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I will be writing narrative summaries of our adventures. Some of them may be long, and some of them are likely to be short.

I would like everyone to try and participate in anything they want to; however, if you don't want to, that is fine.

I may be writing about specific actions your characters made, but I will try not to write about their thoughts or emotions. That is where you all come in. If I do write something you don't like--then too bad. No, I'm just kidding. Let me know and I will change it from "the official logs."

In addition to the campaign summaries, I will be including forum interludes for everyone. I will list a different forum for different activities that your characters would do during their downtime (whether it be short actions or long interactions).

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The 16th Day of Flamerule
The Prison Plague has begun to get out of hand. Governor Frask has issued orders to the Deputies to put an end to the illness inflicting those who call the prison walls home. On the morning of the 16th, the Deputies approached the Prison gates. A brief argument ensued from the attending Warden on whether or not the Deputies were permitted access. A brief flash of the writ from Governor Frask quickly made the Warden change his tune, and in went the Deputies. After being led from sealed gate to sealed gate, the Deputies were eventually taken to the first floor cell block. It was at this time they were informed of the requirements to proceed further. Whether it was to prove their ability to handle the impending situation, or for mere sport, some of the Wardens have setup a gladiatorial style confrontation with one of the Prison's best combatants--Jimbo.

Despite concerns of possible Warden corruption, the Deputies elected to test their mettle and sent Valor into the ring. The over-sized Jimbo was no match for Valor's battle training. With each swing of Jimbo's blade, Valor fended it off with his shield, and then Valor sent a forearm shiver perpetually knocking Jimbo into the jail cell bars. During all the commotion Alcor H'ghar reached for the butt-pocket of the head Warden. As Alcor is want to do. Alcor pulled from his breaches a plain key, and slipped it into his pocket. The fight soon ended just as it began, with the roar of the prison crowd. Only, as the fight ended, the cheers were in the Deputies favor.

The head Warden, Jandor Slynt, then escorted the Deputies into the Warden's chambers so that they may seal any wounds Valor had endured during the conflict. It was at this time that Jandor explained his concerns to the Deputies. Not all the Wardens have been acting as their normal selves as of late. He asked the Deputies to keep their eyes open, and he stepped out of the room. After several moments of tending to Valor, the Deputies heard a commotion outside the Warden's Quarters. As they stepped into the hallway they saw a rush of guards running towards the cell block doors in an attempt to lock them. Someone had let some of the prisoners loose, and they were making a break for escape. The Deputies quickly stepped into action.

With 3 separate cell blocks on the same floor, the Deputies made their move to quell the commotion in each hall. Several of the prisoners that had been set loose were outfitted with weapons, including the miraculously healed Jimbo. Karsis whipped out his lute and began setting the tone for the chaotic scene. Alcor sent forth a blast of energy bringing down one of the recently freed prisoners. Valor engaged his friend Jimbo, once again. Thror flanked Jimbo along side Valor, and together they began to hack the huge half-orc down to size. Kaver's long pole-arm swooped and swung at any man approaching his range. Jack Burton calling forth the inner fire within his enemies.

Just as the fight seemed to die down, several of the Wardens began to move in to "aid" the battle. For some inconceivable reason, the Wardens began slashing not at the prisoners, but at the Deputies. With hesitation and regret, the Deputies returned the favor to the assailing Wardens. After finally bringing one of the Wardens down to his knees, he began to lose consciousness, and with that consciousness went the guise of his form. Underneath lie the smooth gray skin of a doppleganger. No longer would the Deputies feel remorse for attacking their assailants. Eventually, the prison uprising was ended, and the true Wardens aided. Jandor Slynt thanked the Sheriffs, and requested that they make haste to the root of the problem on the floors below.

Before they set foot on the floors below, Jandor informed the Deputies that several days ago they sent a team of other Wardens down below for investigation. They never returned. For fear of what dangers lie below, the Wardens sealed the stairway down, and posted a guard at the entrance. Jandor informs them that only he had the key to the passage below, but somehow went missing in the commotion of the battle. Only after revealing that they had found the lost key, were the deputies able to continue below. Jandor told them that they must find the other Wardens, for one of the captains had the key to the third floor.
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The 15th Night of Flamerule
Having investigated the recent burglaries in the merchant district, the deputies have uncovered some mysterious plot to gather magical reagents from the markets. Although the deputies couldn't trace the thievery to its source, they were able to establish a potential link in the recent criminal activities throughout Fallcrest. With the burglaries revealing no other leads the deputies decided to finally take a shift in the Night's Watch, just as Surina had requested days before. Chipbeard regretfully informed his new friends that he would be unable to take up watch for the next tenday. The Pork Chop express had a high priority shipment headed towards the Fallcrest port the next couple of days.

The night was as eventful as any other. The residential district's night life occasionally filling onto the streets whenever a tavern door opened. Local drunks would stumble from their drinking holes to their hovels, most of them stumbling towards the less fortunate city districts. The deputies patrolled for hours, and hours, looking for strange things afoot around the Sky Tavern. Eventually, the deputies decided to split and take separate patrols around the city streets, hopefully covering more ground and doubling their observations. The strategy paid off, for not long after, the deputies heard a scream down a nearby alley.

The split deputy patrols converged on an alley, witnessing a truly despicable scene all to common in the streets of Fallcrest these days. A local group of thugs harassed and pushed around a young girl, their intents easily presumed. "Unhand that woman, and you lot can peacefully follow us to the City cells," Valor proclaimed to the gang of vagabonds. With a subtle nod, the leader instructed his men to descend upon the deputies. It happened so fast, Thror plunged his sword into one man, and threw his dagger at another. Kaver's halberd swooped overhead and taking off limbs as it came crashing down. The haunting voice of Karsis filled the air as the gang members tears reflected the devastating effects. With a couple of crude gestures, and even darker words, a black bolt of energy formed in Alcor's hands shortly before projecting into the gut of yet another gang member.

With the gang's numbers being all but depleted, their leader had a crazed look of irritation fill his eyes. He stepped forward, looking Valor in his face before plunging his sword deep into the chest of the woman they were tormenting. "It seems all of this commotion was because of this woman, was it not? Well, now we have no more distractions," the man said as he advanced towards the deputies. Rage filled the minds of the deputies, they charged to engage the madman. Despite the man's able fighting abilities, he was clearly outnumbered. The deputies made sure that this man would not spend another night in Fallcrest, whether behind bars or on the streets, he had taken his last breath.

Despite losing the life of the poor woman, the deputies did not lose their resolve. They contacted nearby city guards to properly take care of the remaining lifeless bodies. Another hour passed before the deputies' next lead appeared, and just as soon as it had been there, it vanished down another alley. A suspicious cloaked figure was swiftly moving from street to street, keeping its distance from any living thing. As the deputies caught sight of it down one alley, the figure turned and glared at the deputies with cold, lifeless eyes. A pursuit began, the deputies rushed towards the figure, eventually running it into a corner. The being turned towards the sheriffs and stated with little emotion, "Leave me be, I have no business with your lives." Valor detected a source of unliving from the being, and with that the party needed no other reason, they descended upon the figure, looking to end his short lived return to life. After slaying the being, a mist gathered together in a rough form and whispered with the wind. I had only returned to bring justice to the one who unjustly took my life, when I return again I will seek you out. All of you.

Finally, as the long night neared its end, the deputies decided to make their final rounds throughout the city streets. Despite having put an end to a gang of criminals and (whether justly done or not) also the vengeful spirit, the deputies had not uncovered anything to do with the recent kidnappings. Patrolling one of their final streets, the deputies felt the giant swoop of a large animal overhead, and then another, and another. The deputies tried their best to follow the winged creatures, yet Thror's stubby legs could only carry him so fast. Finally, two of the winged creatures dropped what appeared to be a couple of bodies, and turned on the deputies. Their sharp teeth flared behind their grinning lips, with even sharper barbs wrapping their entire body. Taking pass after pass at the deputies, the devils plunged at the party. The final winged creature seemed more like a man than beast, with red skin and yellow eyes, short horns protruding in front of his hairline. The winged-man grabbed the two dropped bodies and took to the air once again, fleeing from the deputies' land-locked grasp. The deputies made short work of the devils, just as the morning sun began creeping over the horizon. This night was finished, yet their business was not. Although the deputies found the cause of the kidnappings, they couldn't track it to the source. With little to no other leads clearly presenting itself, the deputies decided the next couple days that they would tend to the recent disease plaguing the city cells.
Session: First Night as Deputies - Monday, Aug 17 2015 from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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Valor's Log 2
For less than twenty-four hours have I been a deputy and I already feel like a colossal failure. Our first night patrol was certainly not dull, by any means. I had no idea just how bad Fallcrest had gotten. Have I just not been paying attention this whole time? Until recently, I hadn't made my way much beyond my home or the Temple District. I've been blind to the plight that has been around me all this time.

I hold myself to the highest order of truth and justice. But tonight, I failed. Twice.

My band of misfit deputies came across a group of thugs harassing a young lady. Of course, as any other paladin would do, I interfered. However, to my total shock and awe, the brutal thug leader cut down the girl before I could do anything about it. Although the others do not know, I was frozen in horror for a brief moment, completely caught off guard that this brute would take the time to kill the girl rather than engage me and my companions. I must do better than this. I can't allow this horrible event to transpire again. We cut down five of the group and captured two. After interrogating them we learned that this was just a random crime, which made it all the worse for me. This poor girl, whom I recognized having seen her around my housing district, was cut down for nothing. Caitlin DeGenner. A name I'll not soon forget.

Later that night, we came across a group of demons of some sort carrying away townspeople. I learned tonight just how useless I am against flyers. I will need to equip myself for long range combat if I wish to stay in this deputy game. Even at a disadvantage, we were able to free one prisoner. But only one. One of the demons made off with two of the townspeople. Another failure on my part I must burden. I have to do better than this. The people of this town rely on me to protect them. And tonight I failed three of them. I must be better than this. I will be better than this!

For now, I'll return to the temple and pray for the souls lost to us this night.
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Mid-day, the 13th

The formidable ooze had shaken the party. They decided to rest for a short while, staying in one of the storage rooms--the most defensible position. Fortunately, their time went uninterrupted. The Deputies located a stairway down, and without hesitation they proceeded below. The stairs lead to a hall, which ended in another oak door and peeping hole up top. With Alcor having reconsidered his position in the front-lines, the Deputies decided it would be best to opt for a more forceful rather than a delicate approach opening this door.

Valor's feet dug into the ground as his shield slammed into the wooden frame: the hit jarring the door from its hinges. Valor drew his shoulders back for another blow, this one sure to finish the task. As the door flew from wall, Valor muscled his way inside and drawing an enemy into the corner. Karsis chants the Battle Hymn of the Sheriffs, both simultaneously inspiring his friends and frightening his foes. Kaver, having been inspired by the furious chants, leaped into the center room brandishing his Glaive. A foe advanced towards the door--towards the Saltblight. Kaver's blade sliced into the mans shoulder, bringing him down. A large man missing one eye stepped over his friends slumped form and closed the distance with the salty Pirate. Then another man stepped up to Valor and Kaver, and then another, two more stood off in the corner flinging bolts from their crossbows. Valor deflects a bolt with his shield, another glancing his arm.

Overwhelmed by 3 men, Kaver avoids one blow just to take two more. The one-eyed man stared down Kaver, rising up for a critical blow. As the hammer stroke was falling, the man's one eye popped from its socket as Thror pushed his sword in from the other side. Thror retracted his blade from the now no-eyed man, and jumped from his slumping shoulders onto his next opponent. The man to Thror's right flew backwards as Alcor's dark bolt of force flies from the hallway. Jack Burton begins chanting a prayer, empowering the abilities of his aggressive compatriots, his tune shockingly harmonious with Karsis' changing tempo.

The two men standing in the back of the room could tell that the battle was lost. One gave a subtle nod to the other, as he stepped further into the fray hurling yet another bolt--this one at Kaver. The other man hurried into the corner, his finger tracing several points along the dirt wall in the western corner. The man seemed to be mumbling some incantation under his breath. Karsis attempts at distracting the man with an illusory ooze was hopeless, as he successfully opens a portal and flees. Enraged by seeing a foe escape from their grasps, the Deputies in training quickly ended the confrontation, leaving only the remaining man wielding a crossbow.

The Tavern Team wanted to be sure of no deceptions as they interrogated the foul-smelling man, to which Alcor offered his services. Alcor hauntingly stared into the man's eyes, as the man sits tied to a chair--this is something Alcor has done before. The man blinked his eyes, then stared at Alcor in response. The gaze was that of one friend looking upon another. Under Alcor's trance, the stench drenched man revealed various secrets about the bandits' operation. They were all being paid by some man to steal varying reagents in the Guild Markets. For what purpose, the man did not say, nor did he know. He did however mention a name...
Session: Fallcrest Introduction - Monday, Jul 13 2015 from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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As I lay here, trying to sleep, visions of our encounter still haunt me. We had captured two thugs and were questioning them about their activities. Kaver and I were having trouble acquiring any useful information, so we knew more drastic measures were needed. I thought perhaps Kaver would simply stab the thug in the leg to entice him, but no, he cut off the thug's leg with his glaive! Although I was not okay with this, I had to make the other thug think he might meet the same fate or worse should he not cooperate. Fortunately, no more coercion was needed and we were able to patch up the thugs and get them help.

I knew Kaver was not to be trusted. It is this kind of thinking and actions I can not simply let slide by unaccounted for. Rest assured, should he ever attempt something like this again, I will do what must be done.
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