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Journal entry #1: The start of of something(Rebal's)
After the attack on my home I guess I have the necessary items to make my light sabers...... Who would have ever thought those nightmares would come true maybe if I would have heeded the warning they were giving maybe they would still be alive. But back to the topic at hand Dash for some unknown reason had the rest of the components to my light sabers even helped my do some quick maintenance on my blaster.

I didn't have long to greave because as soon as we left the atmosphere, in the Y-T2400, we were intercepted by a patrol consisting of 2 fighters and what I could tell a tie phantom. We were able to resin help from a near by k-wing and Y-wing.

After engaging them we could make out another small squad of a tie phantom and defender the K-wing moved to intercept and hold them off I had never seen anything like what it did there taking on 2 ships like that and not taking a scratch! we manage to take out a tie phantom and fighter before we jumped to hyperspace to leave the k-wing and y-wing but after we left it wasn't long be for they did the same. I hope I can make it up to them one day for what they did for me someone they never meet a day in there life.... I must go we are nearly at yavin 4 were the rebels should be able to help.
Log end.
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Journal Entry 6: Disbelief
We received Intelligence that that two rebel ships were en route to meet with two scum ships for negotiations and potentially joining alliances. We received this information from a mercenary we hired to infiltrate a rebel base. Luckily he was tasked by them on this mission and piloted their B-Wing, he was accompanied by an A-Wing.

With this intelligence, I proposed we strike with two fighters of our own. With one of our own piloting a rebel ship, I knew this meeting would work in our favor. Once the approval from Lord Stu has been received I boarded one of our elite TIE Interceptors. I chose the crimson ship to demonstrate the authority of the Empire in our assault. To accompany me I chose the skilled pilot whom impressed me battles ago with his skillful shot against the Star Viper, destroying it in a single volley. He would pilot another TIE Interceptor along side me, his ship adorned with a Red stripe to show his place as my second in this battle. As I am renowned for my skill in the TIE Advanced, the enemy will not think that it is in fact I piloting this ship.

We flew to the rendezvous point just in time before they could meet with the rebels. The Scum naturally did not anticipate our arrival, and without a moment's hesitation they were upon us as we rushed in to greet them with a barrage of laser fire. Soon the Rebel ships did arrive, and the Scum were surprised at having been shot at by both sides. Our mole in the B-Wing fired at one of their ships and the confusion disorientated them. The A-Wing did fire at us at first, however the expert handling of our ships allowed us to evade his fire. Hours into the fight our mercenary in the B-Wing successfully shot down and eliminated one of their Fighters, causing the other one to drop a bomb in a futile attempt to catch me in it before flying away and retreating like a coward, such are those in his faction. Scum they truly are.

Once the cur had retreated, our mole turned on us, and the rebel ships focused their fire at us. I should have expected such betrayal from a mercenary. That battle lasted quite some time, they were good, however we were better. The end of the battle resulted in us destroying their Fighters and ending their lives. We were left unscathed with the exception of my ally pilot losing his shield generator, the ship did not suffer a single scratch however, such was our mastery in combat. Another victory for the Empire.

We set our course back to the Imperial Raider as I spotted an X-Wing in my peripherals. I ordered my ally pilot to return while I disposed of the rogue ship. I followed him closely to a nearby planet, believing he was foolish enough to take me to his base. I did not shoot him down yet until I realized his leading me their was a distraction. I effortlessly shot down the X-Wing, however I noticed the pilot escaped. I allowed him to land on solid ground before landing my TIE Interceptor nearby his landing zone. I exited the ship and watched him attempt to run from me for a moment before Force grabbing him back toward me. He violently landed at my feet, and when I looked into his eyes I was shocked at what I saw. His face was my own. Disappointed that in whatever universe this insignificant cur spurned from; I was a Rebel insect who was not even Force sensitive. I ignited my Lightsaber and watched him as he inched away from me. I pulled back my hood and removed my mask to show him the greatness he should have become. His look of horror, confusion, shock, and disbelief left me not satisfied, but further enraged that this insect whom is but another me could not grasp that he could become what I am. My Lightsaber swiftly ended his life, and what little mercy I may have had left quickly followed.
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Journal Entry 5: Disappointment and Betrayal
An aspiring pilot in our fleet approached me personally to request that he prove himself to me. His agenda seemed to be beyond that of just climbing the ranks in the fleet, he expressed interest in becoming my apprentice. We recently intercepted communications from the Scum faction and learned where their important figureheads were heading. I agreed to this young pilot's terms and tasked him with destroying the head Hound's Tooth and bringing us victory in this conflict. He eagerly accepted and boarded his TIE Punisher. He fancied himself a bomber and the Punisher was supposedly his best ship. He was accompanied by two more TIE Punishers and an Officer piloting a TIE Advanced.

The result was disappointing to say the least. The supposed "Bomber" hardly had the chance to use a single one before he was utterly destroyed, at least he wasn't the first to die. Curiously the Firespray-31 in their fleet retreated, as well as one of our Punishers. The coward will be severely dealt with. Ultimately The scum won this battle.

I later learned what aided in their victory, They had inside intelligence. Betrayal! Captain DJ has defected to the Scum faction and aided in their victory in this battle. An act I will not handle lightly. Betrayal is an unforgivable act and will not be Tolerated!
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Journal Entry 4: Testing
I will keep this Entry brief. We recently commandeered what appears to be Rebel ships, one being a replica of the Millennium Falcon. After swiftly neutralizing the rebels inside, we proceeded to test the capabilities of these ships so that we may learn how they work to our advantage in future plans.

The end result was hardly satisfying, we decimated the rebel ships in combat, we did not learn very much more than we already knew, however what we did learn will undoubtedly provide us with another edge in battle against the Rebellion.
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Journal Entry 3: Vengeance
A week following the events of their diversion, I tracked down a pair of the Scum alliances important figure heads. One piloting a Firespray-31 ship and a Star Viper. I flew in to greet them in my TIE Advanced, accompanied by a TIE Phantom, and two TIE fighters.

The battle lasted quite some time, their Firespray proved to be troublesome, however through expert strategy and the force at my side, I laid waste to their Firespray-31 with my final shot after losing one of my TIE Fighters. There was still the matter of their Star Viper of which had not been damaged the entire battle up to that point. Still he did not survive a single and fatal barrage of shots from the TIE Phantom. The force is truly strong with that pilot, so much so that I find myself impressed, a feat not easily achieved. I will consider taking him in as my apprentice should he prove himself even further in future battles.

I later received news that we have been deceived yet again by those spineless scum! The ships we decimated only proved to be a diversion, their real target being our Lambda we have deployed with a TIE Interceptor as a support ship to transport rations to our troops stationed at a different sector. Once again they prove resourceful, a trait I would find admirable were it not an irritation and an inconvenience.
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