Alluring zingara, dark and distant jungles, inscrutable barbarians, militant sheep-folk, ancient wonders, pillaging Vikings, mechanical men, sorcerous serpents, all this and more awaits the brave and the bold who follow the adventurers path in Keryl!

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There is a city across the sea. The city is populated by many, but it's denizens lack spirit. The city is called Zothay and it's people need justice from the oppression of it's elite and their master. And that is a problem for me.

I am torn. I do not know how to proceed. I know that I am not a smart man, but I can see these people need salvation from the shackles thrust upon them. But what can I do? I am just one man, and this problem is beyond my abilities.

There is a demon here at work. And I am powerless to stop it.

I am unworthy of Asher's favor.
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Met a group of fellow travelers
I've only been in this city for a few days and it has quickly revealed itself to contain the same sickness as the rest of the country. So strange to find that here there is a widespread worship of a demon which would only be a underground cult, nothing more than vague rumors in my homeland.
In this place the people are turned into mindless beings, which not only is a cruel vile practise in of itself but the mind is the core of a person, Falsch values the mind over the body and to see people turned into mindless labourers would be abhorrent to her. Yet I have not the power or influence to change this country by myself, I even lack the power to return the mindless to their former condition. It may be prudent to leave this place, at least for the time being.
At the local tavern I have met a group of travellers who may let me accompany them (I've had too many harsh reminders already about the dangers of travelling alone). They seem to be trying to find money to get passage on a ship, which may pose a problem as I am, on occassion, able to receive kind donations but not the amount needed to set sail evidently. The group of people consist of a noble outspoken tactless man named Thaiq (or something like that, i'm not too good with foreign names), a drunken buffoon whose name is clearly not worth a place in my memory, and then two more people a woman and a man who I am reserving judgement for a later time.
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A new start.
Boats are not a place for men of the desert. The air is full of moisture. The ocean does no good for a desert mans stomach. This environment is unsettling. It matches my mood. I find myself troubled by the way events have recently unfolded. Events gather apace and change is upon our company again.

The traveling company consisting of myself, Taraka and Kalika have been bolstered by two adventurers. A silver tounged illusionist who never stops talking and a Simian who likes to keep himself company.

Lapron the illusionist has a continuous chatter escaping his lips. He whines when things don't go his way and he never just accepts the way things are. I find it easier to just avoid speaking to him, lest another discourse on some obscure subject escape his lips. Like every other illusionist I've encountered, he has a lot to say.

The ape-man Simus is not a talker. We encountered it on the boat job (I'll get to that soon). Like us, it is an adventurer. What it seeks through adventure I cannot say. It spends it's time, mostly alone in the rigging. I imagine it misses the trees of it's home. I keep thinking to myself that I must get it some bananas to make it feel at home. Apparantly bananas are bad luck on a boat. The crew did not take kindly to me asking if any of them had one to spare.

We find ourselves on a boat in its employ as protection against any foreseeable difficulties that steel can solve. Our last job just didn't work out and Taraka has been getting drunk on what the little money he had left. Kalika was the one who found the work and we took up the employ eagerly (we were able to drag Taraka away from the bar with the idea that boats carry a lot of rum).
Session: Game Session 3.1 - Sunday, Jul 07 2013 from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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The times are a changing....
Okay, the group return to their original characters,...
Having returned home from a non 'sure thing' event they quickly find a job on board a ship heading north to Silberamme. The plan is to return guarding silver ore (thus making a higher pile of coin). Plans, as in mice and men, have a terrible way of not going their way...
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Chang goes shopping.
Chang is very happy with the way things are panning out. Chang has elected to join a merchant wagon as a “guard.” Imagine that; Chang the Guardsman. It has a certain ring to it. Chang doesn't think this merchant is much good at merchanting. He's too willing to strike the deal instead of working through the details.

Chang the Guardsman has made some new friends. Three new friends actually. Dihong the Sneaky, Akuro the Proud & a Dwarf who is very quiet.

Changs party had some troubles on the way to it's destination. Changs skills with a staff were more than a match for the desperate. Changs new friends were not so lucky. Chang supposes age and wisdom were the telling factors.

Chang saw some pretty and eerie lights while on watch not far from the destination. Chang did not think it too much a concern. Chang just told Akuro about it when his watch came up. Chang needed his beauty sleep.

Chang & his new friends with the wagon arrive at the the destination, a large town called Cloud Point. It's like most towns with a wall some gates and a large temple in the centre. This temple is located up a large hill.

The gate is partly open which Chang supposes is a tad suspicious. The others think so too. Chang & Akuro go to the gate while the others wait behind like women. Akuro waits just inside the gate while Chang becomes Chang the Scout and starts to look for people (and food, Chang is hungry).

Akuro is still at the gate when Chang goes inside the first house. Chang the scout knocks on the door and announces himself to anybody else with “Have no fear Chang is here!” A menacing spirit appears and immediately asks Chang if he knows of somebody Chang has never heard of. Chang says no & asks the spirit about this person (Chang doesn't really care, it's just to fill the void). The spirit quickly moves on after not finding what it wants. Chang supposes it had better things to do so starts looking for food.

Chang gets back to Akuro after finding some food and tells him of the encounter. Akuro then decides it's probably a good idea to tell the rest at the caravan. Chang supposes the spirit has scared off all the people and that there are many bargains to be made in the town.

Chang hears the merchant back at the caravan ask if anyone is willing to go to his family home and find out what has happened. Chang waits and hears nobody express any interest and decides to strike a bargain with the merchant (2 gold pcs). Chang becomes Chang the Brave and heads into the town again.

Many opportunities for a bargain present themselves as Chang makes his way though the town. Chang decides that a new pair of sandals could help with his athletes foot so he aquires a pair for two coppers. Chang gets to the home of the merchant and sees a note on the door for the merchant. Chang knocks but nobody answers. Perhaps the dead bodies on the ground in this part of town mean there was trouble. Changs pockets the message and heads back considering the viability of a new coat.
Session: Game Session 2.1 - Sunday, Apr 14 2013 from 12:30 AM to 1:30 AM
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