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August 2012 Tulsa 40k Tourney
Here are the army lists for the August 4th and 5th Tourney in Tulsa!

Ryan's Orks

Grady's Tau

Caesar's Demons

Craig's Necrons

Grant's Chaos Marines

Marc's Blood Angels

Steve's Space Marines

Troy's Demons

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Apocalypse Battle

Game Length: 5 Hours

Deployment: A 4' x 8' table is used for the Apocalypse Battle. Draw an imaginary line diagonally from the bottom right hand corner to the top left hand corner of the board. This line defines the two deployment zones. Roll for first turn and deployment as per normal 40k rules. You may not deploy within 6" of the dividing line. The area within 6" of the dividing line is known as No Man's Land. Each side will have 15 minutes to deploy their army, any units not deployed in 15 minutes are placed in reserve.

Reserves: You may place any units you wish in reserve during deployment. You do not roll for reserves to come on the battlefield. On Turn 2 half of your reserves (round up) may enter the battle. On Turn 3 your entire army still in reserve must enter the battle.

Terrain: Play the board as set-up.

Objective: Each side alternates placing three objectives. One in their own deployment zone, one in the enemy deployment zone, and one in no man's land.

Victory: Capture the most objectives. An objective is considered captured if a player has a scoring unit within 6" of the objective and no enemy units are with 6" of the objective.

Wipeout: A player that completely wipes out their opponents army by the end of the game wins regardless of objectives.

Special Rules:
Each side has 1 Vortex Grenade and 1 Orbital Bombardment

Vortex Grenade: At the start of the battle pick a single model that is carrying your vortex grenade. The model chosen may be a vehicle. You must tell your opponent who has the grenade. If the unit carrying the grenade is destroyed/killed, the grenade immediately triggers where the unit was killed.

The vortex grenade has a range of 6" and uses the small blast template. Roll for scatter as normal when fired. Any unit touched by the vortex grenade is destroyed as is any terrain. The vortex does not go away when used. Use the small blast template to mark the position of the vortex. The Vortex moves every turn. If there are two vortexes then they both move. At the start of the turn, roll 2d6 + scatter die to see where the grenade moves. If doubles are rolled on the 2d6 the vortex disappears.

Orbital Bombardment:In the shooting phase for your sides turn roll a D3, if it is equal to or less than the current turn the the orbital bombardment may be used. If the roll does not succeed you may attempt it again next turn. Once the bombardment has succeeded you may not use it again.

Place the Apocalyptic barrage template anywhere on the table. Roll 4 times to determine units under the template are hit. Each hit is a Str8 Ap3 Ordnance, Pinning hit on any units fully or partially under the template. Armor penetration rolls are made against the side armor of vehicles.

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Tournament Rules
The 2012 40k Games days are January Saturday January 14th and Sunday January 15th 2012.

Saturday Tournament
The first day will be a 2 round tournament of standard 40k. Players will be matched up randomly, Texas players will always face an Oklahoma player and vice versa. If this is not possible due to an uneven numbers of players each will be matched up as best as possible to play against the people they do not normally play against.

Army Lists

Build a 2000 point army using the standard force organization chart. No Imperial Armour units. Forge World Models may be used to represent standard codex units. Please send me your army list in PDF format by January 11th 2012. DO NOT SEND ME AN ARMY BUILDER FILE!!! There is about a 2% chance that we have the same version of army builder and I probably won't be able to read your file. All army lists will be published on the website on January 13th. I will publish my army list on the website on January 10th since I will see everyone's list early. As it is hard to both run the tourney and play in it, I will only play if we need an extra person.


Each battle will be 3 hours in length. All players will fight the same mission each round. The mission will be determined randomly before the start of each round. The potential missions are posted here.

Note there will not be dedicated a "city fight" table. One mission, Urban Warfare, is a city fight. If this mission is chosen all tables will use ruined building terrain and city fight rules.

Each mission on Saturday will have a primary objective, a secondary object, and a tertiary objective. Each objective will be worth victory points.The player with the most victory points is the winner of the battle. The victory points you score in each battle also determines your standing in the overall tournament.

For example, a mission might look like this.
Primary Objective - Hold the most objective markers - 9 points
Secondary Objective - Kill the enemy general - 5 points
Tertiary Objective - Wipe out all of your enemies troops - 4 Points
Note that it is possible for both player to score points for the Secondary and Tertiary objectives.
If you completely wipe out your opponents army, you score all possible victory points.

If I was able to get the primary objective and the tertiary objective I would score 13 victory points. If my opponent was able to complete the secondary objective and tertiary objective then they would score 9 points. This means that I have won the battle and my overall score is now 13.

Tournament Scoring
Each player will receive 2 bonus points to their overall score if their army is painted. To be considered painted each model must have at least 3 colors. At the end of the Saturday battles, each player will vote for "Coolest Army" and "Favorite Player." The winner of each of these will be worth 2 points to their overall score. In the case of ties both players score the points.

Your overall score for the 2 Saturday games will determine both who you are partnered with and who you play against in the Sunday Apocalypse battle. The two highest scoring players from OK will face off against the two highest scoring players from TX.

Apocalypse Battle

Sunday will be a single team Apocalypse Battle. The battle will start at 11am and run 5 Hours. The top 2 OK players will fight the top 2 TX players in a 2 on 2 battle. All other players will fight a 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 battle depending on how many people we have. The apocalypse battle will use the standard apocalypse scenario. (Capture Objectives) There are no victory points or scoring for the Apocalypse battle. Whoever captures the most objectives wins the battle. Each side will have the strategic assets Vortex Grenade and Orbital Bombardment, one of each per side

Army Lists

Each player builds a 2500 point army with no Force organization chart.You do not have to play the same army in the Saturday games as you do in the Sunday game. You must make a separate army list for the 2500 point game. I need your 2500 point list by January 11th. You may use forge world models and units from the Imperial Armour codexs. This is the list of acceptable FW models/units :
Your army may contain ONE (and only one) super-heavy unit or gargantuan creature.

You DO NOT have to use expensive FW models to represent your IA unit or super-heavies.An appropriate scratch built or similar model may be used to "count-as" a FW or IA unit.In general your counts-as model should be another 40k model or a scratch built model that is distinctive.For example, Craig used a cool scratch built Tervigon last year.

Examples of Appropriate substitutions:

Using a Baneblade to count as any of the super heavy tanks.
Using the Soulgrinder to represent a gargantuan creature.
Using a distictive bloodthirster Demon to count as a gargantuan demon.
Using any of the flyers to represent a super heavy flyer.
Using a defiler as a Brass Scorpion.
Using a Mawloc or Trygon to count as a gargantuan tyranid.

Examples of Inappropriate substitutions:
Using a godzilla monster you found at a toy store.
Using a large D&D model.
Saying your space marine captain "counts-as" a warhound titan.

I have a Baneblade super heavy-tank, and an Ork Gargant that I will loan out for use. The Baneblade can be used in any army that has super heavy tanks. The gargant can be used in any army that uses a super heavy walker.


Friday the 13th!
Open gaming, Warmachine, and boards games, dinner at Bone Daddy's and trip to GW store.

Saturday the 14th

11-Noon Chilli Lunch
Noon - 3pm - Round 1
3:30 - 6:30 - Round 2
6:30 - ? - Cookout, Open gaming,board games.

Sunday the 15th

11 am - 4pm Apocalypse Battle
Sandwiches and leftovers from Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Beer is encouraged and recommended, I will a keg on tap but feel free to bring your favorite.

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Example Mission #5 Urban Warfare
Urban Warfare
Two opposing forces fight for control of a city.

Game Length: 6 Turns.

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Terrain: Ruined City. All buildings are considered to be ruined buildings. Only 1 building will be placed on the board before the start of the battle located directly in the center of the board. Each player then selects two ruined buildings. Roll a die to determine who places their building first. Players alternate placing their buildings on the board. A play may choose NOT to place a building when it is their turn. If so, that building is not used.

Objective: Players alternate placing 5 objectives on the board. Each objective must be 12" from a table edge and at least 12" from any other objective.

Victory: Most Victory Points

Wipeout: A player that completely wipes out their opponents army by the end of the game wins regardless of Victory Points.

Victory Points:
9 VP - Control the most objectives.
5 VP - Enemy General is dead
4 VP - Kill the most enemy scoring units. Transports do not count.
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Example Mission #4 Get Us Out Of Here!
Get us out of here!
Both armies struggle for control of the spaceport while the planet crumbles around them.

Game Length: 6 Turns.

Deployment: Dawn Patrol, A unit of troops with a dedicated transport counts as 2 units of troops for purposes of deployment.

Terrain: Fixed, Play with terrain as is on table. Place a large piece of terrain in the center of the board to represent the spaceport.

Objective: Control the space port by the end of the game.

Victory:Most Victory Points

Wipeout: A player that completely wipes out their opponents army by the end of the game wins regardless.

Victory Points:
9 VP - Whichever side has the most scoring units withing 3" of the spaceport scores this objective. In the case of a tie both players score 4VP.

5 VP - Whichever side kills/destroys the most enemy units. Units must be completely wiped out or have fled off the table. Units currently falling back are not counted.

4 VP - Enemy General is dead.

Transports bought as part of a squad count as their own unit.

A vehicle must be wrecked, exploded, or be unable to move AND fire to count as destroyed.

A HQ unit with a retinue counts as two units, the HQ itself and the retinue. For example, a farseer with a seer council is two units. A Hive Tyrant with Tyrant guard is two units.

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