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There's Fungus Among Us!
September 2, 1372 DR
We moved into the chamber filled with multicolored fungi, some over 7 foot tall. No wonder that beetle was so huge! Askelpios immediately started looking for fungi that had any medicinal purposes. Once a healer, always a healer. Drath and I were drawn towards empty fountains on either side of the room while Dinnsdale picked the lock of a cabinet that was full of gardening equipment. You could feel his excitement by his discovery. As soon as Drath and I approached the fountains, Gas spores and violet fungus attacked us. If it wasn't for them surprising us, this battle would of been a cake walk as the fungus have to movement modes, super slow and stop. It was just a matter of getting away from them and pelting them from range. After skewering the fungi, we investigated the fountains and discovered if you throw a copper in them some of your wounds would heal. Everyone that had some injuries took advantage of the healing.

We then proceeded down a long winding corridor until Dinnsdale ran into a spider web. He bravely stepped back and let Drath and I light some torches and begin to burn the webbing. The web went up like dry grass in a lightning storm and then we heard a horrible screeching sound from around the corner. It turns out the spider that had inhabited the web got a little singed and was running for its life. We couldn't let such a beast roam the halls so we gave chase moving and attacking this creature until we finally killed it. We explored its lair and found some dessicated bodies, one with a magic ring. I wonder what it does? Only time will tell.

We continued further into the complex when Dinnsdale noticed we had completed a big square with no obvious entrance into it. He had us spread out and search for secret doors and low and behold we found one! We entered a chamber that seemed to light up with our entrance. It looks some kind of laboratory with numerous volumes, vial, scrolls, and all manner of odd equipment. There is also an adjoining work room with even more books! We have just started to investigate the rooms but hope is high that we find the ever allusive palimpsest here. Time to investigate!!

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