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Episode 3.10
Great Conclave of Northeastern Nations at Brightfont, Days 1 and 2
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Episode 3.9
* Taiphen rescues slaves from House Cynis
* Syndoriel holds a meeting with House Cynis representatives, which is amicably crashed by Northern Light
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Episode 3.8
The North
*Taiphen and Miru infiltrate the Ragara Convocation, held to deliberate the House's plans following the assassination of their leader
*Another intruder casts darkness upon the Conclave, then steals away with Bonano's Book of Business, despite the Lawgivers' intervention
*Miru diverts suspicion away from House Mnemon

The East
*Syn returns to Brightfont and alleviates the family drama
*After a tense-and-friendly chat with a Sesus representative, gives an undesired, neutral answer to his petition for an alliance
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Episode 3.7
The North
*Northern Light, Kagi, Miru, and Taiphen rest in Whitewall
*Miru exchanges words with the local Ragara
*They travel to Pneuma, both to take a ship to Hiemal and to investigate the Ragara conclave

The East
Syndoriel returns with Mara, who has absorbed the spirit of his heroism. Over the turning of the Sun, she transformed into Sylva, an avatar of the wild forests
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Episodes 3.4 - 3.6: Return to the Tomb of Dreams
The Tomb of Dreams
*Not quite the same...
*Journey to the Caves
*Then, the steamy Hot Springs
*Descend to the Depths
*Ascend to the Fiery Heights
*Fighting against Cseke
*Unity and Freedom
*Escape from Malfeas

Northern Light, Miru, and Taiphen return to Creation near Whitewall. Syndoriel returns somewhere in the Great Eastern Forest.
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