The war against the invading MiGo forces is being fought on all fronts, in every continent. Now the war spreads into the cities and corporations of 2085, and the counter-intelligence squads of the AuroraTech Corporation are called to defend the secrets of a research and development company.

But wars have a way of spreading. And secrets have a way of getting out.

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Magic Books
The dead-tree book picked up from the basement was a fragment of "The Breath of R'lyeh. If either of you speak R'lyehan, let me know and you can start on a translation and/or studying the secrets. Although this tome is only a fragment, it contains details regarding the True History of the Old Ones, including such details as the original war against the Forgotten.

The PDA you picked up, however, contains an updated copy of De Mysterium Fidei, in old Latin. It contains a detailed description of various cults throughout history, starting from the Sumerian human sacrifice cults to the Masonic guilds. After some digging, a skilled researcher may notice a common thread between cults, and just might find a pattern... In addition, it contains several initiation rituals, some of which might have power.

Since I'm not sure who speaks what language, please let me know. As I know Nick speaks Latin, tearing through that book to find something useful will require an extended Occult roll, TN 16, and will require 5 successes (there's a lot of material, not all of it useful).

Learning spells in CthulhuTech is a matter of getting a copy of the spell, spending the time it take to learn it, and burning the experience. I've been avoiding money in the game, but it seems we won't be able to get away from that for long - We're going to assume your characters have 20,000 Terranotes on tap at any given time (unless you have the Wealth / Debt qualities), and that will refresh generally every month or so.
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