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    Azuremoon Treesong Elf/F/Ranger/Scout
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    Fredrich Human/M/Priest
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    Vanessa Human/F/Ldr/Champion
    "I love to do things with a bang"
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    Description:A small square keep sitting on a strategic hill located midway between Ummenback and Mendelhof on the road from Ballenhof to Khazid Hafak. Used for traffic coming and going to the Border Kings and occasionally the Dwarven keep of Khazid Hafak. It's nearness to the Black Mountains most likely le...
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    Ariavel Tyrnealylth Wood Elf/F/Bladesinger
    Description:Female Wood Elf, Silver Hair, Purple Eyes, 6'2", 145 lbs.,70 y.o. Tattoos all over body and face, mostly mystical symbols, spirals, and whorls, but on her chest a snow leopard that appears to breathe with her breaths, and on her left thigh a symbol of Loec of whom she is a dedicated follower.
    Background:Born in Laurelorn to a family of Wardancers and Bladesingers, Ariavel always wanted to follow the family profession. Having been born under the sign of The Drummer, she seemed fated to do so. As soon as she was old enough she officially joined the Wardancer Kindred as a Kithband Warrior. Through ...

Retired Characters

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    Thorboden (Retired) Dwarf/M
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    Azuremoon (Retired) Elf/F/Def/Ranger
    "Three things essential for the wise to know: their Gods, themselves, and the deceits of the world"
    Description:5'9" Dark hair Green Eyes, Companion Wolf Bandit.
  • Dwarf-cleric_thumb
    Bardin Stormbrow (Retired) Dwarf/M
    Description:A somber looking figure, what draws you at first glance is the wild bushy eyebrows a mixture of copper and silver. It almost like like lightning through a setting sun. Other than that he is your average dwarf, he does seem to take a little more care in his attire than most, he wears a smart pur...
    Background:From an early age Bardin was different from most of the children of his Karak, his fierce eyebrows seemed to scare his peers. Even though he had a jolly disposition people always seemed to watch waiting for something to happen. Often being excluded from the childhood game he took to reading and...

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