Travel the galaxy in a Science fiction based recreation of old familiar systems. Derived from many standards set in D20 and other similar systems Nightmares and Nebulas will take you to the far reaches of the Universe.

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Catching up
Honesty, I should've started this journal awhile ago, but I've been putting it off. Guess it's better late than never.

Anyway, I was wandering the job boards, having recently become unemployed after the unfortunate assassination of my grand emperor, when my omnitool informed me that I had just received a message about some work. Having nothing better to do, I responded to it. Oh, how I regret that decision now. We were split into groups, then sent through a training course. The size of the groups consisted of four people, well, everyone else's groups had four people. I got stuck with a severe annoyance I now know as Kel. We ran the training room, a gauntlet of turrets, mines, and carnivorous fish. Upon exiting the course, we were greeted by a cleric (she's changed quite a bit) and a wolf (hasn't changed one bit since). We all got tossed together and that's our group

Next we got pawned off onto a private contractor as their only squad that operates the planet side contracts. Our first mission was a simple bounty. We dropped onto a desert planet looking for a pirate captain that was wanted dead or alive, we immediately went to the nearest town to find out what information we could. After arriving, we found that the captain had been challenged by some poor sod who got a bit too big for his britches. We made it to the site of this challenge and saw the child of a contractor was abysmally underequipped for any sort of duel. The captain showed up and threatened to blow us all up, so, not only taking pity on the sorry fool, but to also save our own skins, me and Kel seemed to have the same idea to make a show of pretending to blow the wannabe bounty hunter's brains out. After that, we were welcomed aboard, where tricking the pirate captain into coming to a cave and allowing us to capture him was child's play. We brought him back and got paid.

Then we had a simple scouting mission. If I had known what was going to happen on this mission, then I would've quit and looked for work elsewhere, but, hindsight is 20/20. We were sent to yet another desert planet where we found a colony of soldiers who were in very very poor shape. They had been fighting off a hive mind alien force for weeks and were definitely on the losing side. We stupidly joined that side, set them up best we could and tried to survive the didn't go well. We ended up abandoning them to their fates and went to find the queen of this species. We entered a cave we had found earlier that contained these creatures and began exploring it's depths. We had a few close calls but nothing too extraordinary. I did blow up a hatchery, but I won't go into detail on it. It wasn't pleasant. After that, we found a shrine with a book on it. Before we knew it, we had all been sucked into a distorted version of a children's fairy tale. Again, I won't go into detail, this log is going to be long enough as it is. We navigated our way through it, meeting a mythical cat, giant centipede, a benevolent queen and a large, oddly endearing scarecrow. Then we discovered that this world was split into two, one that followed the story and then the distorted, corrupt version. We also found that a girl named Alice (can you guess the story now?) and the cat had been switched with their opposites and it was causing havoc. So I took it upon myself to try to bring them back, only to be attacked by the distorted versions of Alice and the cat. Alice had a knife that I took from her, only to find that it would occasionally try to pry at my sanity. I also found that knives seem a bit more to my liking than guns, maybe I should look into them a bit more. Back to the subject at hand. We finally got things set straight, fought a trickster god's chimera, then got sent back to the desert world where we fought the alien queen and went home.

I've been training in blades now, I believe I've found my calling as a ninja, although there is something that's been bothering me lately. A light whispering in the back of my head along with the faint tug of impulses to do things that would horrify even the most diabolical of demons. I think it may have something to do with that twisted cat who turned out to be another trickster god that we released from the book. He did give me an extremely powerful gun, however that's the irony of it. I don't use guns anymore. Oh well, I shouldn't let it bother me. I'm sure it's nothing.....heh heh
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Seducing The Beast
I don't remember much after my awakening, only a few selected memories. As if the eternal fire that now lingers burnt away almost all my memories. Of course I remember my team mates; Kel The Irish Nanomancer, Sylvan the Machinist, Radori the tank, and I the cleric.

'Well, no longer a cleric.' I thought to myself.

I also remember a few, more recent memories that took place recently. A desert planet infested with a Zergling Hive, protecting the innocent, and along the way, a trickster God trapping our team in a wannabe wonderland, Sylvan selling his sanity for the protection of a mad cat, and defeating the Zergling Queen. Even despite all that work, despite killing the queen, We weren't quick enough. A lot of people died; at the same time we saved over 200 people.

That has to count for something, right?

As I recalled as much as I could before my rebirth, there was one incident that stuck out among the rest; Radori and I received new, powerful weapons. I don't remember the names of the weapons. I do remember between his sword and my dagger; we were a team now.

"The closer the relationship is between the two of us, the stronger our weapons." I whispered to myself, recalling the word of the trickster God.
I suddenly remembered what I did in heat of the moment to gain the advantage over the queen. In the middle of battle, my clumsy old self kissed Radori and shoved my hand violently down his pants.

'Very tactful Anna' I thought to myself, rolling my eyes.

My old self would have blushed and most likely stayed away from Radori. however, I am no longer that innocent elf. I see that advantage this would play in our favor, I need to get closer to Radori. Does it only apply physically, or does it also mean emotionally?

I decided then I will make it physical to start at first. I need to bed Radori. I smiled to myself, knowing I also wanted to seduce him.

'This will be fun.' I thought before striding out of my room.

Replacements and Advances

I entered the meeting room where our Captain sat with the others. They all looked at me, however Radori was the only one who reacted; "The fuck did I miss?" he asked, confused.

I glanced at the rest of my old team and I immediately understood Radori's confusion. Our team had changed; Kelcior, the Irish Nanomancer, was no longer our nanomancer. All ground him was wire, gadgets, and other items. He looked to be fixing something. Was this a side hobby of his? Did he wish to make a career out of it? Sylvan no longer held his guns, the areas where his guns would be, were daggers. Based on his clothing and new mannerisms, I suspect he was a ninja. All three of us went through a major change. I would have to speak with them as soon as I could.

"Mornin'" Kel greeted me, I returned the greeting as I sat down across from Radori.

'Go for it.' I thought, leaning my chest forward and showed off my cleavage. I didn't look at him directly, but I noticed at the corner of my eye he was looking at my cleavage. Step 1; complete.

I didn't pay attention too much to the meeting, It was mostly about Kel trying to get a few weeks off to make a few gadgets and having a new recruit. Our options were a Cleric, another tank, and a well rounded human. I was no longer a cleric, I suggested we pick the cleric. As long as we had Radori, he will be our tank.

"Alright, you win Kel." The Captain said with a sigh "You win." His voice was husky and low. I wondered to myself if I would be able to seduce him with my new found abilities. I will have give it more time.

"Thank you, sir." Kel said, eagerly gathering his stuff an running out the room.

Sylvan silently removed himself from his chair and left the room without another word. The Captain's eyes landed on me, staring at me fore a split second before striding out of the room as well.

Radori and I are the only ones in the room. My eyes leered over to him and I saw he was staring at me, not just my cleavage, all of me. I couldn't help but giggle to myself.

Radori raised an eye brow, "What?"

"You're actually taking this better than expected. I'm surprised I am." I glanced over to where Kel and Sylvan sat previously. "We all had a sudden change."

Radori shrugged nonchalantly, "I've kind of just learned to just accept it with all three of you. Especially, ninja-nutcase now." I understood he was referring to Sylvan, I laughed.

"So, what you're saying is 'You're still my team mates so I don't care what you look like.' type of thing?" I asked, my voice playful, but I was also curious.

"And 'as long as you don't go on a killing spree.' type of thing." He added, grinning slightly.

I gave him a smirk, leaning forward more, "So, does that mean that my new body doesn't intrigue you?" I asked, making my voice low and sexy. It came so naturally, like I've done this for years.

Radori paused, staring at me with a blank expression, but I saw in his eyes he desired me. That was my signal. I stood up, gliding around the table to Radori. I stood in front of him, his face close to my chest.

"I remember we have a new partnership..." I said soflty, taking his hands and placing them on my waist. "The stronger our relationship, the strong our weapons are...." we stared at each other for a long time, the tension building with every second.

Radori stood up suddenly, and backed me up against the wall. He pinned me there as his hands explored my new body. His hands were hot and rough, then he suddenly stopped, his hands just barely touching my breast.

"We shouldn't... I wasn't raised to believe in simple sex." He said, desire coating his voice. "My belief, my instincts make me loyal, a life time mate."
I stood there, confused and uncertain. What does he mean?

"When I mate with someone, they are my lifetime mate." he said, his voice was low and husky in my ear.

I understood what he was saying, and I still wanted him. He pressed his body closer to me, the pressure between him and the wall increasing, trapping me. "I'm territorial, what is mine is mine." He growled.

Excitement and pleasure pulsed through my body and I panted heavily.

"Make me your life mate." I moaned, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Please take me."

It was over after that, whatever fight he had withered away and took me in the room. We had two weeks of exploring each other, two weeks of building our relationship, two whole weeks of Kel working on his inventions, while Radori and I played.

Doesn't seem fair, does it?
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The Bounty
The Bounty

So a we bit o history for ye before we step into our current events. Oh and just for clarification, while it may sound like it. No. I am in fact, not batshit. Can't say the same for our little cowboy friend but I myself am lucid. Far as I know at least.

So we are given a mission by Drakane his lordship of the scaly folk and find ourselves on a planet that be sandier than the desolate wasteland betwixt Sylvans ears. Supposed to go after this captain person who be terrorizing the people.

So we gather information at a local "Saloon" as Mr. "Chaps and a Revolver" calls it, and find our quarry has accepted a dual from some kind o pompous braggart. Dumb shite was gonna get his head blown clean off.

Into the Waste

So I provide us all horses except the cowboy, he gets a pony, and it's out into the desert we ride. We finally find this young dung fer brains just as the Captain arrives. We convince the captain were with him by pretending to blow out the balloon of hot air trapped inside dingbats skull. So looking sorry short, cause I've got not a bit of time to wrap poetically, the dear cap'n were madder than a street preacher yelling about the end times being brought by a Flyin meatball covered in garlic.

We convince this bright minded fellow that there be treasure in a cave nearby and the sap believes us, hands down... like I said, hotels still running but it's got a lot of vacancies. We capture the poor sod and convince his crew to go "help" in the cave. Pretty much leaves us to clear out the treasurey and make a run for it. OK don't get all sodded at us. Job says procure on site so we procured our bonus pay. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Anyways fair bit of simple business that were so we figured the missions would be some near and about to the sole we had just finished.

Nope, that there were an easy one. The next landfall we make still puts a shiver down me spine. Pretty sure this next place is where our friend the wild wonder lost all grasp on reality...
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Birth by Flame (Prologue/Introduction)
The heat was agonizing. I could feel the change happening, the devil's flame engulfing my body. I remember feeling my body becoming the image of lust, desire, and passion. It became the image of any man's fantasy.

I remember the devil placed his lips on my ear, only to whisper; "You are mine now."

A shiver of desire slithered down my body.

I heard him chuckle; his strong, hot hand gripped my throat. "Go on, my slave. Bring me those sinners."

Then, I blacked out.

When I woke, he was gone and I still felt the flame around me. He left it there to remind me one single thing.

I belong to a Devil.
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What is the concept of other
In purely defined terms, other is simply not me. It is else, outside and distant. I remember my mind first woke. There was only me. Rolling power in a space comprised of more me. Thus was born in me the concept of self. Which begged the question. If there if me, what is not me? Not me is other. So I made other.
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