-Rejoice for You are True!-

The Acolytes are sent to Hive Sibellus on Scintilla by their Inquisitor, Solomyn Kreel, to assist another Inquisitor, help an old Imperial Navy friend, and perhaps learn the secret to the Xenos artifact they've come into possession of.

The trail of the wayward niece of a retired Naval Officer leads to a relatively young Imperial Cult called The Joyous Choir. This cult preaches that each citizen of the Empire can be truly happy with their place in the grand scheme of things. The Emperor will smile and bestow good fortune upon those who are 'true'.

Well, this can only be a good thing. Right?


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+++ Mission Inquiry+++
Ah, trusted acolytes, I can only hope all is progressing well on your end?

I have received your last mission briefing and can only express dismay that you were attacked in the home of good Master Strophes. He assured me you acquitted yourselves quite well..if a bit unorthodox in your approach.

You have provided a great deal of valuable information that will most certainly give the Ordos a step up on the Serrated Query. The details on this drug 'Farcosia' is very noteworthy, if a bit unsettling. 'Milking' psykers indeed. One should hope you can gather more information on this nasty bit of business before too many more Imperial citizens are endangered.

As there was no mention of it in your report I must ask; have you discovered anything more on your primary mission? The xenos tech is not only a curiosity, but, as has been proven on Iocanthus, a very real threat to the Ordos and the Imperium as a whole.

I have authorized payment to the Strophe household for repairs suffered in service to the Ordos as well as the cost of transporting you to Ambulon.

It is my fervent hope that you can find answers to the questions posed in this investigation, and soon, lest the masters of the Ordos lose faith in the shining promise you have exhibited thus far.

The Emperor guides and protects.

- Vaarak.
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The Story So Far...
The Mission Briefing

The acolytes met Inquisitor Vaarak on board the free trader Verdant Glory. The Inquisitor detailed the plan for the acolytes to visit Hive Sibellus and attempt to infiltrate The Joyous Choir. The acolytes will pose as nobles and their entourage from Fenksworld, cousins to the family Strophe.

During the briefing the Inquisitor showed the Acolytes a scanner that Inquisition agents managed to acquire from the Joyous Choir. The scanner looks like a normal Imperial bio-scanner, used in combat to find life forms and also by medical personnel for field diagnostics. The tech used in this particular scanner, however, contains elements almost identical to the Tarot card the Acolytes came into possession of while on Iocanthus.

While examining the scanner the Acolytes discovered the tech had the ability to detect if an individual has potential to be, or is, a Psyker.

The Acolytes have been charged with investigating the Joyous Choir, but make no attempt to destroy them or anything equally rash, though clear heresy should be dealt with accordingly.

Meeting the Strophes

Upon landing on Scintilla, at Hive Sibellus, the Acolytes met Julia Strophes and her father Laurent, a retired Naval Commander. The Strophes explain their interest in this affair is twofold: One is their obvious duty and desire to aid the Imperium and Inquisition, and secondly Laurent's niece has gone missing; apparently after joining the ranks of the Joyous Choir.

Laurent spent considerable time and family resources investigating the disappearance of his niece; even going so far as to hire a mercenary with skill in infiltration, a one Vorlin Orday. Vorlin was able to acquire a dataslate with information he felt would be useful to Laurent and was only awaiting payment to deliver said item.

Laurent informed the the Acolytes, as he had Vorlin before them, that his niece had joined a religious group known as the Joyous Choir, as had many young, idle nobles. Vorlin had been following that trail when he found the information he wanted to pass on to Laurent.

A Divergent Path

Two of the acolytes, Gunnar and Ruprketa, agreed to meet Vorlin on Laurent's behalf. The meeting was to take place at a mid-hive tavern called The Barking Saint. At the Saint the acolytes make the acquaintance of Vorlin Orday, mercenary. Vorlin was investigating the disappearance of Laurent's niece and was able to lay hands on a data slate with valuable information. Information he wants to sell to Laurent.

Laurent agrees to buy the slate and asks the acolytes to make the pickup. During he exchange Vorlin is assassinated by a heavily augmented, black-robed man. The acolytes manage to obtain the case with the data slate in it, though the black-robed man makes good his escape.

Meanwhile Rhapsody and Meriphelia, utilizing connections of the Strophes, met a few nobles who are well considered in the Joyous Choir (primarily for their donations...) and were able to obtain an invitation to join the next gathering of the Alabaster Court. During this soiree Meriphelia (one of the group's psykers) tried a very small portion of a drug called Farcosia, which, at first exposure, seems to have some...human...element to it. She manages to secure the rest of the drug in a small container and return it to Laurent who has his own contacts analyze it.


The acolytes attend the next meeting of the Alabaster Court wherein, appalled at the 'entertainment', a play where a low-hiver is murdered at the climax, the group's Noble woman/assassin, Rhapsody, engages in a duel with the organizer of said entertainment, a one Elsergi Krin.

The duel is only to first wound (these are civilized folks, after all), but provides a wonderful distraction for several other members of the entourage to sneak off and explore the rest of the compound. The Joyous Choir is a very wealthy and influential organization, and so had managed to secure two entire upper floors of a spire.
Though quite vast in area, the acolytes were able to find intriguing evidence in short order. It would appear that at least one bedroom (with many more suspected of existing here) has a hidden cell in the floor specially crafted to hold psykers. Though the means could not be determined, the cell definitely separates a psyker from the warp, denying them access to their abilities.

Rejoining the event, the investigating acolytes returned to find that their friend Rhapsody not only won the duel, but put on a fine show doing so (buying the investigators plenty of time to explore). The defeated Elsergi personally serves Rhapsody and her entourage a round of drinks and introduces everyone around.

As the party weaves on into the evening, the acolytes once again see the black-robed man who had eluded them in the marketplace. Discussions with various party attendees reveal the man to be Theodosia, a high-ranking, though secretive, member of the Joyous Choir.

Theodosia is seen to be having a lively conversation with Caros Shaol, founder of the Joyous Choir. During a sudden lull in the music Shoal was heard to exclaim "You can tell them back at Ambulon that I've made them a fortune several times over!"

Shortly after, Theodosia makes eye contact with the acolytes, but doesn't seem to recognize them.

Leaving the party only slightly early, the acolytes return to the Strophes' household for a brief discussion (Laurent's agents have information on both the data slate and the drug, Farcosia) and a good night's sleep.

The analysis of the drug shows that it contains bio-toxins, xenos substances (unidentifiable) and human DNA. And, quite interestingly, it has a warp signature.

The data slate contains names and what appear to be bank codes to persons as yet unknown. Also contained on the data slate are a section of data that were encoded heavily. In the list are names of persons identified as being from prominent families; some marked as 'Viable Candidates'. Twenty two names, including that of Saia Strophes, are marked as 'Processed.'

After a brief discussion, plans are made to send a report to the Inquisitor come morning, then everyone is off for some well earned rest.
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