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Some Half-Orcs Never Learn!
September 2, 1372 DR
After we finished searching, reading, and removing what we wanted from the library, we headed back into the complex proper. We headed down a few long passageways which seemed to go on forever. This complex is rather large. We finally came to a door which Dinnsdale presumably inspected diligently. He then proceeded to open said door but to our surprise, the half-orcs we encountered earlier and let live had apparently set an ambush for us. Combat ensued!!

Having gotten the jump on us, the half-orcs beat the crap out of Dinnsdale and made some remarks that can't be written down as decorum dictates otherwise. We made it clear that we did not want to kill them but they would have none of it. These half-orcs never stood a chance. After I made some derogatory comments to the parentage of these half-orc, we proceeded to beat them down. If it wasn't for the penchant of half-orcs to keep fighting when they should be dead, this battle would have been over in seconds but in true orc fashion, they fought to the end even after sustaining what were surely mortal wounds for other mere humanoids.

Just as we were cleaning up the last of the half-orcs, to our amazement a giant beetle charged us from a corridor that is filled with a large amount of multicolored fungi. The party engaged the critter striking it many times. The beetle tried to eat Drath. Drath tried to ride the beetle. After my comrades had wounded the creature, I moved in and with a crushing blow to the head of the beast and a kick that removed a chunk of its carapace, it was dead.

Again Askelpios expertly bandaged up the wounded and we now prepare to explore this fungus patch. What lies beyond? No one knows.
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