil dragons. Goblins, Orcs, and other goblinkin wander the world doing his bidding as well.

Good Dragons have not been seen in this struggle except in the background. It is rumored a few support resistance groups, but they have not declared openly. One silver dragon, known as Sha’laara, was rescued from the clutches of goblins and giants by a group known as the “Even Handed” and has been more active in helping the armies of good.

It has not been made public, the reasons for the Vampire Lord’s activities, but the Chosen of Arvoreen are believed to have stopped the Vampire Lord’s grand schemes. It is known that whatever he is doing requires great magic and rumors tell he can do it only when certain planets align correctly. The last 2 times have been thwarted, to some degree, by the Chosen of Arvoreen. The last battle did not go well for the Chosen, however. Though the Vampire Lord was stopped, they suffered a loss of all members but 2. They were both wounded and have spent the last year hidden. No one knows which two are free but a select few, and no one knows if the other six members are prisoners or dead.

Clerics of the realms, good and evil alike, have gone into hiding. The Vampire Lord does not appear to worship any of them and has made it clear he wishes all of them to be destroyed. Most priesthoods worship and act behind the scenes, and avoid open displays of their magic when the forces of the Vampire Lord are around. The heaviest hit were the priests of Goldar, who, by virtue, refuse to hide. Their forces are decimated and only a few, like Damar Krull, are able to survive for long.

Since the loss of the Chosen, a few heros have risen and attempted to stop the Vampire Lord. But very few survive and succeed.
Session: Rise of the vampire Lord Session #1 - Saturday, Jan 26 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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