The Grave Arena

The great minds will swim in confusion. There blood will ferment in anger, as the honorable and wise cower in fear. The strong hearted will soar through blindness. Tearing open their eyes to the clarity. To a place where truth is seen.

Welcome to the Grave Arena, a fantasy realm where wonder, mystery, danger and darkness await around every corner. In this realm, evil is tangible and hungry and only the brave and the strong resist its pull. It is a world where Humanity is scraping by in sheltered villages, barely aware of the larger world around them.

This campaign is designed for adventures to fight not only the abominations that I have created, but also there own inner demons. Players will experience inner conflict and may even question there own moral beliefs. They will need to learn how to overcome not only monsters and traps, but also themselves as well as there trusted allies.
This is a mass combat game.

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100 Questions
By completing the 100 Questions. Players will receive experience points equivalent to what is required from 0 to get to level 2 of there class. In other words, if you properly complete the 100 questions, you will star off at level 2 instead of level 1. Once you have completed it, add the questions and answers to your character page in the "details" section. If you do not know where that is just ask me the next time you see me and I will show you. (please do not half ass the answers)

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